Do Women Like Pubic Hair?(Surprising!)

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Everyone has a strong opinion regarding pubic hair. You will see different celebrities promote it while your choosey friend completely hates it. But one thing for sure, most of the guys love to shave based on the opinion of ladies.

But do women like pubic hair or not? Do women grow the same amount of pubic hair as men? If it is, why is that so? 

Let’s stop making confusion and find out the answer to the most frequently asked questions. 

Do women like pubic hair or not?

Many researches have been going on both males and females about their opinion on grooming their pubic hair. Certainly, we were not the last to ask about this topic, and we won’t be the last. 

Therefore, we have studied some of the polls and averaged all the results. We will cover the poll result first and then eventually dive into deeper topics about pubic hair and look out for your opinions.

Firstly, almost 80 to 90 percent of women prefer some amount of grooming while the rest 10 percent prefer uncut bush. 

But women expect more about male grooming because almost 20 percent of women will not date a guy if she doesn’t like his pubic condition. Therefore, don’t forget to trim your bush before you go for a date.

Women in rural areas prefer a wild pubic region:

Surprisingly, US-based research shows rural women tend to love pubic hair. They prefer a wild pubic area over a shaved clean penis. But there is still a smaller majority of women who prefer their grooming.

Possible ways of trimming your pubic area:

There are many ways by which you can get your pubic hair trimmed. Mostly the ways are injury-proof, but some are not. But you definitely should take precautions before removing your pubic hair. The methods are given below:


Trimming is one of the safest ways to get your hair trimmed. The reason you call it the safest way is because you can use scissors or electric clippers for trimming your pubic hair. You can follow the following steps:

  • Soak your pubic hair in warm water until it gets softened.
  • Use the scissors gently above your pubic hair.
  • Trim it until the hair becomes shorter.
  • Make sure that your pubic hair is completely dry.
  • Now use the electric clippers to remove your pubic hair completely.
  • After grooming, moisturize the skin with some oil or cream.

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Shaving can also be one of the effective methods, but it does consist of some risks. There can be wounds or rashes because of the use of double-bladed razors.

Ingrown hair problem is also a common “after shaving problem” because of the use of double-bladed razors. Therefore, you should always use a one-bladed razor for trimming your pubic hair. 


Wax can also be a safe and effective solution for removing pubic hair. You can follow the following steps:

  • Soak your pubic in hot soapy water for 10 minutes.
  • Now trim your pubes shorter with the help of scissors or electric trimmers.
  • Apply a warm wax strip to your pubic area.
  • Wait until the wax strips get harden
  • Now gently pull off the wax strip
  • Repeat the above steps on the areas you want to wax.

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Waxing can be painful if it is not done professionally. Also, it can be very expensive because you need to do waxing at least once a month.

Laser hair method:

This technology is used to slow the hair regrowth process. In this process, laser rays and heat are used to damage the hair follicles.  

You need to book a minimum of 20 appointments to get the best result of the laser hair method.

Removing your pubic hair will make you fresh and happy:

There are a lot of reasons why pubic hair maintains personal hygiene. But there are a lot of other gross factors lying behind growing your pubes. One of the most common problems is ball sweat. 

We all know that this problem is very serious for those who have long curly pubes. We all love our own, but they are the most unpleasant things which will also make you less attractive to your opposite sex.

Therefore, a simple trimming will leave you fresh and happy, and focused on your task.

Final Verdict:

We all have dense bushes down to our genital area. It serves a really important purpose to our body. 

Yes, sometimes it can be a bit gross; that’s why you trim your pubic hair more than often. But never ever forget its benefits that it gives to your body.

So, do women like pubic hair be clear after the above discussion, and now it’s your personal decision if you want to book your next trimming session.

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