The Best Trimmer for Your Balls Shaving (June 2021) Reviews and Buying Guide

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We know how difficult it is to get the hair off your balls. Using scissors takes hours to get it clean; on the other hand, using a razor is quite a risky job. There is, though, a straightforward way, and that is, to find the best trimmer for balls and get the hair trimmed off within minutes.

Furthermore, you don’t run the risk of getting nicks and cuts. You get just a clean and well-shaved private area like never before!

So, we bring you this exciting guide to inform you about the various effective options for getting a smooth and clean testicle!

5 Best Trimmer for Balls Shaving (June 2021)

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A Checklist To Buy: 6 Things to Consider for Purchasing A Trimmer

Trimming your balls is entirely different from trimming any other area because of the uniqueness of your scrotum’s skin. In this buying guide, we will shortly go through the required elements that have to be present while you find the best shavers for pubic hair.

01.Design of the Blades with Sharpness

Most of the trimmers are made, keeping in mind the facial or head hair. Thus, they tend to house sharp straight blades, which can be a severe issue if you use them on your balls. These bright and straight dull blades can quickly get stuck between the loose testicle skin and give you cuts.

We’d advise you to look for devices that have rounded blades for safety. A rounded razor blade has a lesser possibility of giving you cuts or nicks.

Other types of self-sharpening blades can also be safe and effective on your balls. Take the foil shaver, for example. Some foil shavers can perform well in terms of removing hair from your ball smoothly. We have discussed one here in the guide as well! So keep the blade design if you really want to buy the best men’s pubic hair trimmer.

02.Long Handle Give You Feel Comfortable, Just Like Your Better Half

This is a much-overlooked aspect of a trimming device. Shaving pubic areas with the best electric shavers is not an easy task to perform. It takes time, and you have to be precise and cautious. Holding on to a device that is not easy to maneuver can lead to nicks on your balls. You’ll also find it challenging to get to hard-to-reach areas on your body.

This is why we suggest you check the handle type before you buy it. Make sure you feel comfortable while holding it. Better if the handles have rubberized areas that will allow you to grip it correctly.

Long handles, on the other hand, are also quite essential for reaching different parts of your body quickly. So, we advise you to inspect the handle thoroughly before buying a device.

03.Pick The Water-Resistant Trimmer and Trim Anywhere You Like

We’re seeing very commonly in recent times that many-body or beard trimmers in the market are talking about using their device while in the shower. We do not recommend you doing that. We know these are trustworthy manufacturers, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. The exposure of water to electric devices has a long history.

And now, an essential part, some trimmers are not water-resistant at all. The manufacturer may have notified you somewhere in the package as well. But you take it to use it in the shower, not knowing that it is not waterproof. Just imagine the consequences. Don’t make this mistake.

So, a must! Just make sure the device is safe in the water, check the manufacturer guidelines before using it.

04.Battery Life: 3 Things You Have to Look on

  1. Firstly, you must know how long it may take for the battery to be fully charged.
  2. Secondly, how long the battery provides output while in use.
  3. And finally, the battery lifespan.

Try getting batteries that have a medium charging ratio. Products that say it is fully charged within minutes, there is a possibility that they may deplete that charge within minutes as well.

So, we recommend you go for batteries which have to be charged for at least an hour or more. Also, try to make sure the output is long enough. It may take 45 minutes, at least for proper body grooming, so find batteries that give you 45 working minutes at the very least.

Finally, one of the significant points of customer dissatisfaction over trimmers is their short battery life. Many renowned manufacturers fail to live up to the battery expectation of their customers. So, be very cautious and pay close attention so that you get to buy the best shaver for pubic hair with a long battery duration!

5. Choose the Long-Lasting Pubic Trimmer

Trimmers are a bit prone to wear and tear. Apart from battery issues, one thing we have seen very much in common among many customers.

That is the durability issue with these devices. So it is better if you can purchase a product which has a valid warranty.

Most of the devices come with a one- or two-year warranty, and this should be good. Some come with a lifetime warranty as well. Check the warranty claim procedures before you buy them. Also, make sure they provide you with warranty claims in your area.

6. Manufacturer Guidelines, An Another Checklist

This is also something many overlook. You want the best right trimmer for shaving your balls. As mentioned earlier, trimming your balls is far more complicated than cutting any other body area.

That is why we highly recommend you contact your manufacturer before you put it on your balls. Or, at the very least, try looking for user guidelines by your manufacturer before purchase. This should get you rid of the hassle of a refund after purchase.

