Best Shampoo and Conditioner for 360 Waves! (Updated 2022)

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IF you already have 360 waves or am looking to get them the use of beauty products is at an all-time high! More and more, we’re becoming conscious of our looks; thus, a hefty chunk of the global economy is made up of the beauty industry. So, much like the other products, finding the best shampoo for waves and getting quality conditioners can get a bit difficult. That applies to both 180 waves and 360.

Haircare products like shampoos and conditioners mainly work on the scalp cells, making them smoother and healthier through careful applications. It reduces damage and helps to strengthen your hair. But using products with substandard quality can cause hair to fall.

Remember that not only is the right shampoo needed for waves but what you do outside of the shower is important as well. Check out our articles on the best durags for waves or best cap for 360 waves.

Best Shampoo & Conditioner for 360 Waves

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10 Best Shampoo and Conditioner for 360 Waves!

So, we have researched and selected some of the best conditioners for waves from the market, which can help you get healthy and robust hair. Let’s have a quick look!  

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Well, in the quest to find the best shampoo for waves, we’ll get to know about Shea Curling Shampoo first. If you’re out there looking to get outstanding waves and curl, this something that you can go for.  

This shampoo is sulfate-free. Although sulfate helps to remove dead skin cells, it eats up the natural oil that your scalp produces and makes your hair drier.  

Shea’s Curling Shampoo is also free of silicone-like plasticized elements, which gives a fake shine and is damaging for your hair. In terms of having hair elasticity Shea has used natural hibiscus flower extracts. This will provide you with fewer breakages, and you will be able to get rid of split ends. Another selling point of this shampoo is that it uses coconut oil. This natural oil element in the shampoo helps your scalp to retain moisture and keep it shiny. The fragrance is one of the other factors that many shampoo users look for in their products. The scent of this shampoo is quite lovely and something that you should find interesting. Apart from the positive features, on the downsides of this shampoo is that it may sometimes leave your hair a bit greasy. So, we recommend you to wash your hair properly while using it. Considering all the factors, we talked about this can surely be regarded as one of the best shampoos for waves and should be a good buy!
Wave Builder Wash In Waves Shampoo
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Second, in our list is the Wave Builder’s Wash in Waves Shampoo. It comes in 6.9-ounce packs. Specially designed for those people who wish to get cool waves quickly.  

This shampoo is made mainly focusing on the build-up of waves. Well, one of the main issues of using hair care products is the product build-up, that is, the residue that shampoos and conditioners leave after use. This blocks your scalp and damages your scalp health.  

But WaveBuilder focuses on product build-up, and the possibilities of having leftovers are low.  

It uses a gentle formula which should get you quality 360 waves without hassle. Further, the shampoo pack comes enriched with protein and amino acid, which strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss.  

You should remember one thing is it’s just a shampoo. It can aid you in getting waves but would not work miracles. 

Wave Builders also informs you with critical information as to how you should use this product. Users are recommended to use shampoo twice a week with a brush or scramble wash method.  

Not sure if this is the best shampoo for waves, but all in all, this is quite a quality shampoo and can be a possible pick for waves!  

SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Combination Set
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If you’re looking for ultimate hair care set up, this perhaps is for you because this combo pack by Shea includes all. From shampoo to conditioner and hair masque, this is the excellent deal for wavers out there.  

We use many hair products while getting a good-looking wave. But product build-up from these styling products can cause severe damage to our scalp health.

This perfect combination of clarifying shampoo conditioner and hair masque helps you remove all those previous dull and damaging components from your scalp.  

This combo pack comes with various natural elements such as honey, butter, baobab, which makes it a prime choice for hairstylers who need hair nourishment.

One of the significant hair issues that many complaints about are the hair breakage. Most of the time, the root of hair becomes too weak to hold on to the scalp and thus start breaking apart. But this trio possesses antioxidant-rich ingredients, which will make the roots stronger and decrease hair breakage!  

Another exciting factor about this trio pack is that it uses all-natural elements. Using chemical elements can have severe negative impacts on scalp health; thus, Shea keeps this hair pack 100% free of any sort of toxic chemicals which may have a long term impact on your hair.  

Last but not least, this hair care combo pack is designed for all hair types. So, you don’t have to worry if it matches your damaged or color-treated hair!

Cantu Men's 3-in-1 Shampoo Conditioner for Waves
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Multipurpose products if you’re looking for that combination of various body care items in one place, Cantu Men’s 3 in 1 is something that you should consider. This gives you the ability to have multiple uses without the hassle of buying items separately. 

