Best Puma Running Shoes You’ll Love to Wear

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Well as an established brand, Puma has a lot to offer to its customers. Shoes are one of their main products that top their sells. From footwear to goalkeeper gloves Puma has almost everything in the sports arena. If you’re looking for a running shoe of Puma then finding the best puma running shoes out of the thousands of products can become difficult. So, glancing over puma shoe reviews can give you an insight into a good buy.  

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10 Best Puma Running Shoes Review

In this article, we will be covering some of the best Puma running shoes. Let’s start!

1. PUMA Men’s Axelion

PUMA Men's Axelion 

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Puma brings Axelion for men. It has a beautiful curved shape design. The pattern of this design is quite new. This sorta design is now trending. This has a sporty look so you can wear it outside.  

This Axelion by Puma offers different color variations as well. They come in 6 different variations of colors. From Asphalt Black to Quarry-quiet Shade-red Dahlia these are the color combinations that you can choose form. Among these different color combinations, we think asphalt black seems the most attractive to me. With asphalt black body and light brownish sole, it does catch the eyes. 

Another thing about this footwear is they are moderate in the price range. Given the sort of design, the price range seems quite good.  

It has a manual lace-up, so you can expect a better and secure fitting if things go well.  

Puma claims to have used Synthetic materials in terms of building the sole. They believe that wearing these sneakers you will be able to run well.  

This shoe is also professed by Puma to have a cushioned insole. If what they’re saying is right, then it should be comfortable to wear. They have given the measurement but they warn you that measurements may vary by different sizes. 

  • 6 different color variations 

  • Sporty look  

  • Moderate price range  

  • Curved design 

  • Shoe size should be checked

2. PUMA Select Men’s Suede Classic Plus Sneakers 

PUMA Select Mens Suede Classic Plus Sneakers 

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This is one of perhaps one of the best Puma shoes of all time. And it has a reason behind it as well. Because they have a classic looking design pattern for these sneakers. These suedes have a pretty general design but looks good. It has a thick sole and typical sneaker-like upper portion finishing. By the looks, it’s one of the best Puma sneakers out there.

Variations? Well, this is something amazing! Because if has color variations of 45 colors! This is really good. You should get your desired color no matter how picky you’re in terms of color from these 45. This one should come close to top in puma sneakers review.

The soles are sneakers always important. This is perhaps the most used part of the shore. This sneaker evidently has a pretty thick sole, so if it lasts a long time, you can hope the sole to withstand the time because of its ultra thickness.  

Moreover, the sellers claim this sneaker to have a rubber sole. Which is really tough, if what they say is true, then this sole is supposed to last years.  

This old school sneaker has a lace-up closure, which, if placed properly should give you a secure and comfortable fit. They also state to have a midsole which they expect to give you plenty of support to your feet and comfort. It also has as the seller declares a foam padded collar and tongue which they hope to give you a good fitting.  

  • Thick soles 

  • Classic design 

  • Sneaker 

  • Lace-up  

  • 45 variants

  • The measurement may become a problem

3. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM 

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 FM 

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This another of Tazon series footwears is pretty popular among the users. Well, from the image the design looks pretty basic to me. Yet, perhaps the simplicity of the design has led to its popularity.  

They too as the other footwear discussed has several color variations. It has 4 different variations of color that you can choose from. Among them, White with black and red works seemed the most stylish to me. You may give it a look as well. I’m sure you’d find it pretty nice as well.  

Let’s see what Puma is offering on the inside. Well, like the other Tazon series they state to have used 100% synthetic leather in this one as well. If that is done so, it should last longer.  

Moreover, Puma professes that the sole of this shoe is made of rubber. Again, if a rubber sole is used, it is then expected to give you longer lasting soles. Further, rubber soles are known to give you better grips as well. So, given the reliability of the claim, it’s pretty good.  

we always look for shoes which have a lace closure, because it gives a better fitting and looks quite good on the top as well. So, this shoe also uses a lace-up closure system. we think that’s a plus for this shoe.  

Puma also professes this shoe to be EcoOthoLit and breathable. 

  • Simple design 

  • Tazon series 

  • Color variations  

  • Lace-up closure  

  • Shoe size may be a problem

4. PUMA Safety Men’s Cascades Mid EH 

PUMA Safety Men's Cascades Mid EH 

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Puma brings Safety Cascades Mid EH for all those who are into tough works and all. By the look of it seems quite strong and well built. Puma believes this particular shoe will be able to give you the safety you desire in tough working conditions.  

