A Manual for Black Men Beard Care (Beard Grooming Tools and Tips)

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Before starting the natter, let me ask you a question- did you ever hear of a man who changed his life by growing a beard? He was a simple insurance guy before listening to his barber, who suggested growing a beard. Now he is one of the highest-paid models in the UK.

Hundreds of stories like this surf on the internet about black men and white men, yet nobody cares, because many of us inspired by the stories started growing facial hair, which turns into a disaster. And when it comes to black man’s beard, it’s even worse because of the nature of black men’s hair follicles. They are unique with curly flat contour and coarse patterns, which make it difficult to nurture.

However, growing a beard is all about commitment and passion. Facial hairs supposed to be nourished heavily since they are more fragile than natural hair. Only proper care and good treatment keep them on the business. Otherwise, in weeks you started to look like the Hagrid of Harry Potter.

Whether you admit or not, black men’s skin is different, they often shout for help underneath the beard. Many other things are at stake when it comes to beard care. Since it’s a duty upon us to help our fellow brothers, we create a guide on black men’s beard care divided into two parts. One is manual home care, and the other is natural product care, but both are meant to grow healthy and nourish facial hair.

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Home Care for Black Men Beard

You can do certain things at your home without any extra tools, products, or medicine to look sharp. I will keep explaining throughout this guide how and why you should do these ventures to keep your beard healthy.

Comb Your Beard

Each day your beard goes through a lot of stuff from bread crumbs to popcorns, and it needs a proper brushing for that. The importance of daily-brushing is unquestionable, yet I will express some of it for better exposure on this matter.

  • Brushing drags the natural oil to all the beard pores and makes them healthy
  • Save your beards from creating bushy curls
  • Gives them straight directions to follow while growing
  • Helpful for blood circulation through the facial skin which promotes beard growth
  • Avoid irritating tangle among hair tips
  • Brushing prevents any dandruff growth underneath that nice beard.
  • You can do styling with brushes.

Follow Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is not only for growing healthy beards or glowing skin; it benefits you in every way possible. People are having most of the health issues because of the unregulated diet-plan and reckless lifestyle. Let’s fix it up.

  • Drink water and keep yourself hydrated
  • Take a good night sleep which will increase your hair growth metabolism
  • Don’t stress too much or it will affect not only your beard also the whole body
  • Take out some time for a regular exercise
  • don’t try to tear the tangles beard
  • avoid over wash or overcoming the beard

Trim the Beard

Initially, you should let the beard grow for a couple of weeks because to start a smooth journey with a new beard experience; it helps a lot. The recommended growth time is six to eight weeks minimum. At first, the beard will find its natural directions and spaces to grow. And to make it more difficult, complications like split ends, uneven growth, and tangle hair will start to occur.

Why Need Trimming?

To dodge these flaws, trim time to time, also it will aid in growing a healthy, strong beard. Well maintained beards are a sign of good hygiene for men, so it’s better to keep them stylish and sharp. 

How to Do It?

Trimming style should be left for the individual’s perspective, yet some common things about trimming need to be addressed to avoid faulty measures. Trimming cuts varied on the contour of the face, and you need to trim objectively on different sides. 

Tools that You Need

If we talk about beard tools, the first 3 things that come to mind are a quality trimmer, beard scissors, and a comb. For gentlemen who grow a beard for style, these three tools should be in a carry-around bag. 

Take care of your cheek and necklines while trimming; it’s all you have that showcasing the trend. Chiseled cheekbone is the mainstream attraction right now, so don’t ruin the lines.

Wash Your Beard 

Cleaning the beard regularly is a part of that men’s hygiene. Obviously, it’s not a good thing to have all sorts of dirt, wastes, and food parts trapped into the beard. Fungus and bacteria will spawn underneath your beard if you neglect routine care. 

Oftentimes, these organisms create issues like itchiness and dry skin. So it’s best to take precaution rather than the remedy, or you can say “better safe than sorry.” 

How Often Do You Need to Wash?

Wash the beard every twice or thrice in a week but not with an average anti-dandruff shampoo. The chemical present in that shampoo is intended for aged hair on the head, not for the young facial hair. 

In this situation, things deescalated pretty quickly. Your face produces organic oil that keeps the beard soft and smooth, but those shampoos wash that off, which is not suitable for the beard. 