After in-depth market research, we have found these several criteria essential in terms of buying the best trimmer for your pubic hair. We expect and believe that by following this guideline, you should be able to get the best balls trimmer that keeps your balls hairless and smooth. Best of luck out there!

Top 10 Best Trimmer for Balls Shaving

If you want to keep your scrotums clean and germ-free without much hassle, Jokes aside, you must get a good trimmer for it. Let’s see our top picks today and what they have in store to offer you!

1. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49- Best Manscaping Trimmer

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49- Best Manscaping Trimmer

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We are starting with the highly well-received Philips Norelco. Undoubtedly one of the most popular ball trimmers right now. Let’s find out what’s inside that makes it unique.

One thing you should keep in mind while shaving your balls is the blade type. Straight blades can give you cuts on your ball’s skin, that is why Philips Norelco houses rounded blades. It will not scratch your sensitive skin, and its high performance will provide you with clean, shaved testicles.

If you think it has only one purpose, then you’re wrong. This multipurpose cordless trimmer is designed especially for men and can also be used on underarms, chest area, shoulders, back, and legs!

Some men just want to clean it up for health purposes. But some want it to look perfectly groomed. Norelco can be an appropriate pick for them, as its 3 dimensions pivoting head gives you the flexibility to even remove long hairs that grow in curved areas. This gives you a perfectly shaved private area like nothing else.

The ball trimmer is also water-resistant, which adds to its durability and lets you use dry or in the shower however you like.

Norelco is rechargeable, so you won’t need to be connected with a cord all the time while body trimming. This gives you the freedom to use it as you want and makes shaving easier.

Nicks and cuts are always a risk, especially when you’re using this body trimmer in groin areas. Norelco has a specially designed shave head that prevents any cuts or bruises.

Finally, this comes with an astounding full two-year warranty and a versatile multipurpose ball trimmer; overall, it is a trimmer that you can get at any time.


  • 3-Dimensional Pivoting Head Cleans Curves
  • Round Blades Make Trimming Safer
  • Rechargeable
  • Water-Resistant
  • Multiple Fields of Use


  • Short Battery Life

2. Philips Norelco BG7030/49 Body groomer for Pubic Hair Trimming

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2nd comes another Philips’ classic, Norelco BG7030, a terminal body grooming device! This is beyond doubt one of the best body groomers for balls that you may go for right now!

Why are we starting with such a praising tone because to be honest, it has all that you may ever need for precisely trimming and shaving private parts. It is a dual-sided trimmer that you can use based on your requirement.

On the upper side, it has a 4-direction foil trimmer. This ball trimmer should be good enough not only to get rid of unnecessary hair on your balls but also to provide you with the smoothest hairless scrotum skin. If you have tried shaving your balls, you’d know a feat like this is almost impossible given the type of skin.

Apart from getting a nick-free ball shave, this ball shaver also lets you clean your pubic area like nothing else. Blades with rounded tips give you the smooth shave and the maximum security in terms of dealing with sensitive body parts while an integrated adjustable trimmer on the bottom part lets you modify hair lengths while trimming.

It also has rubberized padding on the upper middle part, that lets you grip it correctly and gives you better handling during operation. Water-resistant materials used in the construction of the trimmer allows you to clean it properly without any mechanical issues


  • Foil and Clipper Trim
  • Best for Dry and Wet Shaving
  • Safe Shaving Experience
  • Best for Ball Shaving
  • Whole Body Grooming


  • May Perform Badly for Beard

3. Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro Electric Trimmer and Shaver

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Next on our list another Philips’ masterpiece. This OneBlade Pro by Philips looks something out of science fiction movies.

This is one of the best cordless trimmers and is mainly a shaver, and the flat design of the blade makes it a bit unorthodox for shaving balls. Because the skin of the testicles would be a hard match for the type of shaving head, it has. But it can be used in lower abdominal areas.

Cords are always a hassle while trimming body hair. It makes an already complicated process even more difficult as you still have to stay close to the power socket. Philips, keeping that in mind, brings in cordless rechargeable trimming, that provides you with all the flexibility you need for trimming hard-to-reach areas.

But there remains one small issue that can overshadow the advantage of cordless trimming. That is the battery life. OneBlade houses a powerful Li-ion battery that stays up for a comfortable body hair trimming session. You won’t have to stop in mid-trimming for a recharge.

Another positive part of this body hair trimmer is it is a waterproof trimmer as well. So you will be able to use it both in wet or dry operation.

