Best Oil For Hair Clippers To Lubricate & Clean The Blades

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Do you stop using your clipper when it’s not working as efficiently as it’s supposed to? No, you look for options to make it work better. That’s where clipper oils come in. Clipper oils clean the blades and lubricate them. Lubrication ensures that you get the maximum performance efficiency and durability. Clipper oil also comes in handy when your clipper makes noise or fails to cut according to expectations. 

Every tool requires a different maintenance procedure. When it comes to a clipper, oil stays top on the priority list. Most of the time, you will get a small bottle of oil provided with your clipper. But the clipper will undoubtedly outrun the oil regardless of how frequently you use your clipper. When that happens, which oil should you get?

Having said the importance of lubricating your clipper, it’s time we move on to the best oil for hair clippers.

Best Oil For Hair Clippers

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Many people get confused about if they must use the same brand of oil as their clipper. It’s not compulsory, that’s the good news. All the best oil for hair clippers are almost the same in nature. They are thin and can withstand high temperatures. Take a look at our top 10 picks of clipper oils before purchasing one.  

1. Wahl Premium Hair Clipper Lubricating Oil

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Men who are curious about grooming products already know the name, Wahl. It’s a reputed brand In the grooming industry for men and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to clipper lubricating oil either. Along with the primary feature you would expect from oil like rust prevention and dullness prevention, Wahl oil will last a long time given the amount it comes with one bottle.

The oil keeps the blade from getting too hot by reducing friction. Once you apply the oil, you will feel a significant change in your clipper as it will operate more smoothly than before. 

You will notice professionals using this oil for their clippers. That says a lot about any brand. If you want a premium hair clipper oil at an affordable price, you can keep Wahl on top of your bucket list.    


  • Prevents corrosion and rust, making your clipper operate more efficiently
  • Takes care of your clipper by extending its longevity
  • Can serve you for a long time regardless of your usage frequency 


  • The nozzle could be narrower for precise use

2. Oster Premium Blade Lube

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Oster provides the perfect blade lube to keep any type of shearing tool going on like a new one. One significant thing about this oil is it’s made from mineral-based oil, free from detergents. That’s why the oil is FDA approved. 

You can trust Oster blade lube for extending your clipper’s life. It’s a great option when you want your clipper to recover from any annoying noise or rustiness.  

The manufacturer suggests that you apply the oil while keeping the blade running. It helps the oil to insert all over the blades, and you can feel the change right away. If you want a non-detergent oil that offers a professional experience, Oster is the best hair clipper oil you can find.


  • Makes your clipper blades clean and grants you an efficient operating experience
  • Extends the clipper life so you can keep your clipper as smooth as new
  • Compatible with all clipper brands, so you don’t have to buy new ones in case you want to switch clippers


  • The nozzle tip doesn’t require any cutting because it comes with a hole. Sometimes that can leak oil while in the shipping process  

3. Andis Clipper Oil

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Andis introduces a reseal option on its clipper oil bottle by moving on from the traditional leak and spill issue. You can maximize your clipper blade performance by regularly using this lubricant. 

One of Andis oil’s most attractive things is that it doesn’t have any odor or color to save you from any unwanted situations. You can use it for multipurpose, which means you don’t have to buy different oils for different things.

    If you apply a few drops of Andis lube before, during, and after a trimming session, you can get several benefits. For the starting lubrication, you will get a smooth trimming experience. To keep the procedure smooth, you will have to apply the oil during the session too. And for a cleaning process, you can lubricate the clipper after you’ve finished.


  • Help you get a noiseless and efficient clipper experience
  • Doesn’t have any odor or color to offer you a comfortable experience
  • Comes with a reseal system, so you don’t spill any oil  


  • Opening the bottle can be a bit tricky

4. Wahl Clipper Oil

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The more frequently you use a clipper, the more you need to oil it. Another fascinating product from Wahl made explicitly for Wahl clippers does wonder on all trimming tools. Everyone who uses any kind of clippers (hair and beard trimmer, pet shearing trimmer, etc.) will be delighted with this oil. 

Picking the best trimmer oil is an essential part of the grooming process. Wahl oil ensures that you don’t have to worry about your clipper getting. You can experience an effortless grooming session with your beloved pet with this one. It offers a smooth and disturbance-free trimming operation regardless of how frequently you are using the clipper. 