Products You Should Use

Specialized beard shampoo or hard beard soap, you can choose either of them that suits your personality and skin. Shampoos that are dedicated to the beard only can be the choice because they prevent brittle hair and dry skin problems. Be-careful about the rubbing, overdoing it can kill the skin cells and make it dry.

Unique Diet for Beard care

Yes, it is scientifically proven that healthy genes have a better chance of growing a good beard. They are truly blessed who have good genes, yet hopes are still high for the average.  

Average black men can grow nourished, healthy beards by merely choosing a beneficial diet plan because a diet buffed with elements essential for better beard growth can enhance the possibilities of a healthy and good-looking beard. 

Foods with a higher percentage of Protein, Omega-3 oil, and Iron are incredibly beneficial towards facial hair and good skin. You can increase the food intake that is high on good fat. Vegetables like spinach, peas, and broccoli are best for your hormone. They improve testosterone. Try to consume organic vegetables; otherwise, they have no use.

Black Men Beard Products You Should Use

As we discussed earlier, the beard of a black man is different from others; they are coarse, curly, and fragile. Products they need are quite similar yet different in some cases. For example, a coarse beard needs thick oil to make it straight and soft. 

Shampoo and moisturizer had to have ingredients that are safe for dry skin. So keep in mind, we create a list of products solely designed for black men beard care. Let’s check them out-

Beard Oil

Before choosing a product, you have to think of a few important things. Investigate, those products you are buying, are they safe for your skin or not? 

Do they have enough natural elements that can make your hair shiny and healthy? 

Quality purchase always does good to the users. Beard oil is essential for grooming the beard and styling them to personal preference. If you prefer untangled shiny beards, choose any of these five branded beard oil for the services.

  1. Honest Amish – Classic Beard Oil (best because its main ingredient is jojoba oil)
  2. Cremo beard Oil – ( manufactured by well known Italian beauty product, the key ingredient is sunflower oil)
  3. Ranger Fragrance-Free Beard Oil – (mix of jojoba and Argan oil)
  4. Wisdom Premium Beard Oil 
  5. V76 Beard Oil by Vaughn.

Beard Balm

In this manual, we tried to accumulate some of the best bums in the market. These balms are so unique that your beard length or nature won’t contradict its application.

  1. Badass Beard Care Beard Balm for Men
  2. Scotch Porter Beard Balm
  3. Beard Bolt XL Beard Balm
  4. Smooth Viking Beard Balm
  5. Cremo Styling Beard Balm

Balms are very much useful in styling and grooming. They hold your beard on a particular point for an extended period. Besides, it makes facial hair soft and silky.

Beard Shampoo

Why is beard shampoo needed while I can use my regular shampoo? Right? Wrong, because your regular shampoo has a pH component that washes the natural oils out and dries the skin and hair completely. 

So when you apply that to a beard, it becomes a problem. The shampooing entirely dehydrates your beard follicles and enables itchy skin and brittle beard. Better save some money to acquire one of these beard shampoo listed below-

  1. Proraso Beard Wash
  2. Bullfrog Beard-Washing Exfoliating Paste
  3. L’Oréal Paris Men Expert BarberClub Beard, Face & Hair Wash
  4. Murdock London Beard Shampoo

Some General Black Men Beard Problem Solutions

Black men have always been at the top of god’s unique creation. And with exceptional beauty comes exceptional flaws. Black men carry the burden of many of those flaws but never complain. The amount of challenges we have to overcome while growing a beard is fantastic.  

Patchy beard, curls, low growth, oily skin, you name it. The list is long. To make it lighter, researchers find some solutions for this common beard problem that a black male endures. It may vary to the differences in skin type, yet the basic is the same.

  • Make a schedule for everyday beard care, and try to follow it to the point
  • Wash the beard at least once in a week
  • Use natural products specially made for black men beard or beard at least
  • Avoid using hair grooming product for the beard
  • If you have a patchy beard, do a clean shave at first and then start growing them
  • You can use beard balm for itchy skin that has lactic acid and urea in it. Early good hygiene can prevent the situation, though.   


As a black male taking care of the beard is too hard sometimes, yet patience and dedication can grow presentable facial hair in no time. To be honest, without using beard oil and other grooming products, it’s quite impossible to reign over that crooked hair. 

However, if you would like to take good care of your beard, maintaining proper hygiene, beard with perfect shape, and shine is achievable.

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