Foil VS Rotary Shaver | Which One You Need?

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Life is fast; to keep up the peace, we have to evolve ourselves. And you already understand that time is money; these things lead our life either into delight or into disgrace.

Your time managing skills make you shine like a bright start in this competitive universe. Yet you have wasted your valuable 5 to 6 years or more in front of a mirror to shave your beard or body hair which is almost contrary to time management that we are talking about.

But the good thing is, you moved on and made the correct decision to switch into electric shaving. I assume you already ditched your old shaving kits, and want to buy an electric shaver. You research online before buying anything because you are a smart guy. At this point, you want to understand which electric shaver would be best for you.

Electric shavers are many, you know that, however, let me tell you that there are two kinds of electric shavers present at the market, and the main brawl is between two types- foil vs. rotary shaver. I will show you both of shaver’s advantages and disadvantages. I will leave you as the judge of the best electric shaver.
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What is a Foil Shaver?

Foil shavers are made of two straight blades known as ‘cutter’ waves under a hidden foil as like a cricket hides its shank. That foil is a delicate metal that has a unique interlocking design to grab the hairs and keep the facial skin safe from the laser-sharp blades.

What is a Rotary Shaver?

Rotary electric shaver has three round shape blades with protective layers that move according to the individual’s face shape. They are like small scissors that cut facial hair with more persistence. The dexterity of these circular rapiers is so extraordinary that they can detect every rise and fall of the face and run accordingly. Rotary shavers work miraculously around the neck and under-chin areas.

Similarities between Foil and Rotary Shavers

These two electric shaving machines have some attractive features that are common. Buying any of these two won’t change the user experience on these attributes.

Wet & Dry Option

People who have dry skin like me, shaving liquid is a savior for them. While using the electric shaver, if it allows you to apply shaving cream, foam, or gel, that means they are wet & dry compatible. And both these shavers have wet and dry options. But remember to keep them away from water.


Each of the shaving devices comes with a bunch of trimming tools and accessories. As if the whole barbershop arrived at your home to give you grooming. The clippers and grooming tools are much more versatile than average razors. They will work exceptionally on your mustache and beard.

Skin Protection

Electric shaver touches your skin in a subtle way that you won’t feel a thing. They are different from the usual razor blade. These modern gadgets will give you a chisel shaving experience without any cuts and bruises.

Battery Life

Foil and rotary shavers both have an exclusive lithium-ion battery, and they are rechargeable. This battery will support your shaving up-to 60 minutes or more. Besides, average shaving takes 5 to 6 minutes, so that battery support is more than enough.

DisSimilarities between Foil and Rotary Shavers
Foil VS Rotary Shaver

Options are pleasant in any scenario. However, when it comes to gadgets, it even gets spicier. So dissimilarities are excellent, right? Let’s check out the variations between these two.


Rotary and foil shavers are unique in design and construction. The rotary shavers have three disc shape blades while the foil shavers have two or three straight blades covered in light honeycomb shaped metal.  


The blade movement is different too. Rotary shaver’s blades can move both horizontally and diagonally, but the foil shavers only move front to behind. 

The metal holes in foil shavers hold the facial hair in a certain position that helps the blades to cut them smoothly. It almost works like the blade of a glass cutter. Foil shavers have 30° blades for close shave experience. These blades can create 14,000 cuts per minute, and 70,000 cross-cutting strokes per minute.

The rotary shavers are the opposite of the foil shavers. Three independent cutters placed one next to another move a thousand times per second to clean the facial hair. Even the head moves in which the blades sit upon to give a perfect morning shave.


Foils shavers have a unique AI system called ‘sonic technology.’ This computing system can easily detect the surface’s hair density and increase or decrease blade speed accordingly. 

On the other hand, rotary shavers use a hyper-flex motor system, which helps create a 360° movement. This rare movement system in a shaver gives an ultra-edge shaving capability.

Noise Management

If you want a silent shaver then rotary shavers are the best choice because the foil shavers are noisy. Foil shavers blades vibrate a lot, which creates a buzzing sound that can be annoying in the morning.

Best Use

In a foil shaver, you need to hold the device precisely on point to get the 100%. It works in small areas at a time.

The rotary shaver can easily handle large areas like scalp or leg. This device can cover vast areas within a couple of minutes.


Don’t panic! We won’t push you to go for Foil shavers; instead, we will help you make decisions by looking closely at each shaver’s good and bad side. In the end, this guide will dust off all the confusion, and make it easier to pick the best electric shaver suited to your skin, budget, or style.


  • Give a close shaving without burning the skin
  • Avoid pulling incidence at any condition
  • Can shave tacky areas like under the nose or sideburns 
  • Because of its top to bottom and side to side movement finishes shaving at a fast pace
  • Don’t need repetitions on the same area
  • Those who need clean shave daily it’s an excellent option for them
  • Work better on straight, full facial hair
  • Comes within your budget
  • Best for sensitive skin
  • Simple parts and easy to clean


  • The motor Sounds can be annoying sometimes
  • Works in straight lines with no variations
  • Little to no blade movement
  • Wet foil shaver going to catch rust
  • Long and coarse hair is a no-no for a foil shaver 
  • Placing too hard on the skin can form mild irritation
  • Work in small areas

Pros and Cons of a Rotary Shaver

Pros and cons are there to prevent taking hasty decisions. I can bet that you often save yourself from scams by reading useful pros and cons of an overpriced product. Together, let’s do that again.



    • Wild hair that grows on the neck is the best work area for a rotary shaver
    • Rough skin or skin that has tough texture is excellent with a rotary shaver
    • Comparatively silent
    • Best for fast-growing hair


  • Can remove hair from larger areas 
  • Goes well with a face that has contours


  • A clean shave is not the case every time
  • The circular motion of the blades often don’t reach the hidden areas
  • Can cause serious irritations
  • Cleaning can be challenging
  • Full shave can take times
  • Giving pressure to blades while shaving can cause technical issues


Top Electric Shaver money can buy

At this moment, I don’t think you have anything left to get settle on buying an electric shaver. However, it is always challenging to choose one among thousands of best products. Get a suitable one that suits certain skin types, and facial hair is tougher. Men with clean hygiene prefer to leather their chin in front of others without hesitation.

So let me suggest some of the best electric shavers on the market. (Amazon price included)

  1. Braun Series 9290cc 
  2. Philips Norelco Series 9000
  3. Panasonic Arc5 
  4. Braun Series 7
  5. Remington F5-5800A / F5-5800B F5 


Switching to an electric razor is a big leap towards a big change. New habits take time to grow, so don’t get frustrated. Give yourself a good couple of weeks to cope-up with these Men toys. 

This settlement rule applies both for new electric shaver users, and those who are switching between the two. No matter what you are doing in life, building a healthy habit like this one is always encouraged. Shaving is going to be fun from now on. Hope this guide gave you a highlight on everything that needed. If anything you need to ask about electric shaving, just leave a comment below.

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