Even though the oil works best with Wahl clippers, you won’t face any problems with other clippers as well. 


  • You can get the most optimal performance by applying a few drops of this oil
  • Reduces friction and heat to extend your trimmer life
  • One bottle contains enough oil to serve you for a long time 


  • The cap can be hard to operate to control the oil amount

5. Oster 5 in 1 Clipper Blade Care Spray

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If you are more comfortable using a spray system lubricant for your clipper, this one from Oster is the way to go. Upgrading from the usual benefits you get from oil, Oster Blade Care Spray also disinfects your clipper to help you get a healthy trimming experience.

One bottle contains 4 ounces of liquid that’s more than enough to last long. As the name suggests, you will get 5 benefits from this one spray. It will disinfect your clipper to prevent any attacks from germs, bacteria, fungus, and viruses. The next things it will do are clean your clipper, lubricate it, keep it cool while using, and prevent your clipper from rusting. 

Why shouldn’t someone get a spray that does everything a lubricant should do and more? We rate this spray as one of the best clipper disinfectant sprays you can find. 


  • You are getting 5 functions combined in one spray, so you don’t need other lubricants
  • Protects your clipper from bacteria, virus, fungus, and other germs and encourages a healthy trimming session
  • Smart spray system will let you use and store this product effortlessly without worrying about leaking


  • The spray isn’t odorless, but the smell is pleasant. The fragrance is strong when you spray it but fades very quickly

6. Barbicide Clippercide Spray

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You can forget about dirty blades on your clipper because Barbicide offers you the best hair clipper lubricant. Not only it cleans and lubricates your clipper, but it also disinfects it from unwanted germs to keep you healthy while you use your trimmer.  

Why would you go for something else when you can find everything you need in one spray for your hair clipper. Keep your clipper running as smooth as new with a spray offered by a renowned brand. 

You can use the spray on any kind of trimming tool. Want to lubricate your clipper? Spray it. Want to clean your clipper? Spray it. Want to disinfect your clipper from germs? Spray it. You name it, and the spray will do it. 


  • Diverse functions from one spray save you money and trouble of buying different lubricants
  • Thye spray system makes it easier for you to use and store the spray
  • Contains enough amount of lubricant to last long


  • The container is large, so some user may have difficulties using it

7. Clippercide Aerosol Spray

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You should always use the best products to stay in touch with your skin when it comes to the tools. To keep your trimmer rust-free, lubrication is a must-do. It’s more satisfying when you’re getting extra features with the primary benefits you expect. Clippercide Aerosol Spray will lubricate your trimmer blades along with making them free of any harmful germs.

With a 5 in 1 formula, Clipperside spray makes your trimming experience more healthy and comfortable. If you maintain your clipper as per the given instructions, you will discover that your clipper is operating more efficiently than before with extended durability.

So, if you are comfortable with a disinfecting spray for your clipper, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get this one from Clipperside. 


  • 5 in 1 formula includes all essential functions in one spray to make your clipper operate more efficiently
  • Extends your clipper life by smooth lubrication and keeping it clean
  • Easy application and storing methods ensure a no-leakage function


  • The bottle could use a narrower opening for an efficient application method

8. ANDIS Cool Care Plus Clipper Spray

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There can’t be any argument about the quality of Andis. Like all other products, Andis lives up to its reputation with this clipper lubrication spray too. You can’t find a better option to keep your clipper cool, clean, lubricated, and disinfected than this one. 

Andis cool care will keep your clipper rust-free. That means extending the life of your hair clipper. It takes care of your clipper so you can always have your clipper as smooth as new. 

The spray removes any virus, bacteria, fungus, or germs to keep you out of any danger. You can use it on any kind of trimming tool. To keep your clipper performing at the peak point, use this spray before and after each use. 


Makes your clipper free of any harmful germs to provide you with a clean and healthy clipper

Does everything a lubricant is supposed to do and more

Prevents your trimmer from rusting and extends its life


  • It’s a 3 bottle pack, so if you want to experiment, it’s not for you

9. Oster Electric Clipper Grease

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This lubricant is a bit different from the others. It’s a pack of three grease tubes with narrow nozzles for easy application. As with other products, this grease from Oster provides the best quality to lubricate your trimmer. 