Puma states this model is water repellent. They claim to have used the unique and most talked about crazy horse leather which is pretty good given their honesty in the claim. 

Now, let’s come to one of Puma’s selling points for this tough shoe. Puma says it has used CORDURA leather collar. What is CORDURA anyways? Well, for those of you who dunno about it, it’s a type of fabric that people often associate with durability and strength. Using this particular fabric can have your products a positive image. So, if Puma is putting Cordura in this one, then this is definitely a strong point for them.  

Another thing that Puma professed to have used in this boot is Mid-cut design to protect the ankle area. Puma says it’s supposed to give better control for people who kneel a lot in their job.  Moreover, Puma also claims to have used rubber sole scuff caps with EverFlex decoupling point which they say will allow you to find the contact position. It’s not the best Puma running shoes as it has been designed for heavy duty workload. 

They also claim to have introduced electrical hazard protection guards, which are crucial against electrical issues in dry conditions.  

This shoe comes in two different sizes.  

  • Renowned Brand 

  • Work shoe  

  • Claims to be water-resistant  

  • Heavy

  • Looks too big 

5. PUMA Men’s Tazon Modern SL FM Sneaker 

PUMA Men's Tazon Modern SL FM Sneaker 

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Puma brings Tazon Modern SL FM, one of the sneakers from one of their popular Tazon series. One thing that we should say about this is the design. we like the design as it gives a sporty look sleek and compact fashion. This sneaker seems nice to look at. 

Further, Puma has this sneaker in various style and outlook, beginning form Black/High-Risk Red to Black – Silver, they have a total of five color variations. Among which Puma Black-lapis Blue and Black/High-Risk Red to Black looks pretty good to me.  

Puma’s modern sleeve as they are a new addition to their Tazon family. One thing about buying sneakers that you always concentrate on is inner cushioning. If they’re soft and comfortable you will be able to wear it for long without any aches on toes or fingernails.  

Puma states that these Tazon modern SL FM sneakers are built with stable cushioning which they’re expecting to take care of your activities relating to running. Tazon shoes are known to be good for running in that sense this shoe can be considered a good if not the best Puma running shoes. 

These shoes are branded as 100% synthetic. The synthetic texture is known to give you more breathability and flexibility. It is also known to be lighter than leather. Therefore, synthetic shoes are expected to give you more flexibility but leather perhaps is always better in looks. Whatever, if its really 100% synthetic, as Puma profess it to be, then you may expect better flexibility from this shoe  

It also claims to have a used rubber sole in this model of Tazon. Which given the reliability of the claim, can help your shoe a give a good lasting. Plus, rubber soles also help you to get a better grip while performing outside activities. In the puma running shoe review this can be a possible pick. 

  • Stylish design 

  • Variety of choices  

  • Tazon series  

  • Different colors  

  • Color may vary 

  • Measurement can become an issue

6. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer Shoe 

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This is another of Puma’s Tazon shoes. These stylish looking shoes with an economic price range for you! 

First things first, like the previous sneaker which we talked about. This one, another from the Tazon series, too has a stylish and fashionable design. It gives you a sporty look at something which is liked by many.  

With the beautiful design, this footwear comes in 6 different color combinations! Which is quite amazing. The range of options they’re offering, the price and the design are really amazing!  

Well, let’s get into the different designs of this shoe. Among the 6 different color combinations ranging from full black to black- silver. All these footwears have a base color of black with the only exception of Quiet Shade- high-risk red. We really like the flat black and Puma Black and Safety Yellow one, they kinda stand out because of their beautiful design.  

Well, apart from design, Puma claims to have used 100% Synthetic leather in the construction of this footwear which given the credibility of the statement is really good for outdoor activities. Not sure if it’s the best Puma running shoes but they’re branded as running shoes by Puma, so you may expect something good.   

Moreover, they state that a rubber sole is used in these footwear. We have wondered why so many brands use rubber sole as a selling point. But we understood when we saw my cheap sandal which used rubber soles and I’m still using it after a couple of years. The sole looks pretty good in shape. So, if Puma has used rubber sole in this model then we think that’s pretty cool.  

  • Beautiful design 

  • Moderate price range 

  • Various color options 

  • Renowned brand 

  • Color may vary 

  • Informal 

7. PUMA Men’s SB Eyelet Rihanna 

PUMA Men's SB Eyelet Rihanna 

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This footwear from Puma looks really tough. These by Puma are designed for women. Well, the design factor, I’m not sure what we should say, but it seems something out of the ordinary. It may be likable to some and can seem odd to some, depends totally on your taste buds, We guess.  