Now let’s come to its’ specialty. As we said earlier, it is not only the best electric shaver; therefore, it does not have the usual trimmer heads. Instead, it houses durable blades; you can replace them every 4 months. The blade replacement will surely give you cleaner and more precise trimming, which could never be possible with a usual trimmer.

On the whole, it is a precision-enhancing full-body trimmer that you can own anytime!


  • Durable Li-ion Battery
  • Blade Offers Precision
  • Cordless Trimmer
  • No Need Shaving Cream


  • Problem Using on Scrotums

4. Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Best Multi-groomer, Grooming Kit with Trimmer for Body, Beard, Head, & Face

Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000

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Cleaning your private parts isn’t that simple. The job is quite time-consuming, and you run the risk of having cuts or nicks on sensitive areas. Norelco MG7750 can be a good add-on for those who find this task difficult.

This is perhaps one of the best ball shaving performance sets of body grooming tools ever as it comes with a staggering 23 different pieces of trimming kits, which lets your trim body hair and your head with absolute customizability!

The replacement blades are super sharp and get a haircut within minutes. But you have to be careful if you wish to use it on your sack. Loose skin in your testicles can quickly get a cut, but you can trim out most of the private area except for difficult curved areas on your weenie and balls.

This trimmer also introduces what they call a DualCut technology, which results in blades twice as sharper providing you with the accuracy you’ve been looking for.

If you clean up body hair after months of intervals, this can be handy stuff for you. As its’ Lithium-ion battery holds up 5 hours of run time after each charge, you can trim everything within this period.

This is just one of the best body trimmers available right now, from durable blades to a variety of healthy fiberglass body, hair, and stubble guards, this can be a super buy for many!


  • 23 Different Trimming Kits
  • Super Sharp Blades Give You Quick Trim
  • Dual Cut Technology Provides Sharper Blades
  • Self Sharpening Technology it Offers


  • Difficulty Cleaning Private Areas

5. Remington PG525 Best Manscaping Trimmer for Affordable Price

The Remington Head-To-Toe Grooming Kit

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Now in our list is a trimmer by Remington! This PG525 is a complete body groom package with 10 pieces of different grooming tools. Let’s find out what it can provide us with.

The foil shaver in the package should give you a safer and more accurate body grooming experience than usual trimmers, which provide nicks on your skin with its sharp blades. The set also includes a detail trimmer for nose and ear hairs. You can easily remove this hard-to-reach hair with its thin edge.

It also provides you with a hair trimmer and clipper comb so that you can trim your head hair the way you want with ease and comfort. Different length settings equipment will let you shape your hair to the desired size.

About shaving your pubic areas, its performance can vary on the user experience. From under the navel area till the genitalia, it is safe to trim without any issues quickly. But after that part, it can get a bit tricky, especially if you wish to cut your testicles with it.

The trimmer is powered with lithium batteries thus doesn’t require a cord. Cordless trimming gives you extra mobility and eases while performing this complicated function.

The surgical steel blades give you enhanced performance for a long duration.

The attachments of this trimmer are washable, so it should be easy for you to keep it clean after use

On the whole, it is a quite standard and balanced trimmer. It can be a good pick for a regular body grooming experience.


  • 9 Piece Body Grooming Kits
  • Length Customizers
  • Nose Trimmer Included
  • Ear Trimmer Also Included
  • Extra Sharp Blades


  • Battery Issues May Arise

6. Gillette All Purpose Styler – Best Cheap Rated Personal Groomer

Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide 3-in-1 Razor Style Special Pack

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Next up is the Gillette All Purpose Styler, without a doubt, one of the best manscaping trimmers in the market. We want to go straight to the point here. If you are looking for a sensitive area shaver that gently cleans your balls without nicks or cuts, then this is for you!

Many of the trimmers that you see in the market have blade designs that are not suitable for your scrotum skin. The skin of your balls is quite different from the other areas of the body. The loose skin type makes it extremely vulnerable to get stuck in between the blades of your trimmer and gives you nicks.

But this all-purpose trimmer by Gillette is quite the opposite of those types of trimmers. The blades in this trimmer stand close together, so your scrotum’s skin won’t get stuck in between them. The outstanding trimming experience will give you smooth testicles like never before!

Let’s come to other aspects of it. It lets you use Gillette razors as well, for an ultimate smooth grooming experience. The trimmer is waterproof and also shower safe; you can use it in both wet and dry conditions. Cleaning the trimmer after use becomes extremely easy as it is resistant to water.