So, what does it have? This Cantu Men’s 3 in 1 pack comes with shampoo and conditioning altogether. Plus, it can also be used as a body wash.

So, you don’t have to buy a body wash or conditioner separately for this product.  

Let’s come to the ingredients. Well, many of you out there are suffering from a dry scalp. It is one of the major contributing factors behind hair fall. Cantu comes packed with hemp seed and tea tree oils, which can give you the required moisture and reduce dryness.  

On the other hand, shea butter present in the pack will get you better skin and provide you with the hair nourishment you need.  

This item is free of sulfates, parabens, or mineral oils. So, you can be relaxed while using the combo as it does not possess harmful chemicals.  

If you’re a waver or someone who likes to style their hair often, then this can be a good pick. Cause this shampoo conditioner pack is specially designed for men who have curly, wavy, or coarse hair. Given that you’re looking to get waves this can be one of the best shampoos for waves 

Everything about this is quite good, but there are differences in what people find as lovely in a fragrance. Although generally, it has quite a soothing scent, some may not like it because of the differences in the choice. 

Given that you’re looking to get waves, this can be one of the best shampoos for waves. And all in all, this is quite a handy product as it offers a variety of options in one go and can be a possible pick for wavers out there! 

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Next in our list is the Sun Bum Curls & Waves Shampoo. So, as the name suggests, this particular product is specifically designed for cool waves and shiny curls!  

Let’s look at some of the things it has to offer you. Getting a sound wave depends on many things. One of them is having the required moisture element present on your hair. With this shampoo, you will get the much-desired moisturizing and cleansing, which will give you quick bends and smooth waves! 

Hair damage is something that Sun Bum has also taken into account. UV rays can be damaging for your hair. So, Sun Bum introduces their vegan blend to save your hair from damaging UV rays, keeping your hair healthy and reducing hair discoloration.  

Just apply it on wet hair and gently rinse away. Try using water properly to avoid build-up, and there you go, shiny and healthy hair without much hassle.  

You’d be glad to know that his product is 100% gluten and sulfate-free. So, you can be stress-less while using it as it does not contain damaging chemicals.  

It’s a quality shampoo but focuses more on the wave and sun damage while leaving the dandruff factor unchecked. But all in all, it’s quite good, especially if you’re trying to get cool bends and waves. It is also great for people who work under the sun for long hours, as it fights sun damage quite well.

Pacifica Beauty Salty Waves Texturizing Conditioner
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Now in the list is the Pacifica Beauty Texturizing Conditioner. This conditioner is designed for all hair types. So, whether you have coarse hair or soft hair, it doesn’t matter, you can apply. 

Let’s see some of the things that you’re getting in this conditioner. The fragrance is always a deciding factor while buying, especially beauty products.  

Users don’t like to apply shampoo or conditioners, which smells bad.

But this conditioner comes in a pervasive fragrance that everyone can relate to. Coconut and banana-flavored fruity smell should give you a pleasant sensation.  

Another critical factor that many consider is harmful chemical substances. You’d be happy to learn that this product is 100% SLS, sulfate, and paraben-free. Further, they also exclude petroleum substances, which can also be a threat to your scalp health.  

This is designed for a curly and texturized hairstyle. So, if you’re trying to get wavy and texturized hair, this can be a good option for you.  

One of the drawbacks that this conditioner has is the moisturizer factor. Sometimes it may not provide you with the optimum moisturization. Yet, assuming you’re looking for the best 360 wave conditioner, this can be a possible pick. 

Sun Bum Best Deep Conditioner for 360 Waves & Moisturizing hair Treatment
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This is another product from the renowned hair care brand Sun Bum. If you’re a waver and looking for outstanding waves, then this conditioner can help you achieve that.  

In order to get waves, your hair must be soft and filled with moisture elements. All right, this Sun Bum conditioner carefully detangles and soothes your hair so that you get to have the nicest bends and waves.  Elements like Kukuinut oil and Monoi Coconut Oil used in the conditioner is something that helps your hair grow healthier. 

They also protect your hair while working under the sun. Sun emits UV rays, which can be detrimental for people who stay exposed under the sun for long hours. But these vegan elements help protect your hair from UV rays and save your hair from its damaging effects.  

One thing you should remember while applying is that Sun Bum recommends you to rinse upside down with cold water. In this way, you get an added lift!  

Just like the shampoo, Sun Bum conditioners are also 100% gluten, sulfate, and paraben-free.  

