Can I Use Regular Hair Shampoo For My Beard Too? This Answer Will Shock You!

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With the ever-increasing popularity of beard products nowadays, men are asking whether they should stay in the old fashion way. Is it really worth it? Well, for those of you “not going to read the whole thing, give me a short answer,” the answer is “No.” In fact, this could have negative effects on your beard as products like soaps, body washes, or other shampoo or conditioners are manufactured, keeping specifically in mind your hair, not the beard. 

So, how is beard hair different from head hair? Can I use regular hair shampoo for my beard too? And how often should you wash it? Here, we answer all of them.

So, beard hair is different from scalp hair. But how?

Clearly, you will notice beard hair is far thicker than the hair on your head. But the surprising fact is beard shampoo is less aggressive than the usual shampoo. It’s because the scalp is rougher than the facial skin. This requires more energetic formulas for cleansing. That’s why most people use different shampoos for their bodies and face.

Can I use regular hair shampoo for my beard too?

Can I Use Regular Hair Shampoo For My Beard Too?This is the way you are here, aren’t you? Well, I have answered it earlier. But Still, you have confusion. Because it is prevalent that people suggest you use beard shampoo can’t tell you why. Even some people may say to you, “Beard Shampoo! What is it? Huh! Hair is hair”. Closing your eyes, we can undoubtedly say these people have no idea about beard shampoo and regular shampoo. There is a lot of distinction for which you should use beard shampoo instead of regular shampoo for your beard.  

First, let’s talk about regular shampoo. This product is made for your rough scalp. This scalp is often attracted by oil pushed out by the hair follicles. Besides, extra oil attracts more dust, and more dust means a greasier environment. All bring those white dandruff in your hair. As a matter of fact, you need a powerful cleansing chemical.

 While in fact, the environment is different. Facial hair indeed has sebum oil. But that usually doesn’t overwhelm the skin area. Only natural water is enough for cleaning the extensive oil. To clean the dust and maintain the sebum oil so that it doesn’t wash away, you need a different product rather than regular shampoo. And specially designed Beard Shampoo is all you need to for that.

Still, if you want to go for regular shampoo, the following will happen:

Losing Natural Oil From the Beard 

The first issue that you’d encounter is the loss of natural oil. Highly powerful detergents present in the natural shampoo’s formulation will clean away almost all of the natural oil sebum, which is required for a healthy beard and skin.

Interfering with the Hormones 

The extra powerful cleansing element of the regular shampoo will suppress testosterone and DHT, which are vital beard hormones. As a result, your beard would look frail and brittle. 

Can Give Rise to Beardruff 

Beard shampoo is designed to clean beard dandruff, while generic shampoo dries out your skin, causing beard dandruff again. So, to keep the possibility of beardruff at bay, you should use specially designed beard shampoo.

Reduces the Possibility of Using Extra Items 

Using ordinary shampoo dries the beard out. So, you will need to use beard oil and beard balm regularly after using it. After using beard shampoo, you won’t need to use beard oil regularly because beard shampoo doesn’t rinse away your natural oil.

Now, you know every effect of generic shampoo and beard shampoo on your facial hair. Our duty is to give you the right information. Your duty is to choose the right product for your beard.

Do you need to wash your beard too often?

One of the biggest mistakes beard men do is to wash their beard every day with shampoo. It’s never healthier for your beard. Regular cleaning removes the natural sebum oil, the most proficient element for your beard’s growth and beauty. 

These are the criteria you should follow about beard wash:

  • If you work in an environment like labor, building work, or construction where a beard gets dirty every day. Then try to use mild beard shampoo. There are various types of beard shampoo in the store. Go and find your suitable one.
  • Sometimes mild shampoo can also dry up your beard. In this case, use warm water for cleaning. For better cleaning, you can add those soft shampoos to it, too, to make it gentler. 
  • Wash your beard with beard shampoo only 1-2 times a week. It keeps your beard shiny and balances the natural sebum oil.
  • Feeling stained, no problem washing your beard every day. We are not forbidding you, just telling you only to use clean water, not shampoo, for the everyday wash.
  • Again, if your beard still gets dry. You better switch to the 1-2 times per week process.

Final Words

No one will deny that beard brothers would go so far as to take care of their beard. It’s their pride! But using the wrong tools will bring no good and only misfortune. On top of that, even though you use the right tool, using it inadequately or overly will only do worse. Remember, Rome was not built in a day and so will not be your beard. And, “can I use regular hair shampoo for my beard too?” well, you already know the answer to that!

If you want the beard of your dreams, you must be patient and take care of your beard regularly. Happy Grooming!

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