The precision trimmer on the back of the razor makes it easy for you to style the edge with utmost accuracy. This Braun engineered trimmer has a rubberized gripping mechanism that should aid you to grip it well while using.

On the whole, this is by far the most balanced and complete trimmer that we have encountered. Let’s clean your sensitive private areas without fret and give you an entire body grooming experience. This, in our opinion, is a must-buy product!


  • Blade and Trimmer Together
  • Extra Precision
  • No Need To Apply Shaving Cream
  • Good for Private Parts
  • Water and Shower Proof
  • Different Length Customization


  • Can Have Battery Issues for Some

7. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100 Best Trimmer For Men’s Balls

Philips Norelco Body-groom series 3100

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This Norelco 3100 by Philips can be a useful device for those who find removing scrotum hair time-consuming and tiring.

This model by Philips is quite perfect for shaving anywhere under the neck and one of the best pubic hair trimmer. The design of the shaver head is done in a way that makes you safe from any possible nicks or cuts, that is why it is secure to clean sensitive public areas without hassle.

Apart from shaving balls, you also have an essential attachment, which allows you to trim your back. The following attachment gives you the reach you require for getting those disturbing back hairs. It comes with three different length adjustment combs, which will let you style your body hair the way you desire!

Having electric cords rounded up while you’re cleaning your body hair can be a highly irritating feeling. But, like most of the trimmers in this guide, this too comes with rechargeable batteries. It provides 50 minutes of working time, which should be good enough for a complete trimming session.

Norelco 3100 is also completely waterproof. Wash it after use or use it while taking a shower, it won’t have any adverse effects anyways.

All things considered, this is a super safe trimming kit for sensitive areas. It’s a good bargain given the quality, and you can go for this any day!


  • 3 Hair Length Adjustments
  • Long Handle Allows you to Reach Anywhere
  • Stylish Design Attracts You
  • 50 Minutes Usage Time without Cord
  • Safe for Pubic Areas
  • Wet Shaves Opportunity


  • Can Have Difficulty Using the Trim Guards

8. Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Philips Norelco One Blade Face+ Body hybrid electric trimmer and shaver

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Another Philips OneBlade here in the concluding part of the guide. This is the starting product in the OneBlade product line and is a popular pick among men. Let’s look at what’s inside!

OneBlade as the look and the name suggests mainly focused on precision trimming. For a smooth body grooming experience, OneBlade electric razor can be considered as a good option in hand. It houses an extremely fast-paced moving cutter that should cut down your shaving time, making it quite time-efficient.

It has a dual protection mechanism enabled so that nicks or cuts do not spoil your shaving experience. They also offer you two different types of blades, one specially designed for the body and another one for the face.

Cleaning pubic hair or hair that grows in the scrotum with OneBlade can be a difficult job. As mentioned previously, OneBlade product line houses blades that can be a bit of an issue for shaving balls. But it should not have any problems cleaning lower abdominal regions.

Another positive part of this trimmer is that you can use it in both dry and wet conditions. The battery, on the other hand, has a run time of 4 hours once fully charged. Further, you can also use it with foam, or you can go foam free as well. From facial hair to armpit and chest, you can trim it all smoothly.

So, not a bad trimmer at all, considering all the things it has to offer. It can be a good buy for many!


  • Offers Extra Precision
  • Get Smoother Skin
  • Dual Protection Keeps you Safe
  • Long Battery Duration


  • May Not Work for Pubic Areas

9. MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver – Best Men’s Body Groomer for Unspected Hair

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver - Best Men’s Body Groomer for Unspected Hair

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If you’re a guy with hairs at places of your body that your hands cannot reach, then this is probably the trimmer you should go for. The reason is, this specially designed Mangroomer Pro Black shaver is a trimmer with an extremely long reach handle, which allows you to reach any parts of your body without any difficulties.

Men tend to grow body hair more than women. Some men even grow hair on their backs as well. Legs private parts, chest and armpits, if these all areas grow hair to a high level, it may not look well tbh.

That is why this ultimate Mangroomer Pro Black series comes with an extended handle, powered with extra tough Power Burst electric trimmers, which will cut down coarse and dense hair anywhere in the body with ease!

Full body trimming can be a long process, and that is also being addressed. As it holds up to 6-8 hours of charge, you should be able to get your body free of unwanted hair within that period quite comfortably.

However, you should keep in mind, this particular model by Mangroomer may not be the best pick if you want to clean your testicles or the pubic area in general. So do keep that in mind.

