Hanz de Fuko Review for Stylish Hair

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With so many products available in the market to put on the hair,  men must be going crazy___ but not with our Hanz de Fuko review! Hair gel/ hair cream/waxes have long left the minds of trendsetters willing to try out something new. Introducing a fusion of wax but mostly clay, Claymation by Hanz de Fuko! Let’s see why you should buy it (and why not).

Hanz de Fuko Natural Ingredients

About Hanz De Fuko

Hanz de Fuko sounds like something Qin Shi Huang would put on his hair, to be honest. But this elite clay is totally from modern times. Based in California, U.S., it has been creating grooming products for men with such finesse that the name travels across the globe, with the likes of shampoos, conditioners, waxes and now this. They tend to make organic, paraben-free products and their eco-friendly approach aren’t just to raise the profits.

Clay versus Wax

We’ve heard about putting waxes on hair, but clay, seriously? Isn’t it something you let your kids play with, and that is, well, mud-like stuff that women put on their faces as masks? No sir. Or partially, yes sir.

The difference between clay and waxes is that clays are based on water, whereas waxes are oil-based. Hair clay is muddy, soft and satisfying to work on thin hair with (since it adds volume) and waxes which are oily and hard to layer on thin hair without showing a little bit scalp unless you’ve prepped. Hair clays work great on thick hairs too, adding definition and a sculpted look. This is why we brought you to try and test one the best hair clays (well, Mr. Beckham endorses it, so…).

Hanz de Fuko Claymation ReviewHanz de Fuko Natural Ingredients

Hanz De Fuko Claymation review you need to know the details. Oh, here we will break down every aspect we can of Claymation:

What it claims to be

Claymation says it can hold up your hair like a pro after styling and has a unique mixture of clay and wax, with their very own Quicksand by Hanz de Fuko. Besides styling, it nourishes your hair by providing it with cruelty-free, all-natural ingredients. It is extremely likable to those who like a semi-matte, second-day hair look on their head.

Quick Details about Hanz de Fuko Review

Combining both the sculpting benefits of clay and adhesive benefits of natural waxes, we sure love the product! You can easily achieve neat and tidy hairstyles with it, without much effort spent (read: hours spent).    

Your pompadour or quiff or any hairstyle whatsoever can be made to last as much as 11 hours with the unifying force of this product. And instead of a greasy shine, you’ll get a natural sheen like it’s your own hair, but better. We love the fact that it washes super easily, both off the hair and off the hands. It has a minimal scent that doesn’t linger too long. So all in all, we’re in for the purchase.


There are ingredients we love in it, starting with Jojoba oil, castor oil, lemon peel extract, and mallow flower extract. All the other ingredients are naturally sourced, too. 

These together provide the benefits for a nourished hair that moisturize, prevent hair fall, strengthen hair and aid in growth, reduce dandruff formation and emollient the scalp. Makes us question what it doesn’t do.


Taking the size of a nickel on the palms rubbing together till it vanishes is the perfect way to apply it. This way you have warmed it up and made it free from creating lumps on your hair.


It is not as affordable as we would like it to be. But that is on the acceptable side since it is so beneficial and we think it’s okay to pray the price. But the good thing is that Hanz de Fuko gives sales and discounts throughout the year. 

So once you have purchased it paying the full price, wait till the sale. And you need to use so little, that it will last till the sale comes and more.


Claymation continues to be on your hair for very long, and it doesn’t wear off with the day. But since clays are water-based, you will lose the hold if you dampen your hair often.


The hold works better on thick hair with full strength. For thinner hair, the hold is of medium strength to full. Also, the hold is versatile with styles ranging from simple to complex, but you may need more products as things complicate.


It washes okay with water, but if you have too much product on your hair, shampooing does the job.

Final Verdict

  • Works great for thick and thin hair.

  • A little goes a long way.

  • Has a light scent that goes away after application.

  • Lasts a long time.

  • Stands to sweat.

  • It’s non-greasy.

  • Isn’t so affordable.


What is the final look I will get from this product?

If you use it on dry hair, you will get a normal, matte look on your hair. However, if your hair’s a little damp when you apply, you can expect a shiny finish. But only slightly. If you are applying it on unwashed hair, prepare to look and feel greasy. It looks greasy on lighter hair colors, too.

What does it smell like?

Not so notable. Whatever clay-ish smell it has, vanishes pretty fast after minutes so you don’t have to worry about that.

Who is Claymation for?

For both types of people with thin and thick hair. Almost anyone can use it.

What is the “Quicksand” that is in it?

Quicksand is Hanz de Fuko’s styling wax, and it has been used slightly in this product for a little oomph. It is lightweight, adds to the hold, has a great texture and absorbs oil.

Where do I get this?

You can purchase it off stores or order online, but for the latter, it will cost a little more.

tte look on your hair. However, if your hair’s a little damp when you apply, you can expect a shiny finish. But only slightly. If you are applying it on unwashed hair, prepare to look and feel greasy. It looks greasy on lighter hair colors, too.


From this Hanz de Fuko review, we hope you are interested in buying this cult-favorite product, not for the sake of endorsements by famous celebs, but because it has such great aspects.

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  1. 1st ingredient listed on the ingredient panel is PETROLEUM. I thought it was water based?? I am sending it back.

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