One downside that we can speak of is that it can be a bit heavy for some hair types. Other than that, it’s quite good and has a beautiful fragrance as well.  

On the whole, if you’re looking for the best deep conditioner for 360 waves, it can be quite an appropriate choice. 

ACURE Wave & Curl Color Wellness Shampoo
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As you already know, chemical ingredients can be dangerous for your hair in the long term. That is why you must check this 100% vegan formulation by Acure.  

This vegan blend is formulated using blue tansy & sunflower seed, which will be the perfect combination for gaining hair moisturization.  

If you have color-treated hair, then the sunflower seed in the mix will aid you to retain the color for long.  

Furthermore, all the ingredients in this shampoo are quite healthy and 100% paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, and petroleum-free. Using only vegan elements and cruelty-free certification, this shampoo should give you intense repair you’re looking for.

To add, getting curls and waves is always a matter of much importance for those who are crazy about styling their hair. Acure’s healthy and natural ingredients give you bouncy curls and shinier hair.  

The fragrance is something that every shampoo user looks for. But, the aroma of this shampoo is a bit light. Which can be okay with some, but some can also find it a bit frustrating.  

But, overall, this chemical-free vegan blend can be a good pick for wavers out there! 

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Now in our list is the Pacifica Texturizing Shampoo. It comes in a finely designed 8-ounce tube and is appropriate for all hair types. So, whether you have coarse hair or soft, it doesn’t really matter much. 

This, too, is a vegan shampoo. You may have heard this term quite a few times. For those who don’t know, vegan shampoo refers to a sort of product that is free of any animal ingredients, and no animals were used as test subjects during manufacturing.  

So, this vegan product by Pacifica contains nutrition-rich organic elements such as algae, banana, and vitamin B. Banana is a key natural ingredient that helps fight dandruff and dry scalp. Algae, on the other hand, provides you with Omega 3, which boosts hair growth. And vitamin B present in the formulation will help your scalp with providing required oxygen and nutrients.  

The blend of these three should give you a healthy scalp any day. 

Further, Pacifica also confirms that this shampoo is sulfate, parabens, SLS, and petroleum-free. So, no possibilities of damage resulting from chemical substances.  

One of the drawbacks of this shampoo is that it may leave a bit of product build-up. So, we’d suggest you properly wash it off with water for an extended period.  

All in all, this vegan shampoo is quite all right and can be a possible pick.  

SEXYHAIR Texture Clean Wave Texturizing Coconut Shampoo
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Finally, in our list is the Sexyhair Clean Wave Styling Shampoo. If you’re someone who is obsessed with getting a texturized hairstyle, this could very well be an incredible option! This pack by Sexyhair is designed to get a better laidback textured hairstyle.  

The formulation of this texturizer includes coconut and honey. Well, coconut present in the formulation is a major natural element that supports hair growth. It also provides longer hair and makes hair grow faster.  

Honey, on the other hand, is a smart remedy for dry scalp. It moisturizes the surface of the scalp, removing dryness and reducing hair loss that results from it. Honey powers you with a shiny and smooth hair pattern.  

One of the drawbacks of this shampoo is that it may dry your hair up sometimes. It’s not an issue in general, but it may happen to a few hair types.  

But on the whole, if you’re looking for bouncy curls and crazy soft, shiny texture, then this Sexyhair product you can go for.

Buying Guide to Find the Best Wave Shampoo and Conditioner

Now in this section, we’d like to discuss the several key features that you should focus on while getting the best shampoo for waves and curls. This will help you find a quality hair care product with ease. 

Also remember to that other products can help with your waves like doing a hot oil treatment.

Natural Ingredients

While buying hair care products, one thing that we always should keep in mind is the ingredients that are being used. In case, if you’re going to buy shampoo for waving and curling. Natural ingredients will help get strong and shinier looking waves without harm.  

Many of the conditioners and shampoos on the list are using vegan products and filled with organic elements. We’d recommend you read the ingredient list beforehand while selecting your best shampoo conditioner for waves.   

Moisture Elements

Do remember that moisture is a key factor when you’re trying to best wave shampoo and conditioner. Without having enough moisture, it would be difficult for you to get proper waves.   

So, we suggest you pick shampoos or conditioners which are good at moisturizing your hair for better waves.   


Yes, this is one excellent but underrated element that aids you in getting 360 waves and crazy curls! Let’s assume you’re a waver and trying out different techniques to get waves quicker; we believe this is something that can change your perspectives.   