Apart from that, the rubberized handle gives you extra grip, and the recharge timing is also quite low. As it runs off rechargeable batteries, it does not need a cord, which provides you with quick maneuverability!


  • Long Handles
  • Gets to Hard-to-Reach Areas Easily
  • Long Battery Duration
  • Good for Back Hair


  • Can be Difficult to Use
  • May Pull Hair for Some

10. Bakblade 2.0 PLUS Best Body Shaver and Trimmer

Bakblade 2.0 plus – Back Hair Removal And Body Shaver

Check Price On Amazon

Last in our list is the ultimate Bakblade 2.0 trimmer, a complete and balanced trimmer for your hairy back. Let’s see what this has in its store to offer you!

It is always essential how the blades of the trimmer are constructed. Well, this trimmer uses specially patented Dryglide technology. This particular technology allows you to have simple and smooth shaving experience. It also provides you optimum performance in both wet and dry conditions.

This highly well-received trimmer also does a great job on arms and legs. But, shaving your balls or pubic area with it can be a bit problematic, that is why we don’t recommend it. Still, you can clean up from chest hair to lower abdominal regions till genitalia without any issues.

The trimmer has a long handle, which lets you reach wherever you want. And like most of the trimmers in this guide, this also uses rechargeable batteries. So, you get the freedom to use it without being attached to a cord always.

Nicks and cuts are always an issue in terms of using electric trimmers. Your skin can often get stuck in between the space of the two blades. But this trimmer uses a uniquely built cartridge system that gives you a safe and clean shave always!

Finally, the trimmer comes with a full lifetime warranty. It just goes to show how confident they’re with the quality of their product.

This Edison Award Winning trimmer is quite good and can be handy for men with hairy backs.


  • Long Handle
  • Dryglide lets You Shave Both Dry and Wet
  • Unique Cartridge Makes it Safer
  • Edison Award Winner
  • Full Lifetime Warranty


  • Can be Prone to Wear and Tear After Use

Clean Your Pubic Area in 8 Simple Sets

Now you have the tool, but how do you use it to get the maximum output? Having the best trimmer requires better maneuvering techniques in order to get the cleanest-looking pubic area. This section is focused on answering that particular question. You can get a comfortable, smooth, and safer public area cleaning session in many ways. Let’s look at some of them here.

1. Why Must You Do it in the First Place?

If you’re thinking about why trim your pubic hair, then we have plenty of reasons for you. Here are some of it.

#Hygiene Issues

Hygiene is perhaps the first reason why we keep the private area clean from time to time. As this region of the body is covered by one or multiple layers of cloth, it is normally normal that you’d have a displeasing smell and bacterial build-up there.

Therefore, as a part of cleanliness and hygiene, you should always have a neat pubic area.

#Ease in Sexual Activities

This is one of the most important reasons you must have a clean pubic area. If you’re expecting your partner to be aesthetically prepared, you should also be properly groomed for her. It will make your sexual activities more lively.

#Reducing the Possibility of Chafing

Besides the hygiene and sexual activities, wiping out the future possibility of chafing can be considered a major issue because you should keep your pubic regions clean. Men who engage in highly physical work sweat a lot for a more extended period every day. This excessive sweating in the groin area, coupled with excessive hair, can easily be the breeding ground for chafing that’d irritate you all day long.

Because of these various issues, men should always keep their pubic regions hair-free.

2. Determine the Comb Length

Determining the comb length is important before trimming. If the pubic region was left untrimmed for months, it would be better to have the more significant portion cut down by scissors. Getting a huge ball of hair cut with a scissor is nothing complicated. Once you have removed the large chunk of hair, then you can adjust your trimmer to find the length to get the hair trimmed to the minimum length.

It is best if you can trim the hair to the shortest size. As we have mentioned health and hygiene issues earlier, this would play a positive role in those aspects.

3. Getting the Required Tools

There are other things besides the trimmer you’d be needing. Water is a must element that is present. Most of the time, you must use water in your pubic area before cleaning sessions. It is also better to have an antiseptic cream just in case of minor nicks and cuts. It will stop any bacterial development if cuts occur. Further, having a scissor can be handy to cut down a sizeable portion of hair before fine trimming.

Finally, having a hand mirror can aid you to have visions of locations that are not ordinarily possible while trimming.

So, this all should be it. You’re ready to go if you have all these tools with you.

