How often should you condition your beard?

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Though it doesn’t seem like it, a beard is very sensitive to maintain. Sadly, most of us men don’t know the proper conditioning or how often we should do that. Note that, no single answer to this question. As every person has their own unique beard properties, they need to follow a different beard maintenance routine to keep their beard look healthy, soft, and shiny. So, how often should you condition your beard? Here, we answer that. First, let us see why we should even do conditioning.

Why Conditioning?

Many of us think a beard and hair can be cleaned and conditioned in the same way. It is a huge ‘No.’ beard is way more sensitive than hair. Our beard needs the sebum of our skin to flow through it to keep it healthy and shiny. Hair shampoo and conditioner can wash away most of the beard oil and make it dry. 

But beard conditioner or beard wash allows most of the skin oil to stay while removing extra oil to prevent the beard from being sticky and dirty. We use various types of beard styling products, and after some time, the remnants of these products need to be washed off. 

Factors that Control Beard Properties

Various factors determine how your beard maintenance routine will be. Depending on these factors, every individual can understand and identify their beard conditioning routine. Here are a few factors:

  • Skin– Depending on skin type, beard scalp needs to be taken care of. If one’s skin is oily, he needs to wash his beard more often than others. If the skin is dry, thorough cleaning very often might damage it even more.
  • Beard type– The frequency of beard conditioning varies depending on thickness, length, weight, and other factors. If the beard is short and bushy, it might need conditioning more frequently. Long Beard needs a longer period of time to reach the sebum up to the beard hair’s tip.
  • Environment– The work environment or the environment where your beard is exposed to plays a crucial role. If you work on a construction site and don’t want to make your beard a jungle, you might need to wash and condition them daily. If you stay in a hot and dusty area, your beard will require different care than moist areas.
  • Lifestyle– Our food habits, drinking habits, and sleeping amount also determine how much we need to condition our beard. If we consume more oily food or work out frequently, we’ll need to wash our beards more often.

How Often Should You Condition Your Beard?

Most people prefer thoroughly conditioning their beard once or twice a week. But depending on beard type, this frequency can differ. Now, we explore them.

Short Beard

Short Beard is usually easy to maintain. Sweat or body oil can’t clog into the beard easily. Also, if the beard is slightly damaged, it can be trimmed away. If the beard is short, it might need conditioning three or four times a week, depending on how dirty it gets.

Long Beard

Long Beard is a bit complicated to maintain. As the sebum needs to reach the beard hair’s full length to moisturize it, we don’t need to condition it too frequently. We need to give time between washing thoroughly. We need to brush our beard hair before the shower to let the pores open and flow body hair through the beard. We need to dry our beard properly after a shower so that every dirt can go away.

Oily Beard

If your body is oily and secrets a lot of sebum, you might even need to wash your beard daily. It is not good to let your sweat or excess body oil sit on your skin for a long time.

Thick Beard

The thickness of the beard is a significant property. If the beard is thick, it might get stuffed and need to be adequately washed more often.

Too Frequent or Too Little Conditioning?

If we condition our beard too often, our beard won’t get the chance to replenish its natural oil. So, the beard will become dry and brittle. It loses its lively beauty. On the other hand, if we condition our beard too less or neglect washing it, the excess sebum might build up within the beard, causing beardruff and itchiness. 

None of us want a dirty bohemian look, of course. In both cases, results are not pleasant. So, before deciding which beard care routine to follow and how frequently to condition our beard, we need to know about our beard. Also, we need to maintain a nutritious diet to provide our beard required vitamins and minerals.

Final Words

Beard adds a different vibe to our look. But a bad or poor conditioning routine can ruin that vibe and make us look worn out. Who wants that? While washing your beard daily with water is good, conditioning it might not get excellent output.

If you know what type of beard you have, you would know how often you should condition your beard by following a proper beard routine. Remember, women are always on the lookout for a shiny, gorgeous, and sexy beard!

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