The Best Hair Moisturizers For Black Men (You Can’t Go Wrong!)

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Using hair moisturizers is an incredible way to maintain scalp health and get great looks with an attractive shine. Moisturizers are an excellent way for men of color to maintain their appearance in public space. But finding the best hair moisturizers for black men can get slightly tricky. 

We have done the research and selected some of the market’s quality options and gladly present it to you with an in-depth understanding. 

Best Hair Moisturizers for Black Men

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Best Hair Moisturizers for Black Men

Here we provide detailed information including the positives and the cons of each of the 7 products by various renowned manufacturers. Let’s check them out real quick! 

Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Moisturizer

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So, first, it is the very well known Shea Moisture’s Coconut Hibiscus Moisturizer. Let’s find out how effective it is in real business. 

One of the key functions it performs is the hydrating effect it has on your hair. Keeps your hair shiny throughout the day without an issue!

Another cool thing you should know about this item is it’s a curl enhancer. So, you’re very much welcome for all those black dudes out there who have gorgeous long curly hair. Because the curl enhancement properties present in it would surely make your hair look way more relaxed than before! 

Another thing that is important about it is, it’s easy to get it off. You need to wash for a long time to get them properly off for some moisturizers, but you don’t face such an issue with it. 

The fragrance is something that should make you and the people around you feel good as well. Although, some with dehydrated scalp may tend to find their hair slightly brittle after use, overall, this should be a cool item to go for!


  • Hydrates Your Scalp 
  • Good for Curly Hair 
  • Gives You Day Long Shine 
  • Easy to Wash Off
  • Beautiful Fragrance 


  • May Work Not Give Expected Results for Some Hair Types 

As I Am- Double Butter Cream

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Here in the 2nd spot, it is another highly well-received piece of hair care item by As I Am. We’re about to find out whether this buttercream moisturizer has what it takes to be your favorite! 

First, we’d like to look at the ingredients. The emollient blend of Natural Butters and Organic oil should make your coarse hair smoother, with fatty acids from the butter. 

If you’re a black individual who’s tired of rough and dry hair type, then this could be the perfect weapon of choice to battle such problems. 

Moreover, you want a more extended and fulfilling shine. What’s using a moisturizer that looks gorgeous at home and becomes like dry leaves after you go out? Here, this butter blend would lock in moisture for a longer shine. 

Pro-Vitamin B5 present in the formulation should reduce split ends and make your hair stronger and healthier. Overall it looks like a standard hair care item except it may give you a comparatively weaker performance for some hair types. So, we’d recommend it any day for a quality shine and healing! 


  • 400;”>Double Butter Moisturizer 
  • Makes Hair Smooth
  • Reduces Dryness 
  • Locks in Moisture Contents 
  • Pro-Vitamin B5 Reduce Split Ends


  • May Underperform on Some Skin Types

TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer 

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Right now, another, much-appreciated item, this time by Thank God It’s Natural AKA TGIN. Let’s dig deep and learn about it in detail. 

First, the main aspect of any moisturizer: hydration. Well, this cream is packed with hydrating benefits. It uses Shea Butter that helps retain moisture by locking it in from the root. Thus, you get prolonged moisture and glow from it. 

Although not many moisturizers offer it, TGIN’s buttercream provides you with increased growth with its Vitamin E-rich nutrients, preventing hair loss and improving scalp blood flow! 

If you’re tired of having rough and hard hair all the time, then this buttercream here is to smoothen things up for you. It makes your hair brighter and gives it a good shine from the Vitamin E and Cocoa butter present in the formulation. Finally, it smells exceptionally well too!

Although being known for its positives, some with a different scalp skin type may face itching. But judging the product overall, we think it can be regarded as one of the best hair moisturizers for black men! 


  • Hydrates Scalp 
  • Locks in Moisture 
  • Increased Hair Growth 
  • Cures Rough Hair Issue 


  • Can Seem Itchy on Some Hair Types

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk 

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In the third spot, it’s a Coconut and Hibiscus Style Milk by Shea Moisture. 

The key ingredient used in the solutions is Hibiscus. This natural ingredient has tons and tons of benefits in terms of shaping your scalp health. It stimulates your hair growth. On the other hand, it makes hair look smoother and shinier. It also helps condition and cleanses your scalp for combating hair loss. 

In terms of providing shine and moisture, it also works well and performs effectively on curly and wavy hair. If you’re a man of color who needs to tame his frizzy hair, then we’d recommend this. Removes frizzes and gives you a healthy shine, almost perfect from all the perspectives! 