4. Wash Before the Process

Before you trim, we’d ask you to wash the area with soap properly. Germs can be responsible for infection on cuts. Although the possibilities are low, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Remove the germs with a cleansing wash and then start a non-bacterial trimming.

5. Be careful with the Testicles

One piece of advice from our side is you should always use extra precaution while trimming the testicle. Unlike the other parts, it is sensitive, and the skin pattern is different. The ridge-like skins can easily get cuts while you roll down the trimmers.

Pull the skin with one hand. This will straighten up the thin skin for better trimming. While holding it down with the weaker hand, use the dominant hand to do the trimming process.

6. Rinse After Trimming

When you’re done trimming, you must go through proper rinsing. Our advice is to take a shower. The hairs are all over your bathroom, the tiny bits and pieces of hair are all over your feet and ankle. We don’t think there is anything better to do after trimming than a nice and clean shower. Again use soap and strongly rub all the areas with your hand so that all the small hair particles are removed, offering you a clean-shaven pubic area.

7. Applying Moisturizer

This is something that many forgets and then complain about the itchy feeling. If you don’t want to end up feeling all uncomfortable after trimming your pubes, you must use moisturizer. The hairs have a natural oil that keeps the area moist and can cause itching because of the dryness after trimming. This is where the moisturizers come in, they artificially moisturize your pubes, getting you rid of itching and uncomfortable feelings.

8. Washing the Tools

As mentioned earlier, the pubic area can host a lot of bacterial build-ups, so when you use the tools in those regions, they sure have germs walking on them. Therefore, proper cleaning and washing of the tools are required afterward. Make sure the trimer you use is water-resistant, if yes, then you can give it a good water wash. The scissors or the razors need good rinsing as well.

If your trimmer isn’t water-resistant, then you should first brush the hair off and keep it near a window where you get the sun for some time. The ray should get rid of any germs or bacteria left there.

Further, it is better not to use these tools in other areas of the body, especially the face, as it violates hygiene rules.

We are positive if you follow these simple techniques, you’ll be able to get proper private part grooming. We recommend you abide by the safety measures and maintain regularity while doing so.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”How often should you shave your balls? ” answer-0=”It depends on the individual, as the rate of hair growth in men varies. But one should not exceed 3-4 weeks. Better if you can do it once in 2 weeks. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”How do you not nick your balls? ” answer-1=”It is always an issue in terms of trimming balls’ hair. We’d recommend you to prepare your balls before a shave with splashing cold water. Using cold water will reduce the looseness and tighten up the skin, which will be easier to shave. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Is it required to shave your private parts? ” answer-2=”Yes. It is medically suggested to clean your private areas as it can create itchiness and lousy odor with the build-up of sweat and hair. Thus, it is suggested to clean your individual parts at least once in 3-4 weeks’ time. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”Which trimmer is best for pubic hair? ” answer-3=”Shaving pubic hair is not like shaving other parts of the body. While buying trimmers for the public area, you must look for safer trimmers that use guards and rounded blades. Manufacturers usually let you know whether their products are suitable for private areas or not. ” image-3=”” headline-4=”h2″ question-4=”How do you trim pubic hair without it itching? ” answer-4=”It is often seen that after trimming your private parts, it gives you an itchy feeling. To remove it, you must sterilize or clean all the materials you’re going to use in the process. You can rinse your genitalia with cold water before trimming. After trimming hair, the skin can become irritating and itchy. This is when you apply moisturizer on the shaved area. It will soothe the irritated skin and reduce skin itching. ” image-4=”” headline-5=”h2″ question-5=”What is the line on your balls called? ” answer-5=”The sharp line that you see between your testicles is a ridge of tissues. This is referred to as the scrotal raphe. It is also known as a vesting line. You should be extra cautious while trimming on that part of the area. ” image-5=”” headline-6=”h2″ question-6=”Is it OK to shave pubic hair with a razor? ” answer-6=”It is done frequently by men while maintaining extreme precaution. But we don’t recommend it for everyone. Especially teenagers who have recently started growing hair in their pubic areas must try using scissors and trimmers that are safe. Razors are quite risky and get even more so while using it in public areas. ” image-6=”” count=”7″ html=”true” css_class=””]

To Sum Up

Many don’t want to talk about this, but this issue should be paid close attention to. Genital hygiene is a must for an overall healthy body. Further, having an unclean private area can be a breeding ground for bacteria development and could also become a reason for discontentment between you and your partner. So, what’re you waiting for?

Find the best trimmer for balls right now and get a clean and smooth genital area within minutes!

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