If you own an Oster clipper, this lube is undoubtedly one of the best choices. However, it performs equally great with all other clippers too. You can make your clipper blades running like new only by applying a small amount of Oster grease. 

You’re getting three tubes in one pack, so there’s no reason to worry about the amount. You can easily make them last long for any clipper. 


  • Easily applicable to any clipper blades because of its narrow nozzle design
  • Your clipper will operate more smoothly than ever with this grease
  • Three tubes come in one pack that removes the necessity to buy another lubricant  


  • If you don’t prefer a tube lubricant, you may have to look for other options

10. UniKitchen Premium Lubricating White Oil

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If you’re very strict about using non-toxic products, the best option for you would be this lubricating oil from UniKitchen. The oil is made of premium, non-toxic ingredients to avoid causing any irritation to your skin. 

Clipper oils play an important role in your skincare because you frequently use your clipper. To lubricate your clipper, keep it clean, make it perform like new, it’s a perfect oil to exceed your expectations. 

Don’t compromise your skin health with any harmful ingredients when you can get one of the best lubricants that come with nontoxicity. Keep your trimmer blades rust-free and run sharp with premium lubricating white oil. You can use it on any trimmer or hair clipper you want.


  • Doesn’t contain any toxic ingredient so you can have an irritation-free experience with your clipper
  • Solid bottle design provides an easy application method
  • Increases your trimmer blade performance as well as longevity 


  • It May not be compatible with few trimmer models 

Things to Know Before Using A Hair Clipper

If you are using clippers for the first time, we recommend keeping the following things in mind to make your trimming journey more satisfying. 

Prepare your hair

Washing your hair before running a clipper through makes the process a lot easier. Your hair will be free from dirt and won’t have any tangles, so you can easily cut your hair without any mistake. 

You can then dry your hair or keep it a little wet. But not so much that water drips. Comb through your hair to make sure there aren’t any tangles remaining.

 Beware of the blade guards. 

Make sure that you understand the numbering system of your clipper. It’s better if you go for the highest number because you can cut short if it’s too long. But if you cut it too short, there will not be a safety net.

If you don’t want to lengthen the process, at least check a small area with the largest number. If it’s too long, adjust it and proceed.  

Be prepared for the mess

Using a hair clipper can result in an unwanted mess. Try using a protective cover to avoid dipping yourself in a hair mess. Also, try to keep your vacuum cleaner ready for the mess around.

There are convenient and innovative covers you can use for cutting your hair. If you don’t want to get into extra expense, you can use any cloth to use as a cover.   

Oil your clipper

Lubricating your clipper extends its life and makes your hair cutting experience smoother—oil your clipper before you start trimming, midway through the trimming, and after you’ve finished.

Hair Clipper Oil Alternatives

If you want to use any alternatives to clipper oils, you should keep two things in mind. The alternative should be able to withstand high heat and shouldn’t be evaporated too quickly. Make sure the lubricant you are using isn’t thick and tens to gum up. It’ll only increase your trouble. Avoid lubricants that have strong odors too. 

Some people suggest that any thin oil works for a trimmer. But the question is, how effective are they? If you want to come close to trimmer oils, we recommend you go for mineral oil or baby oil.

Mineral Oil

We recommend mineral oil because trimmer oils are just a refined version of basic mineral oils. The low-viscosity and the power of withstanding high temperatures make mineral oils perfect for lubricating your clipper blades. You will also notice that mineral oil is used in various beauty products. It’s because the oil is chemically stable and isn’t highly reactive. All the more reasons to use for your trimmers.

Baby Oil 

Baby oil is another form of mineral oil. The only additive is the fragrance. It’s thin, non-reactive, and can tolerate high temperatures generated from your clipper blades. Baby oil is also very skin-friendly, so you won’t feel any irritation while using the clipper.

Make sure that you don’t have an allergic reaction to the baby oil fragrance. Other than that, baby oil is one of the best hair clipper lubricants you can find as an alternative. 

To sum up, you can use mineral oils and baby oil but should avoid using coconut oil, vegetable oil, beard oil, sewing machine oil, etc., because they’re thick. They’ll clog up your trimmer blades instead of making them operate smoothly. 

How to Oil Your Hair Clipper Correctly

Professionals suggest following structural instructions for oiling your clipper correctly. The instructions are as follows

Step-1: Clean your clipper

Hold your clipper so the blades face downwards. Use a small brush to wipe the blades to remove any excess hair that may be residing inside your clipper. Make sure your clipper is turned off during this procedure. 

