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We’ll tell you what brought us to this Bulldog skincare review.

All good men go shopping for their wives/girlfriends and dear Mr. Simon did too. He isn’t like one of your old man that complains twenty times before he is sent to buy a loaf of bread. No.

So, he was out there in Whole Foods, it was the year of Eris. And while shopping, he wanted to get something for himself. Not for eating. Something that can meet the needs of his skin; men’s skin, exactly.

And to nobody’s surprise except for the men, he didn’t find anything that could go on his face that actually did a great job. There were, of course, some things, but not the right things. That’s where he got the idea of starting a men’s line. Of skincare.

About Bulldog Skincare

They started off with the idea: What could possibly be man’s best friend? A dog, the universal answer. So why not create a product that features the same loyalty, patience and goodwill your best friend shows for you? Bulldog was the name selected for the Englishmen’s new skincare takeover which features all-natural, zero-nonsense, simple-as-that ingredients. 

Beyond the Beard

Generally, the idea is that men’s grooming goes as far as their beard and hair. They don’t want to be bald and they want the curviest, kingly moustache hanging down the nose. In this process, many aspects of their need for skincare had long been ignored. 

In fact, for some manufacturers, men’s product just meant pouring the same ingredients as female skincare needs in a tough-looking, black-colored bottle to reveal it as a men’s one. They hardly put efforts beyond men’s beard.

And it goes for the users too. Men don’t put efforts on their face past shaving cream; beard oil at most, and slather anything they get near hand, be it an oil or a cream from two years ago.

Why Men Need Separate Skincare

Men don’t need separate skincare products just for the sake of it. If we observe, men have very different skin compared to women.

And of course, there is the case of individuality. The three most common aspects of men’s skin are that it tends to be oilier, as much as 25% thicker, porous and hence more sebaceous, and of course rougher. No wonder your mom’s products don’t work on your face. 

This is why you need to switch. And the right place to fix damaged or unattended skin is regular cleaning and moisturizing. (Men aren’t really fond of toners.)

Bulldog Skincare and Grooming For Men Original Face Moisturizer

Bulldog Skincare Review

Assuming you have your cleaning game strong, we will review Bulldog’s original moisturizer here. But if you are confused with the cleaning part too, we suggest you try one from Bulldog’s Original line.


You will be more than glad to know that even though their mascot is a jowly English Bulldog, their products are absolutely cruelty-free.

None of their ingredients are sourced from animals. So if you are a vegan or a vegetarian man, you will be able to put it on your face without the woe that some animals were tortured and forced to give in for its making. 

Also, the product is free from synthetic or artificial ingredients. And besides being pet-friendly, it is also safe for the environment.

The Original range has soothing and calming ingredients like aloe, green tea, and camelina. 

Besides, it has algae and up to 8 different essential oils in it. There is also vitamin E and lemon in it as if all these benefits weren’t enough. So we’re speaking soothing, glow-inducing, refreshing, hydrating and brightening ingredients.

Natural products obtained and made in the UK is their uniqueness. 


The product leaves no greasy residue or sticky texture on your face. Rather it has a formula that absorbs quickly into the skin. The texture is not drying and not too oily, another plus. But it does look thick.


You can use it after a long shower or after you shave your face, the two essential times your skin needs all the good stuff. You can use it both in the morning and before bedtime after you have thoroughly cleansed your skin. 

The elements don’t absorb well in dirty skin, for every product ever. You can use it with Bulldog’s Original facewash for the best results. And you can use it daily.

Skin Type

Whether you have mature skin, sensitive/combination, dry, dehydrated or oily skin, this product will work for you. Even people on whom nothing seems to work, this can give a boost.

  • Absorbs nice and well into the skin.

  • Thick texture without stickiness.

  • Natural ingredients are a dealmaker.

  • Has multiple properties like hydrating, soothing, brightening and softening.

  • Works on all skin types.

  • Easy to carry the 100 ml size while traveling.

  • Excellent quality for the price.

  • Some users can’t take the botanical smell.


Does the product have fragrance added to it?

Yes, according to the ingredient list on their website. But since they have natural ingredients, it is safe to say that is a natural fragrance.

Will it hurt my skin if I use this product on my post-shaved, bare skin?/Will it work as an aftershave?

No, it won’t hurt on a post-shaved skin since it has calming ingredients. But if you have had minor cuts and burns and bruises, it is better to let your face rest before applying since it contains trace lemon.

How is the scent like?

The scent is mostly from the aloe. It is sweet and natural, not medicinal.

Is it non-comedogenic?

There have been no reports that it clogs the skin of users. But if you are not cleaning your skin before applying moisturizer, any product will clog the pores, not just this.

Does it contain SPF?

From the ingredients listed, we don’t see the mention of SPFs. But it can be put on the face during the day as the description goes.


We think it’s time for you to get that Original moisturizer after you’ve done reading our Bulldog skincare review. 

It is trendy, priced well, works great, you can obviously give it a shot. It’s still better than applying women’s products on your face besides all the goodness it promises, really!

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