So, do try to get shampoo’s which use coconut extracts. We believe you’d get a positive result.   

Coconut oil makes a great oil for 360 waves too!


We, especially the ones who are obsessed with hairstyling, waves, and curls, do care about the fragrance of the hair care products they’re using. No point getting cool waves if it smells bad, right?   

That is why we’d definitely advise you to select shampoos or conditioners which have a soothing fragrance. Most of the products discussed here have a more or less pleasant scent, so you can be relaxed while selecting products from the list.   

Select Product Based on Hair Types

One thing that we don’t always give much importance is examining our hair type. If you would like to get to the root of fixing your hair issues and get the best 360 wave shampoo, you must find out what your hair type is first. And then, you can select a shampoo that matches your hair type and scalp condition. Some of the hair type and their appropriate shampoos are provided below so that you could understand better:  

1. Dry Scalp

Assuming you have a dry scalp, we’d like to recommend shampoos with more moisture elements. It is easy to understand that the moisture will reduce the dryness of your scalp.  

On the other hand, you must avoid volumizing or fortifying shampoos and conditioners as they tend to bring down moisture quite a bit.  

2. Oily Scalp

Many out there have to put up with the oily scalp issue. Here we also apply the simple rule of not adding what is already there. Let’s say Your hair and scalp are excessively moisturized, so no point using moisturizers on an already moisture scalp. We, therefore, would ask you to avoid any shampoo that hydrates or moisturiser.  

This time you can go for strengthening or balancing shampoos. They will reduce extra oil from your scalp as they’re non-moisturizers.  

Clarifying shampoos also do an excellent job in terms of tackling oily scalp.  

Avoid Damaging Chemicals

There are many chemicals used in the hair care industry, which are severely damaging to your scalp health. You must avoid shampoos that contain these harmful chemical substances.  

Some of the substances that are damaging to hair are sulfate, paraben, petroleum, silicone, gluten, etc.   

Try to go through the ingredient list and avoid buying any hair products which contain any of the above. Most of the products we have on our list are free of damaging chemicals, yet it’s better if you check the product description.  

Anti-Product Build Up

As we have already explained what product build-up is, you should always be aware of it. While getting different hairstyles we tend to use multiple hair products. With this many products being used on our scalp, it is quite natural that you may end up having product build-up.  

The product build-up may block the roots of new hair follicles. Use anti product build-up shampoos and conditioners to get rid of the residue and get clean and stronger waves.   


Dandruff is an issue in almost all hair types. It mainly occurs because of the naturally occurring microbe called Malassezia Globosa. White particles released from it can be bad for hair as well as a bit embarrassing.  

If you want to get the best shampoo for 360 waves, you must get shampoos that are good all around. That is why you should find shampoos that treat the dandruff issue. Getting a smart wave is hard, but maintaining that can be even more difficult. So, keep your waves clean with anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioners. 

Our recommendation

As a part of this buying guide, we have selected 2 shampoos which we’d like to recommend to you. Based on the quality and efficiency this two-shampoo made it to the top in our list. Let’s have a look at them.  

First, we’d undoubtedly recommend you Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curling Shampoo because of the absolute quality it has to offer. A healthy blend of crucial elements like organic shea butter, honey, and baobab is an outstanding solution against any dry scalp. A complete set of shampoo, conditioner, and hair masque will keep your hair issues at bay.  

And finally, we’d like to endorse the Pacifica Beauty Salty Waves Conditioner. This texturizing conditioner can be a great buy, especially if you love to go for bouncy curls. Further, the combined energy from the natural strengthening elements such as banana, algae, and vitamin b should give well-built curls and waves!  


Does it matter what shampoo you use for waves?

It depends on the product. But we’d recommend using products which mainly focus on waves. Further, it is better to use shampoo and conditioner separately while going for waves.

What are the natural ingredients good for waves?

There are quite several natural ingredients that are good for waves, banana, coconut oil, which are some of the natural wave enhancers. Best if your shampoo or conditioners include these items.

How many times should I shampoo for good waves?

We recommend you to shampoo 3 times a week. Following this pattern should give you healthier waves.

To Sum Up

Right now, how you are dressing up and how you’re styling your hair says a lot about you. That’s why hair care is essential with which you get to define yourself to the world. So, everyone craves excellent quality products when it comes to hairstyling and hair care. Our researched guide on best shampoo and conditioner for 360 waves lets you know all the details of several products that are standard. So, get your own hair styling product today and get the best style you always desired!

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