Step-2: Add oil to the blades

Keep the blades in the same position and drip a few drops of oil on the blades. Let any excess oil drip out, so the oil doesn’t reach the motor. Turn the clipper on and let the oil reach all areas. You will see the difference right away. 

Step-3: When to oil

We recommend you oil your clipper before, mid-use, and after use to maximize clipper performance.    

How to Clean Your Hair Clipper

  • You can clean your hair clipper using a small brush. Create an area where you will clean the clipper. Cover it with a cloth or an old newspaper to make the after-process easier.  
  • Remove the blade guard on your clipper. Make your clipper face downwards, and use a small brush to wipe off any visible residue that shouldn’t stay there. Turn on your clipper, keep it running for a few seconds. Turn it off and wipe with the brush again. 
  • You are likely to get a cleaning brush with your clipper. If you don’t, you can buy one or use an old toothbrush. Make sure the brush is clean before using it on your clippers.
  • Clippers that come with removable blade units are easier to clean. You remove the blade and give them a thorough cleaning before attaching again. 
  • Avoid inserting anything inside the clipper for cleaning purposes. You will end up damaging your clipper.    

Buying guide For Hair Clipper

Regardless of how small the product might be, it has a huge impact on your hair clipper. Just like one perfect oil can improve your clipper efficiency, one wrong choice can ruin your clipper too. It’s better to be cautious about the oil you are using. So, what should you look for when shopping for the best hair clipper oil? Let’s find out.

Basic Features

Sometimes oil may seem very elegant but fails to provide what it’s supposed to do. Consider an oil that comes with premium features like durability, high-quality bottle, packaging, and excellent after-sale service. Would you purchase that oil if it fails to lubricate your clipper properly? You probably won’t. Make sure the oil will meet the core benefit necessities. 

Brand Value

Go for renowned manufacturers. It’s highly unlikely to get the wrong product when you buy from a trusted brand. Even if anything goes wrong, the manufacturer will be humble to solve your problem because they have a reputation to keep. 

Popular clipper manufacturers often offer clipper oils too. Wahl is one excellent example. You can always trust a brand excelling in a particular niche. 

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a strong area to consider when it comes to any kind of shopping. People are buying products all over the world, and they’re reviewing the products they are using. Negative customer reviews don’t always mean the product is not good. Consider a hair clipper oil that comes with a nozzle system. You prefer a spraying system, so you gave negative feedback about the oil. But some people actually like the nozzle system. 

What we’re saying is, read the reviews and understand what the customers are saying. Don’t misinterpret the message and draw conclusions about anything.

 Oil Amount 

Clipper Oil is not something you would want to purchase frequently. Try to buy a bottle that contains a decent amount of oil enough to last for years, even if you use your clipper regularly. 

 Application system

As we’ve already mentioned before, different users prefer different application methods. Make sure you check the bottle system while considering the tip and storing convenience before buying.  


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Can I use baby oil on hair clippers?” answer-0=”Yes, you can. Baby oil is, in fact, is a very close alternative to hair clipper oils. As long as you are not allergic to baby oil, it shouldn’t cause your clipper any problem. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Can I use sewing machine oil on hair clippers?” answer-1=”No, you shouldn’t use sewing machine oil on hair clippers. The viscosity of sewing machine oil is not appropriate for your clipper. It can gum and clog your clipper blades. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Can I use mineral oil on hair clippers?” answer-2=”Hair clipper oils are a refined version of mineral oil. So yes, you can use mineral oil on your clippers. The viscosity and characteristics of mineral oil are proper for your hair clipper. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”How often should you oil your clippers?” answer-3=”You should oil your clippers every time you use them. Apply beforehand, mid-use, and afterward for making the best out of your clipper. You can extend your clipper life by oiling it regularly. ” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Bottom Line

The more you take care of your grooming tool, the more they’ll accompany you with efficiency. Oiling is an essential part of taking care of your clipper. Take your time while evaluating the best oil for hair clippers before you purchase one. 

Make sure you know what you can use on your clipper and what you can’t. Follow precise instructions when it comes to cleaning and oiling your clipper. Enlighten yourself with all facts and myths before your first use of clippers. The more you prepare yourself, the less likely it is for you to waste any time and money. 

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