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Today we will try to give you an in-depth Cremo Beard Oil review so that you can decide if it is the right purchase for you or not.

But before that, we need to make sure you know all the important aspects of using/not using beard oils and exactly what are, what they do and a little more. Stick with us till the end!

What Is Beard Oil and Who Needs It

Very, very opposed to popular belief and/or assumption, beard oils do not make your beard grow. Unless any product says beard-growth or hair-growth or any such thing, they do not make hair grow in your barren chin and face. What beard oils are meant for, is to nourish your facial hair, maybe aid the growth-causing agents and catalyze the process, revitalize and rejuvenate the crow nest you have on your face.

The amount of effort men put on self-care skincare/haircare products is super less. The effort that is put in shampooing, multiply that by ten, and you will get the effort they put on caring for their beard. Unless you think shaving cream and razors are efforts.

Hence, the creation of all products related to beards, and one such is the beard oil. You can use beard oils if you have itchy, rough, coarse, tabled beards and more.
Cremo Beard Oil

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The Role of Oils

The main ingredient of beard oil is oil, you guessed it. It is like asking what the main ingredient of milkshake is. But anyway, beard oils may not feature oil as the main ingredient, but silicone, if you are buying chemical-enriched, cheap ones.

So there can be 2 forms of oil in your beard oil. One is the carrier oil and the other is the essential oil. And there can be more than one for each.

Carrier oils, simply put, are oils that you have been hearing names of since forever. They are usually extracted from nuts and seeds and feature the likes of jojoba, grapeseed, argan, apricot, almond, sunflower and what not. Since they technically “carry” (being present up to 90%) the other oils or ingredients, they are the boss and hence can be used all by themselves to provide the nutrition, softening the roughest of beards. 

With them, we use essential oils. Each of them is unique, and new names keep on adding to the list. Tea tree, lavender, sandalwood, strawberry, tamanu, lemongrass, tangerine, cinnamon, etc. enhance the function of the carrier oils, each with their individual beneficial properties. These are very potent and most times decide the scent of your oil, being present less than 5%.

The reason behind putting so much oil in your beard oil is to tackle the unwanted itchiness, the Tarzan-like tangle and to get rid of the beardruff. Now that you know what should be in it why, let’s check out Cremo.

About Cremo Beard Oil

Cremo has been around for men, caring for their facial hair with their most popular shaving cream and the likes. Now they’ve shifted to making all sorts of beard products that also happens to include combs. They come in excellent, spill-proof packages and can be both scented and unscented. Everything works together to maintain that flawless beard.

Cremo Beard Oil Review

Cremo Beard Oil Review

Cremo’s beard oil is here to tackle the most common problems bearded men experience. The beard gets so itchy, it feels like cutting off the beard; the beard gets extremely rough in drier weather and polluted areas; and the beard loses all moisture and is no less than a witch’s broom; all these issues are to be addressed by this miracle oil. Their beard oil comes in 3 different variants: tea tree, forest blend, and unscented. We chose to discuss the unscented one, keeping sensitive people in mind.

Ingredients of Cremo Beard Oil

As you know already, we are looking for some excellent carrier and essential oils here. We have the skin-hugging jojoba oil in Cremo’s beard oils, which is really close to the sebum your face produces so no clogging. Again, there is the rich and promising argan oil with the essential fatty acids, work on elasticity and with antioxidants for a shinier, smoother beard. 

We have coconut oil with antifungal properties and sunflower oil with beard-fall prevention as the other carrier oils. In the essential oil side, we have tea tree oil for beardruff issues and peppermint oil for an invigorating sensation.

Besides these, they also put vitamin E in the oil for added benefits of stronger beards.


You can apply the product anytime you want. There is no fixed time for beard oils to work like a charm. But we want you to put in on your face and beard after cleaning. Typically, they are used one time per day. If you have stubble, one drop would do, for mid-range 3-5 and for long and dense beards 5 or more drops will work.

Who Should Use It

People with beards of any length can use it. You don’t need to have a mane along your jawline to be able to apply it. The “just-there” bearded men can also apply it.

  • Has a unique blend of carrier and essential oils

  • Dissipates faster without leaving a sticky sensation

  • Doesn’t feel heavy on beard

  • Softens the beard with improved look and feel

  • Reduced itching.

  • Took time to soak in for some users


Does the product help to *grow* beards?

No. It only softens, moisturizes and revitalizes. BUt it may facilitate the process.

What does it smell and look like?

It has a really light olive color and an aromatic smell.

Does this leave an oily residue on your beard after application?

Not for most, but for some it did.

If I have actively damaged facial skin, should I use it?

If you have an active cut or injury, don’t. Tea tree oil will burn your face.

Can I use it for shaving, such as before I shave, to soften the facial hair?

Not exactly. It is a post-cleansing oil.


The Cremo beard oil review ends here with a little note: you must take care of your beard before you regret not doing it. Research, buy and try with caution!

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