This looks a bit too big for women’s footwear as well. Anyway, Puma, claims this to be water-resistant. They also state that it has a synthetic upper side.  

Those who are a fan of a lace-up fit and design may go for it as it includes a tradition lace-up system in it. This can be expected to give you a better fitting and the kind you may desire.  

Puma asserts to have used a leather functional lining, this as they believe will give the user more comfort. Breathability is really important to keep your legs dry and smell-free. This particular strategy is said to give you the required breathability you want. 

Other things which Puma says to offer in this particular women’s footwear is, additional scuff protection area and flat lugged outsole.  

Another thing that you should remember about this is the actual footwear listed as Men’s but it’s for women. Perhaps it was a misspelling by the one who posted. They may have it for men’s sizes as well but do clarify before you get one. 

  • Big footwear

  • Designed for Women

  • Renowned brand 

  • Not many variations  

  • Measurement problem may arise

8. PUMA Men’s Ignite Nxt Lace Golf Shoe 

PUMA Men's Ignite Nxt Lace Golf Shoe 

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This is one beautiful looking Golf footwear we must say. These fall under Puma’s golf collection and Ignite series. It looks clean sporty! It has a curved design and the colors look vibrant. Definitely, something that’s eye-catching! 

Well, lets come to the variations this particular sell posting has a 7 different variations of designs and colors. The variety it offers is amazing tbh. The designs range from Quiet Shade-Team Gold- Black to  White- Silver-peacoat. Among them, Black/Silver is my pick. The colors just blend with the design.  

After the outside of it, let’s see what Puma has to offer on the inner side. They state to have textile and synthetic in this which is quite durable given what they are claiming is correct.  

Moreover, they claim the sole to be made of synthetic. If you dunno about synthetic soles. Manmade sole generally is referring to rubber and not leather.  

Whereas Synthetic is the alternative to different materials that are used generally in footwear such as rubber and leather. PVC and EVA are some common synthetic soles that you can find. Puma claims to have used this more recent innovation in their soles.  

Cushioning as I’ve said earlier is really important for footwear. Puma says while designing this, they have used PU foam which is believed to give you stable cushioning.  

Another feature that they’re is using as a selling point is Organic Traction. What is this? Well, Puma says it refers to the 100 strategically placed directional hexagon which they believe will give the users more power and grip. 

  • Smart Design  

  • 7 different variations  

  • Renowned brand  

  • The fitting can be an issue

  • Color can differ

9. PUMA Men’s Cell Surin 2 FM Cross-Trainer Shoe 

PUMA Men's Cell Surin 2 FM Cross-Trainer Shoe 

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Puma brings Men’s Cell Surin 2 FM, which they believe will give you better running capabilities. The design is not anything extraordinary but nice and simple. It has four different color patterns from White/Black to Puma White/Peacoat, among which White/Black with orange works seemed to be the most stylish. 

Puma claims that if you’re a fast runner then Surin 2 FM is expected to keep up to your pace. They also claim to provide you with a sleek leather upper. Puma believes this shoe of theirs have enough breathability.  

It has what they call a cell-like cushioning technology which they think will be a major step towards more comfort and ease.  

Another thing that we always try to look for in a shoe. That is the closure type. Like most of the shoes discussed Puma has in this shoelace closure, which gives this a classic feeling to it as well as you’re expected to get a better fitting.  

Puma brings in another selling point in this shoe, which the call it TPU shank. This TPU shank as professed by Puma will be able to empower you with increased stability and motion control.  

Puma states to offer an outsole that is made up of rubber. Rubber is always a good option for better grip and control. They’re tough material so they tend to last longer as well. So, if the things Puma says about this shoe are true, then its pretty. 

  • Simple design 

  • 4 color variations 

  • Lace-up closure 

  • Not for formal use

10. PUMA Men’s Speed 600 Ignite Running Casual Shoes 

PUMA Men's Speed 600 Ignite Running Casual Shoes 

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Puma’s Speed 600 Ignite is a running shoe designed by Puma. This is a colorful shoe and pretty bright. Despite the vibrant blue, the design seems a bit different to me. But tastes can differ. So, I’d recommend you to give it a look.  

Unlike the previous shoes discussed this particular shoe doesn’t have many variations. So, it may make the buyers feel a bit disappointed about not being able to find their desired color.  

Let’s get to the other details of this shoe. This is sole as professed by Puma has a foam sole. Another thing that Puma is using as their selling point is Mesh. It claims to have Air mesh upper for weight reduction and breathability.  

