How Often Should A Black Man Wash His Beard

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Washing a beard is the first and foremost when you want a nice shaped beard. Black men confront more troubles than any other men just because of their curly beards by nature. 

So, it’s better to wash your beard every 2-3 days. But it varies on individual aspects. Today we will tell how you could evaluate how often you need to wash your beard. Without further due, let’s dive in. 

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Why is washing a beard for black men different?

It is no secret that a black man’s beard is different. The beard is usually curlier and coarser due to natural skin oil, unlike reaching the beard’s edge part. That makes the beard drier than the other people. A drier beard tends to encounter more skin irritation to grooming and growing your beard than other men.

Besides, when you have curly hair, you are more likely to face ingrown hairs than men with straighter, fine hair. This results in a pimple-like bump which is nothing but deteriorates your smart looks. So, extensive problems need extensive care, and black men should maintain a routine of washing their beards.

How often should you wash your beard?

It is ideal for washing your beard once or twice a week using beard shampoo. But wait. First of all, you need to know your beard very well, quantifying how often you should wash your beard. Here are some aspects which you can consider.

Skin type

There are, in general, 3 types of skin. You should wash your beard accordingly.

  1. Oily Skin: You surely need to wash your face every day because excessive oil builds up pores which cause acne and beardruff.  
  2. Dry Skin: Be Careful about losing your natural oil. Use shampoo once a week and wash with fresh water once a day if your skin is dry.
  3. Oily as well as Dry: You have less concern. Try to wash your beard every second day and use the shampoo once or twice a week.

Hair Type

  1. Curly & Thin: Your beard has more probability of getting greasier with dirt and dust. Just clean them. It’s more harmful than losing your natural oil.
  2. Regular Curly: when itches get clean. You can use the shampoo every twice a week. 


  1. Dry: During dry weather, natural oil is hydrated from the skin. Consider using conditioner and balm or oil after cleansing your beard. 
  2. Wet climate: High humidity keeps your beard skin smoother, but excessive moisturizer causes skin inflammation and acne. Wash your beard every day with fresh water. Try to use shampoo if it is too oily.


Let alone the type of your beard. Suppose you work in an environment where you live along with a lot of dust, smoke, or dirt. It would be best if you needed to wash your face every day. But, try to use balm or oil to smother your beard.

How to wash your beard?

Washing hair and washing a beard are not the same. Your hair-skin and face skin are different. Try to follow this way to clean the beard:

  1. Fresh Water: This is the best way to do so. Use clean water, rub your beard on and off. While showering, comb the beard with a beard brush.
  2. Beard Soap: Use the right soap for your beard. If you don’t find one, try to find the best suitable face wash for your skin. 
  3. Beard Shampoo: Be cautious; don’t use hair shampoo for your beard. Wear out different shampoo which is in support of your skin.

Final words

Washing your beard is the most uncomplicated way to take care of your beard, especially for black men. Sometimes, only perfect washing can give you a nice full-grown beard. However, just because not overlooking it, your desire for having a nice look diminishes. 

Again, all the special care only works when you wash your beard correctly. In the end, we want to say, whatever you do with your beard, bro, be clean before doing so.

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