5 Best Beard Moisturizer for African American Men

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Beard is the new cool, and the trend is sweeping all across the globe. Men will be men, they say and that’s why we’ll be talking about some of the best beard moisturizer for African American men today! Most of the time men tend to ignore the idea of beard care. But it’s something that’s right now being celebrated among males. Caring for the beard is now regarded as important as caring for the face and hair. 

One of the key issues for bearded men is moisture. Usually, faces don’t retain as much natural oil as the scalp. That’s why your beard tends to become all dry and brittle resulting in a poor appearance. On top of it, a dry beard is highly prone to itchiness and other such irritatingly disgusting issues which you won’t want to experience for a minute! 

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Best Beard Moisturizer for African American 

Well, to reduce the beard issues we’ve found out some of the best moisturizers for black men’s beards which we’d like to talk about in brief in the following sections! Let’s find out! 

Cremo Forest Blend Beard & Scruff Cream

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The first item on our list is Cremo’s Forest Blend. Well, why is it at the number one place? The answer is simple, if you’re looking for the best beard moisturizer for African American men, then this is a sure consideration. 

Well, this premium cream comes in a woodsy forest fragrance extending the freshness in the morning. It doesn’t bother you as it’s more soothing than the overpowering scent. 

It’s for those who are deeply disturbed and utterly embarrassed by constant beard itching. Relieves the irritation despite the length of your beard. 

If softening is what you’re looking for then this cream would provide you just that. Strengthen the beard with deep nourishment from Cremo’s premium pick. 

On top of everything, this lightweight cream isn’t that involved in producing a huge build-up nor it is that greasy on the outside. 

Despite the light smell it may seem awkward depending on your taste that’s why we’d recommend you to smell it before applying. 

But overall, this is certainly one of the best moisturizers for black men’s beard men now! 


  • Relieves itching 
  • Soothes the skin 
  • Softens beard for better control
  • Doesn’t leave a heavy buildup


  •  The smell may seem to displease 

Wahl Beard Cream 

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Next up on the list is another quality beard cream, this time by Wahl. It’s a highly well-received piece among the beard community and should be a good option for you! Let’s find out! 

Are you fed up with an unruly, wild beard? Well, this one by Wahl can be an effective solution that has the capacity to tame wild beards without much issue! 

The solution comes free of harmful phthalate and paraben while enriching it by using meadowfoam seed, Sativa seed, clove, olive, and jojoba which through their combined power, removes both dry and itchiness. 

Another quality ingredient that Wahl uses is Manuka oil. Its antimicrobial properties would prevent your beard from any health issues.

One issue that can bother you slightly is the fragrance of this cream. You may find it relatively overpowering for a beard care item. 

But, leaving aside the minor issue, the cream should perform outstandingly as a beard maintenance cosmetic. 


  • Tames unruly beard 
  • Natural blend removes itchiness 
  • Deals with dryness 
  • Manuka Oil acts as a preventive force for any microbial infections


  • Fragrance may seem a bit too overpowering 

Grow Alpha Beard- Beard Balm 

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In the third spot of our detailed guide, we have here another premium pick Grow Alpha Beard. 

Well, Grow Alpha Beard’s balm is there for a firm hold. Those who want to keep their beard in a particular fashion can utilize the strength of the balm to achieve their desired styles. 

Grease is one of the most irritating factors for any beard army, especially when he’s using cosmetics. But with this standard grade balm, grease is kept away and smoothness is welcomed for healthy styling. 

Comes in a highly condensed, compact tin can and can be kept in the pocket to take it anywhere you want. On top of all these, it will also soothe skin irritation and itchiness. 

The greenish color can be an issue, especially for those with grey or white beard type. 

Despite the minor flaws, this exclusive item should provide you with a satisfactory beard performance!


  • Gives you desired styling
  • Reduces irritation and itchiness 
  • Grease free solution
  • Compact travel tin can 


  • Green colored solution can be a nuisance for white and grey beard types 

Urban Prince Beard Balm 

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Time for another exclusive beard balm to talk about. This time it’s none other than the Urban Prince Beard Balm. 

This shea butter and jojoba oil combination provides better softness and improves your beard health. On top of this, it also helps get you the desired manageability for the styles you crave! 

If you’re looking for a quality moisturizer, you can consider this one because it has a unique mechanism that locks in moisture contents for a shiny beard!

Apart from the hydration it also offers soothing skin relief from dry and brittle beard types. 

You may find the fragrance to be slightly overwhelming, that’s one of its few drawbacks. 

But, apart from the minor flaws, this should be a quality add-on in the deck for you!


  • Shea butter improves softness
  • Offers better manageability 
  • Works as a quality moisturizer by locking in hydration
  • Soothes scalp skin


  • Overpowering fragrance can seem irritating 

Polished Gentleman-Beard Moisturizer With Tea Tree Oil 

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Finally, for the gentlemen in the guide, we’ve our last and premium pick Polished Gentleman’s sandalwood beard moisturizing solution. 

For men who suffer from an untamed beard, this can be an effective therapy. Endowed with the natural properties of shea butter and beeswax, this moisturizing balm should be a go-to-item for wild beards. 

