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We all have at least someone in our lives that needs to hear about this Derma E Scar Gel review because we have at least one person that has suffered from the wrath of some form of acne. Not unless you are one of the exceptionally, extraordinarily, unrealistically gifted, lucky ones. We aren’t. And we know many people who aren’t too.

Acne has been scarring the teen ages, adult stages of life and is so stubborn it just won’t go away just like the bad memories of life. But life sure does go on and these scars do fade away with time. We’ll just tell you one product that eases the process. Or does it?

Causes of Scars and Their Types

Not all scars are bad. Sometimes scars are a story of the adventure of a lifetime.

But the scars that acne leaves are much of an embarrassment, a hope of renewal or just another thing in the world that lowers your self-esteem when you see everyone flaunting their baby skin.

Did you ever wonder how did the acne scar form on your face? Scars aren’t the results of pimples you just popped. They can be caused by lesions or cuts, cysts or even papules. After your skin somehow deteriorates to the point that the tissues are destroyed, it bleeds and the place becomes inflamed. 

If it were minor, you wouldn’t form a scar. But when the follicular wall is rupture super deep under your skin, it is enough to form the hated scar. Your body is then made to produce new tissues, with collagen to help; which unfortunately aren’t like your actual skin. 

Rather they are rougher and discolored. Sometimes even elevated, or like a trough, when too much collagen is being produced. The new tissue bunch is almost like a proxy teacher who isn’t as good.

Besides, your scar may be in the form of hyperpigmentation, red spots called macules, keloids, ice-pick scars, C-section, accidents, etc.

About Derma E Acne and Scar Treatments

Of the many companies that have tried to address the issue of acne, Derma E is one. They started as a health food store, and from their groundbreaking vitamin E moisturizer, they now make many different products that take the help of nature to cure and soothe to give you healthier skin.

One of their lines is the Acne and Scar Treatment. Through this, they aim to cure everything from the onset of acne to the post-acne bumps, scars, marks, and all the bad things. Derma E scar gel is one such product that targets post-acne skin.

Derma E Scar Gel Review

Derma E Scar Gel Review

What It Is

The gel is a soothing, moisturizing one that features the likes of panthenol and onion bulb extract amidst all the other botanical extracts. These said to work on the different types of scars caused by acne and trauma, accidents, etc. by first promoting healthy skin growth and fading the older, discolored ones. It can be used not just for the treatment of scars, but also minor burns and cuts, sunburn, post-tattoo healing, blemishes, etc.

Ingredients of Derma E Scar Gel Review

Of all the ingredients in the list, the three boss ingredients are Onion bulb extract, Allantoin, and Pro-vitamin B-5 or panthenol.

Contrary to popular misconception, onion bulb extract in the form of Allicin will not burn the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties to target your inflamed spot and is also rich in antioxidants. 

If you know, fibroblasts are responsible for the production of collagen, your skin-reincarnating friend. Onion bulb extracts accelerate and catalyze the production of this. There is also a certain flavonoid in the extract that inhibits the process. Here we target the appearance.

Again, Allantoin adds to diminish the unwanted appearance of scars and nurtures your skin.

Lastly, panthenol helps the hard, lumpy skin texture to be more elastic, hydrated and supple. So your skin is less red and inflamed.

The glycerin present in the list also aids hydration and fixing damaged skin.

Also, the product is oil-free and free from artificial preservatives, parabens, sulfates, lanolin, mineral oil, and gluten.


If you have relatively new scars, thrice a day application for up to two months will cure it. For very old scars, apply more than thrice, and up to six months should do the job according to the recommended use.

And since this is a light gel with a non-greasy formula, you can apply it post-cleansing and pre moisturizing. You can use it on both the body and the face.

Skin Type

It is safe for oily, combination, dry, normal, sensitive or mature skin. However, if you have some active acne on your face, it might feel a little gruesome. So wait till the acne are not throbbing with pus. It is otherwise safe for acne-prone skin.

  • Delivered promised results to thousands of customers.

  • Helped diminish all sorts of scars new and old.

  • Has a lavender-like smell.

  • Isn’t oily and thick like most acne gels.

  • Works on sunburns too.

  • Less noticeable pores.

  • Not so good a moisturizer as a healer.

  • May cause bumps if applied on clogged skin.

  • Made no difference for some users.


What does the product smell like?

It has a very pleasant smell. Not medicinal or onion-y at all. It smells like lavenders at best.

Does it help with scabs?

Scabs are just your skin’s defense against infection or injury. Here also, a hardened skin layer is the cause of concern. If it works on scars, it should also work on scabs.

After/before which product should it be used?

Products should be used from lightest to thickest in your steps. You can use it after a thorough cleanse, tone, scar gel and then moisturize. Or you can mix it a little with your regular moisturizer. You can also wear it under makeup.

Is Onion Extract not supposed to burn skin?

No. It is anti-inflammatory. So, it heals the skin instead of further burning.

Does it work on scars I have had since forever?

It has worked on people with scars from a teenage, now adults. So, it is great for older scars.


We hope you liked the Derma E scar gel review and would give it a try. Fading acne scars is such a long process, you just have to have patience and the right product at hand!

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