Well, Mesh is something that is highly used in good shoes. Shoe designers use this material to give extra comfort, reducing weight and make the shoe more breathable. So, if their claim is correct, then it’s pretty cool!   

Another point Puma mentions is the Engineered Propulsion Zone, this they say is at the outsole and they believe it will give the user a better speed and do its name justice.  

Puma also claims to have what they call a Molded Orthlite Sockliner which they think will aid the user to get a better fitting and provide comfort.  

This shoe has a moderate price range so is expected to be affordable to many.  

  • Moderate price range 

  • Colorful  

  • Sporty looking

  • Informal

  • Lack of variations

Buying guide to get the best shoes

Getting the best Puma running shoes out of thousands of different footwear models and variations can get really difficult. 

They provide you with many positives of their shoes which you may think about. But knowing a few things before buying a shoe is required so that you may find the best shoe in the market and at your desired price range. Let’s discuss some of the factors that may help you get the best puma shoes.


Yes, this comes first because without a nice design you probably don’t wanna buy a shoe. There are varied designs of shoes out there in the market. But you need to choose the one that suits your feet good.  

Another thing you should keep in mind is your shoes have to be matched with the type of dress you’re wearing. If you wear sneakers with office clothes this may seem a bit out of place. So, try matching your shoes with your lifestyle.  


One of the main reasons we buy shoes is that we wanna feel comfortable walking around. If your shoe doesn’t give you comfort then I’d say its just a waste of money. So, how do you understand that the shoe you’ll buy will ensure total comfort? Try some of the tricks we tell you.  

Try going shopping at night, at this time your feet is perhaps at its largest size, so your shoe will not feel too tight at different times of the day.  

Another good trick is taking your socks when you go shopping. Most of us make the mistake of trying out a shoe without our socks on. So, even if it fits well on barefoot when we come home and put in socks, the shoe becomes tighter. Keep this mind.  


Don’t just buy shoes depending on feet size. Giving trials is always important while buying shoes. The trial is another way to understand how you’reb feeling with the shoe. If the cushioning inside the shoe is good you’ll likely feel comfortable wearing it. On the other hand, if the cushioning is not right your feet may ache.  


Color is important in terms of buying shoes. Most of the time its seen, when someone orders a shoe online the color mismatch. This happens because of different types of monitors displaying one color differently. Issues like this are common nowadays. So, be careful about colors while buying the shoe. 


In terms of getting the best Puma running shoes, a good fitting is a must. You may have other methods which you like the most. But the traditional lace-up system seems that best to me. You can tie your shoes with the lace to the point you desire it to be.  This also gives you a better fitting. With better fitting comes a good grip and faster speed.  


You can choose shoes based on the type of activities you may perform. For example, if you wanna run, go for a running shoe. On the other hand, if you’re into soccer and stuff, go for sports shoes. Leather shoes are good for office purposes whereas sneakers are okay for everyday use. This is how you can choose a particular shoe based on the type of need you have.  


Soles are an important part of the shoe. There are many things that you can inspect in a shoe sole. First of all, if your shoe soles are made up of good material they will last longer and grip well. As far as we know, rubber soles are said to have good gripping capabilities.  

Moreover, you must look for the kind of sole that is tough and thick. Why? Well, there can be many things on the road which can cause serious injuries to your feet. This is perhaps one of the main reasons we wear shoes, to protect our feet from unwanted objects. So, don’t forget to check your shoe soles well before buying one. They may save your feet someday!  

Recommendation on getting the best puma running shoes

Getting the best Puma running shoes can become difficult for you. So, we’ve picked two particular shoes by Puma which we think can be good for running. 

The first one from the ones we discussed above is the PUMA Select Men’s Suede Classic Plus Sneakers. These are classic, no doubt about it. They look standard can be used in casual styling. It comes in an affordable price range. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why it’s so popular.  

Another shoe that I’d wanna recommend to you, fellas, is very well-known the PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM. This can also be a good choice for you. It comes in a simple design. It’s laced, so you’re expected to get a better fitting. The price is also something that we think is good.  

Final words 

Getting the desired shoe is not that easy. You need the right style, design, color, and the shoe also needs to fit well. Maintaining all these factors can get a bit difficult. In this era of high individualism, having one’s own style is a social factor that affects how others would treat you. 

So, how you dress says a lot about you and it works like a reflection of your inner self. Choose classy and comfortable shoes and express yourself that way you want others to perceive you! 

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