Many wonder how to grow black beard naturally. And tea tree extract can be an answer to that. Apart from the hold and styling, you’re also getting enhanced growth from the tea tree elements present in the compound. 

Despite the multiple effective outcomes, it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients such as alcohol, paraben, and sulfate, making it a safer pick for a healthy beard.  

Being a balm, it may seem a bit too thick for some. But on the whole, this is one outstanding balm you can go for right now!


  • Offers better manageability 
  • Hold and styling enabled 
  • Better growth properties from tea tree oil 
  • Harmful chemical-free formula


  • It may seem a bit too thick 

What is the Beard Moisturizer?

Beard moisturizers are heavily used by men right now. It’s a type of cream, oil, or balm that works effectively to hydrate a beard, offer better hold and control and detangle coarse beard types. Often it’s used on dry and brittle beards. Extended dryness can completely tarnish the look of the beard while creating itchiness and other irritating phenomena. 

If and when such a thing starts occurring you know it’s time to put in some moisturizers. As a result of a disciplined application, your beard will look rejuvenated, shiny, silky, and healthy. It’d also help you tame the unruly beard giving you outstanding styling properties. 

Overall, those who love their beard and want quality styling with it must use standard moisturizing solutions at all costs. 

Benefits of Beard Moisturizer

Well, it will take some time if you start describing the plenty of benefits moisturizers come with. That’s why here we’d like to shortly explain several features that beard moisturizers can aid you with. 

Better Softening 

If you’re not applying any moisturizing solutions, you’ll find the beard becoming hard and tough little by little. As a result, it will be highly difficult for you to even put a comb through the dense firm beard. Best beard oil softens facial hair. And with moisturizing creams, your beard will quickly put the guard down and soften up by itself. 

Helps Grow New Beard 

When you apply moisturizers regularly, the beard follicles on the skin get stimulated. On top of it, quality moisturizing creams and oils contain highly powerful natural ingredients. With the combination of both, your skin gets the required input to boost the growth of new facial hair. 

Prevents Skin Flaking 

Flaking is one of the key issues encountered by men with a beard. When your skin is lacking in nutrients and going through diverse environmental shifts, it may start cracking and breaking apart, which we know as skin flaking.

Well, moisturizers with their nutritive solutions can provide the weak skin with much-needed nourishment and prevent skin flaking to a degree. 

Buying Guide to Get the Best Beard Moisturizer

Well, we’ve discussed long on different types and benefits. Now we’ll see how to find out the beard and face moisturizer from the market. 

Natural Ingredients 

Always go for the manufacturers which authentically use natural ingredients. Remember, the one which incorporates the most natural elements is the one that is best in quality. Elements such as shea butter, jojoba, coconut, castor, eucalyptus, and peppermint, work highly effectively on a beard. 

Fragrance Does Matter

We’ve often found many complaints about the fragrance, despite the quality of the solution. Well, if you’re picky on which scent to go for then we’d highly advise you to check the smell before confirming. 

Grease Free Deep Conditioning 

By shine, we don’t mean greasy or glossy. The shine we’re talking about here is more of a matte shine that comes from deep within. When your beard is healthy and gets the best quality moisturizing, it will have a natural glow, which is completely different from the cheap oily glossy look. 

You’d find the beard softer and shinier from deep within and shampooing would easily remove the moisturizer if it’s a good one. So, always go for the ones that offer this sort of premium shine.

Hold or Health?

Some like to go for extremely hard solutions that offer stupendous styling properties but can tarnish the health of the beard. That’s why we’d advise you to go for the softening moisturizing solutions instead of hard ones. It may give you styling for some time but it’s not worth it in the long run. So, the moral of the story, better to go for the softeners than the hand creams. 

Well, these are all. If you can pick one that incorporates all the mentioned properties then we’re positive that you’d be able to find the best beard oil for black men. 


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”How do you moisturize African American beard?” answer-0=”Using premium moisturizing cream, oil or balm can help you hydrate the beard easily. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”What is the best beard moisturizer?” answer-1=”It depends, but the best moisturizer would have plenty of naturals and would be free from artificial chemicals. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”What can I moisturize my beard with?” answer-2=”You can use standard quality creams or oils for a better moisturizing experience. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”Can I put a face moisturizer on my beard?” answer-3=”Yes, you certainly can. It shouldn’t cause any issues, but it’s with a stubble that you’d find it effective on. But with a long, dense beard, it won’t be of many benefits.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h2″ question-4=”How do I add moisture to my beard?” answer-4=”Different ways can be followed. Using quality beard moisturizing lotion, oil or cream can help. On top of it, a healthy diet would also help retain natural oil on facial skin and scalp. ” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Final Thoughts 

Well, we’ve finally come to the conclusion of our detailed guide. You’ve seen we’ve discussed seriously some of the best beard moisturizer for African American men and critically analyzed both strengths and weaknesses for a better understanding. 

We also gave out crucial information as to why moisturizers are effective and how to pick a quality one from the market. So, it should now be a piece of cake for you to pick your own best beard oil for moisture. So, are you ready? 

Get the beard and face moisturizer and start looking sharp and get noted by people all around!

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