One of the drawbacks we’d say is the creaminess of it. The description, although says it’s milk, the item has a more creamy-like texture than purely liquid. But overall, we think it’s one of the best hair moisturizers for black hair and an item any man of color should have! 


  • Stimulates Hair Growth 
  • Makes Hair Smooth
  • Makes Hair Shinier 
  • Conditions and Cleanses 
  • Reduces Frizzes 


  • Slightly Too Creamy 

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner

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Now it’s a moisturizing conditioner by men’s care expert Cantu. Let’s find out the positively useful characteristics of this conditioner. 

One of the key elements Cantu uses for increasing deep moisturization is Shea Butter. It merely nourishes and hydrates your hair, making it look shiny. So, we get the moisture element present there. But how long will it last?

Here comes another key ingredient, hemp seed oil. It is there to make your shine last longer so that you’re able to use it and go out with outstandingly glowing hair! It also brings the elasticity of and protects you from breakages. 

Moreover, Cantu avoids using parabens, sulfates, or any mineral oils in the formulation, making it even safer for your scalp. Everything about it is good, except you may find the smell slightly unpleasant, that’s it. Should work just fine other than that and a quality item overall! 


  • Hydrates Scalp
  • Retains Shine 
  • Brings Elasticity 
  • Protects from Breakage 
  • Paraben, Sulfate, Mineral Oil-Free 


  • The Fragrance May Seem Slightly Unpleasing

Bumble and Bumble Grooming Cream 

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Here, we bring you the Bumble and Bumble Grooming Cream for men of color who are struggling with unshiny hair. Let’s see how it can help us. 

If you’re someone struggling with hair that is not staying the way you want it to, this grooming cream can help you. It offers you what they call a ‘delicate hold,’ which should make the hair understand its rightful place. 

There is something distinctive about it. It gives you a satiny low shine finish. So, those men with extremely dry hair may have issues with it. We’d recommend it for people with an oily scalp. Makes your hair look sharper and exquisite. Although, it may not give you crazy shine but don’t think this high-end item would give your hair crunchiness/flakiness. It gives you glossiness but in a measured and classier way, to be exact. Some may feel it a bit heavy on their hair, but all in all, it is something you can try! 


  • Grooms Your Hair 
  • Measured Shine 
  • Helps Tame Frizzy Hair 
  • Beautiful Fragrance 


  • Slightly Heavy 

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Moisturizer 

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In the concluding part, we have a versatile item and perfectly adjustable for men of color like you! It works for curly-haired black men as well as men with waves. Let’s find out what else it comes with. 

It is a rich cream that doesn’t stick on your hair’s upper surface; rather, it quickly absorbs into your hair and scalp, making it work from deep within. Your hair thus looks glossy and well-nourished from the inside. It also deals with the frizz issue and makes it frizz-free. 

You can lightly define curls and moisturize your hair without leaving residue or grease with this. 

It is specially designed for curly hair types, so men who have curly hair would be highly benefited from it. The nutrient-rich contents like Agave Nectar, Shea Butter, and Pro-Vitamin B5 should strengthen your hair to a certain extent. It also works well in terms of detangling your hair. Some of the drawbacks include that solution may seem a little too liquid to some, and the smell is slightly different than usual. Despite the one or two teeny tiny issues, the moisturizer should work well mostly on curly-haired men of color! 


  • Easily Absorbs into Scalp and Hair 
  • Lightly Define Curls 
  • Moisturizes without Leaving Residue 
  • Nutrient-Rich Ingredients Strengthens Hair 
  • Makes Hair Frizz-Free


  • Slightly Watery 
  • Smell a bit Different 

What is a Hair Moisturizer?

Hair that looks dry or hard signals that your hair does not have much moisture in the strands. Dry hair does not just feel bad, but it also makes you look awkward in front of a crowd. Some people also have a dry scalp issue, and their hair tends to be brittle naturally. To tackle such issues, moisturizers are used. So, the oil, cream, balm, or conditioner that reduces the dryness and lifts up hydration elements in hair and scalp are usually known as moisturizers.

Why Hair Moisturizers Are So Important 

Why is there such a big fuss about hair moisturizers? Are they any good for African American hair, or it’s completely useless? Well, we can show you several reasons why your hair needs moisturization, whether that is from an outside source or your scalp’s natural oils. Let’s see why moisture is so essential for hair.

Well, there can be clinical reasons behind your hair’s need for moisture. Whatever your hair type is without the moisture element present in your scalp, you’d go through one of the most highly feared hair issues. That is hair breakage. Your hair tends to become drier and drier without the hydration and gradually break at some point.

