How to Brush A Black Man’s Beard (Everything What You Want)

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how to brush your beard black manIf your beard is more curly than usual or more unruly, you might need to check them 3 or 4 times a day or even more. But for most people, brushing twice a day is usually suitable for maintenance. It is trendy, so it needs a lot of attention and care. 

It would help if you kept your beard clean and in shape to be attractive. But growing and taking care of your beard can be a bit tricky for you, especially if you’re a black man. Nonetheless, brushing your beard thoroughly on a regular basis is a must-beard-care routine. 

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How to Brush a Black Man’s Beard?

A black man’s beard is usually thick and dense. Also, it usually grows slowly and tends to stick out more. Brushing beard hair needs a little bit of a different method and extra attention. Let’s dive deep to know those details and brush our beard like a pro! 

The Chosen One!

When it comes to brushing, the ideal one can vary based on beard type. For instance, a bushy beard needs a brush right and robust to reach through the dense hair. 

Also, you should have a high-quality brush. It is a one-time investment that can determine your beard-care routine. Thus spend some time and money, do some research and test several of them before settling on one. Don’t buy any cheap brush made of plastic and synthetic material. 

Choose an entirely natural bristle brush. You’ll brush your beard every day with this brush. Avoid any brush with rough edges or too sharp and uneven bristles.

Oil it more!

To run the brush smoothly through your beard hair, a little bit of lubrication can help, even though some people might prefer applying oil before brushing the beard. Others think using oil separately is an extra step and time-consuming. Nonetheless, you can’t just skip it. If your beard hair is rough or tangled, making it smooth with beard oil or butter is necessary, or the beard can become worn and brittle. 

For saving your time, you can put a few drops of beard oil on your brush before running it through your beard.

Brush it Up! 

For having healthy and shiny beard hair, proper brushing is essential. It would be best if you brush thoroughly through your beard hair and scalp underneath. It helps you to exfoliate and remove the dead skin and dandruff off from the beard. You need to brush downward, pulling the brush from root to edge. If you find tangled hair midway, especially for a long beard, you need to lose them by brushing slowly, if required, by using fingers. 

Repeatedly brushing is recommendable to make the beard smooth and fall flat. It helps the sebum, naturally produces oil in the skin, flows through the hair follicles, and distributes the oil evenly.

Clean the Brush

Hygiene is the top priority while growing facial hair. For a bushy and thick beard, it is crucial. To remove dandruff and hair follicles stuck into the bristles, put the brush placing the bristles downward. Tap the back of the brush gently. You also can run your fingers through the bristles to get rid of stuck hair particles.

To clean the brush, follow these steps:

  1. Wash it using a cotton swab.
  2. Next, soak the cotton swab into a mixture of slightly warm water and beard shampoo.
  3. Clean the brush with it and wipe the remaining water.
  4. Place it in a dry and dust-free place, putting the bristles downward.
  5. After the brush is dried thoroughly, keep it in a secured place for further use. 

Frequency of Brushing Your Beard

A common question of bearded men is, how many times should I brush my beard? Honestly, this question doesn’t have a single answer. The frequency of brushing your beard depends on your beard type. As said before, If your beard is more curly than usual or more unruly, you might need to check them three or four times a day or even more. But for most people, brushing twice a day is usually good for maintenance. I recommend brushing your beard once in the morning, once before sleep. You are also free to find your own frequency!

Brushing too less can make the beard tangled, dull, and brittle. On the other hand, too much brushing can cause irritation and rashes in your scalp.

Final Words

You can recognize a man from his beard. For a black man, his beard is his greatest treasure. Thus, knowing your beard type and brushing it in the right way is very important for your image. 

Choose the perfect brush, learn the right style, keep your brush clean and brush regularly. Wear your beard with style. Be the best among others.

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