Unbiased Axe Pomade Review 2021

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Are you looking for information on the best pomade for men? Then, there are several brands available to you. The Axe is one of the best pomade’s brand among those brands.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of Axe pomade is its hold ability. It efficiently holds the hair in place without causing any harm. That’s what it’s supposed to do!

After frequent research, we have found two popular Axe Pomades of the current time. Let’s jump to our Axe pomade review to know about them.

Axe Pomade Review our Top Picks

So, we have researched and selected the 2-best pomades from all the Axe pomades. Let’s have a quick look!

AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade

AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade

Buy on Amazon The Axe clean-cut classic pomade gives a medium hold with glossy hair. No matter how messy or gloomy your hair is! You’ll feel fresh immediately after applying the pomade on hair.

Only a small amount of pomade is enough to set a hairstyle without flaking or crunching the hair. Even a newbie also will find it very easy to use Axe pomade.

However, it provides a clean-cut and bright look by firmly holding your messy hair. Indeed, the Holdability is longer than the other gel or any other hair care product. Regardless of the weather, your hair will never be messed up if you apply the pomade in styling hair.

The Axe clean-cut pomade is a form of paste that is smooth and easy to apply. But it spreads excellently from the root to the top of the hair and makes the hair hard.

The Axe clean-cut pomade is water-resistant and non-oily. So, don’t worry about using it. You don’t have to use the harmful chemicals to wash it.

The clean-cut is made of quality pomade that ensures the safety of your hair and scalp. So, you can use the product on your hair with no worry.


  • Is not hard like typical hair products
  • Neither greasy nor too shiny
  • Gives a healthier hair
  • Provides heavy and long-lasting hold


  • Tough to restyle
  • Cannot give a slicked-back look

AXE Smooth Look Hair Pomade

AXE Styling Smooth Look Shine Pomade

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Likewise, the AXE clean-cut look, the AXE smooth look hair pomade, also gives a medium hold of hair. The holding is reliable and lasts for almost 24 hours. Additionally, it provides a high finish that ensures a smooth look of hair.

You’ll find the pomade works excellently on the short to medium length hair. Though it also works on long hair, the fit and finish mightn’t be as good as the short hair.

A small fingertip amount Axe smooth look pomade is enough to give you a sophisticated look instantly. Luckily, it is a durable and reliable pomade recommended by many users.

The pomade won’t consume too much time or effort to clean up. The Washability depends on how heavily you have applied the pomade on your hair.


  • Famous for restyling hair
  • Gives a great natural finish
  • Provides complete control to hair


  • Inappropriate for retro-style

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About Axe pomade brand

The Axe is one of the ruling brands in the hair-care product industry. A British Dutch company is the owner of the brand. In 1983, the brand was first launched in France. Since then, the brand is holding its reputation successfully.

However, the brand is not only popular for hair pomades, but also for men’s grooming products. Youths and teenagers are the main targets of the brand. But, its hair-care products are also suitable for the grown man.

Anyway, the marketing strategy is also a crucial reason for the brand’s popularity.

Axe pomade biased on all over the Axe pomade

To get a shiny look and slick appearance, almost every man uses pomades nowadays. So, they search for the best hair pomade before selecting a pomade for regular use. For them, we have reviewed the two best pomades of the Axe brand.

Now, what’s so good about the Axe brand? Let’s know in brief.

Long-lasting hold

There are a few pomades in the market that can give a prolonged hold like the Axe pomades. You needn’t have to worry about your hairstyle for 24 hours after applying the Axe pomades.


If you need to restyle your hair, we would recommend you to use the Axe smooth look pomade. You won’t believe how excellently it works still after restyling your hair.


Both pomades come at a reasonable price, which is between $7-$10 dollars.

Natural finish

A positive feature of both of the products is their natural finish. Surprisingly, both of the Axe pomades provide great natural-looking and greasy shininess to your hair.

Our recommendation

Both of our recommended Axe products are ideal for short and medium rang hair. So, if you have long or dense hair, we would recommend avoiding the products. Conversely, if you have short hair, the pomades really won’t take time to shape your hair.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Is Axe pomade bad for your hair?

No, the Axe is absolutely not bad for hair. That's because the chemicals used in the pomade don't cause any side-effects to the user's skin or scalp. But some users had complained about the allergic reaction with the fragrance of Axe pomade. But, to start using a new product, you can take this minor risk, can't you?

Is Axe pomade water based?

From our given reviews, you must've known that Axe pomade is washable with the water. That means it is water-based and easily removable. So, you needn't use any harmful chemicals, not you need to spend excess time to confiscate them.

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Wrapping up

Eventually, apply the pomade on hair and find the magic! How perfectly it controls your hair. But it is possible only when you have good quality pomade.

That’s why, in this article, we have come with two high-quality Axe pomades. Hopefully, our Axe pomade review will assist you in making the best buying decision.

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