Key Reasons Why Your Hair Requires Moisture 

One of the main reasons your hair asks for moisture is water. Like all the body parts, your hair requires a certain amount of water to maintain elasticity and natural shine. After shampooing when you add moisturizing conditioners, your scalp will retain moisture, making it soft and providing it with strength.

How Does A Hair Moisturizer Work? 

Moisturizers work in a range of ways. The moisturizers that are water-based works by restoring water to hair strands. Simultaneously, the emollients make your hair softer using various oils—humectants such as honey and aloe vera work by improving the humidity level on the hair’s surface.

Different oils like coconut, almond, jojoba, and olive oil seal in moisture elements and give you long-lasting shiny hair. Amino acids and proteins make the stands of your hair hold water. Most of the moisturizing solutions we talked about combining two or more of these ingredients to give you a proper and deep moisturization.

How Can You Avoid Dryness?

Applying moisturizing cream alone won’t solve your problems if you’re continually exposing yourself to situations that cause excessive dryness. So, a couple of things you need to do so that your moisturizer application works:

  1. Use Cold Water: Washing hair using cold water closes the cuticle making the water stay inside while letting the dirt out. Your closed cuticles give your hair better shine as well.
  2. Use both shampoo and conditioners: Shampoos, in general, can act dry up your scalp excessively. That is why you should follow up with a conditioner. Deep conditioning should naturally help moisture back.
  3. Avoid Heat: It is best to avoid the heat altogether, drying your hair. We’d ask you to stop using hair dryers that use heat. If you can’t do it, then at least minimize it to a safer level.

If you follow these steps and combine it with the best hair moisturizer for black males moisturizer, we’re optimistic that you’d be able to have hair that shines naturally and remove dryness.

Buying Guide to Get the Best Hair Moisturizers for Black Men 

Finding the best hair moisturizer for African American men from the market shouldn’t be too difficult if you follow our thoroughly researched guidelines.

Find What Matches Your Scalp 

Have you ever wondered why the shampoo or conditioner that performs exceptionally well with you, is not working at all for your friend? There is a particular reason behind it. No matter how good a hair moisturizer is, you’d find some people are complaining about it. The reason is the scalp and hair type. Our scalp skins are different from each, and the reaction thus varies. 

So, now it’d be your job to understand what your scalp wants and proceed accordingly. For some, the natural oil production capability of hair is high, he/she can go for a moisturizer with less glossy and more matte finishing and vice versa.

Water Content 

Water is the primary hydrating element; thus, you should look for moisturizers that list water as their main ingredient. It should be first or second on the list. Products containing more water content would add natural shine to your hair, and long-term use should reduce hair breakage. 

Shea Butter/ Natural Oils 

Natural elements like shea butter or oils tend to lock in moisture content giving you shiny hair throughout the day. They also defend the strands of your hair from dryness. So, make sure your cream or oil has Shea butter or natural oils in it. 

Fragrance Matters 

Whether you agree or not, the fragrance is essential in terms of selecting a quality moisturizer. Because hair moisturizers would stay on your hair all day long. Now, if they start to give off a highly displeasing smell to you and people around you, we don’t think you’d be able to continue using it. Some can have Coconut or Jojoba oil issues, so we’d ask you to check it better before you go for purchase. 

Find Organic and Avoid Chemical 

Try your best to find moisturizers that have organic elements present in it. Natural, unprocessed contents contain more nutrients than processed ones. Another thing you must do is avoid items that have used chemicals harmful for your scalp and hair. Use products that are: paraben, phthalate, hexane, and allergens free. 


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How do black men keep their hair moisturized?” answer-0=”Several ways are there. You should comb your hair every day. Apply conditioners after shampooing. And use moisturizing creams and oils regularly. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How often should you moisturize your hair black male?” answer-1=”Moisturization is not a once-in-a-while project. Instead, you should be concerned about it always. Keep on using oil and moisturizing creams, but using too much would make hair greasy, so make a schedule. Use shampoo and conditioners twice a week.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Should black guys wash their hair every day?” answer-2=”Washing hair every day is a must. Now whether you use shampoo or not, that depends on you. If you think your hair seems clean, then just use water during the shower. But, when they seem a bit greasy or unclean, you must go for shampoo!” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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To Sum Up

Hair is something that defines you. A shiny, well-maintained, strong hair definitely makes a highly favorable impression among your peers. Well-moisturized hair is a lot healthier and less prone to develop hair loss issues in the future. Plus, you have plenty of other benefits that come with it. So moisturizers are a must. 

The wait is over. Now, you know which are the best hair moisturizers for black men, and it is then perhaps time for you to grab one yourself and start looking sharp instantly. Find what suits you best and get your moisturizer home right now! 

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