How To Cut Hair with Clippers (8 Unique Steps)

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How To Cut Hair with Clippers

There’s a large number of men out there who cut their hair at home. This is because visits to the barbers can be awkward. Going to them can cost you an arm and a leg too! Mainly the people with short hair have to pay regular visits to the barber. This is some substantial expense indeed! Are you tired of this massive expense too? If you are, then we are here to tell you how to cut your hair easily at home. If you can learn it right, you will be able to cut your hair short right at your home and save yourself a lot of money.

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Required instruments for cut hair with clippers

You will require some devices to cut your hair at home. So, let’s have a look at the tools that are needed for this guide. Purchase them, and you will be good to go.

Let us see. And if your hair is short, you will require hair scissors, hair clippers, and a handheld mirror. Hair pruning scissors and a hair cutting shawl is needed as well. Hairstyling products like gel or spray are not mandatory. You can buy them if you want, they might be useful just in case you want to style your hair after cutting them.

Step 1: Choose your haircut

The first thing to do is to decide what hairstyle you desire to have. Many people have trouble selecting the right hair. The key to choosing a proper hairstyle is to determine the shape of your face. After you have determined your face shape, then select a haircut that suits your face the best. There are many haircuts available for you to discover. For the sake of your convenience, choose something easy.

Step 2: Prepare your working place

Your next job is to find an area that is suitable for cutting your hair. Choose a place that is easy to clean, such as your backyard or your bathroom. Shampooing and conditioning your hair before the cutting session is necessary because clean hair is natural to work with. Keep your vacuum cleaner beside you so that you can clean those stray hairs with ease. Get familiar with your hair clippers first. Learn how it operates so that you don’t have to face any trouble while cutting your hair.

Step 3: Cut the sides first

In most of the cases, men prefer to shorten their hair on the sides and back, with a progressive taper to the longer hair above. So, start by cutting your sides. Install the guards of your selected size properly onto your clippers. Cut your hair that is adjacent to the angle of your hair growth, starting from below and maneuvering the clippers upwards. Move it multiple times to ensure no hair is missed. Cut the lower of your cut a bit shorter so that the two lengths can be combined to create a fade. This way, your haircut will look more polished.

Step 4: Cut the rear of your hair

Take the help of a mirror while cutting your hair at the back. Cut your hair slowly and steadily by maneuvering clippers upwards. Cut the lower section a little shorter, just like you did while cutting your sides. Ensure that the cut is equal and is properly coherent with the sides. After that, combine the flux from sides and back to the longer top of the haircut. Move the clippers using upward rocking motion while doing so.

Step 5: Give it a fade

It is possible to have faded on short hair or even shaved hair. If you have followed our steps properly up until now, generate an apparent line between the upper and lower length. To do this, make a more significant division between them. This line’s position will identify whether it’s going to be a small, mid, or high fade. It should be well proportioned and smooth all over your head. Now create a fade by flattening out this apparent line to the point it diminishes.

The more you want this line to be evident, the more precise you have to be in order to avoid any mishaps. Now take a size (or multiple) of clippers between the two and use it to fuse two lengths of hair and generate a fade. Pull the clippers over the separation line of the two periods in an upward motion with caution. Going too far up may ruin it up completely, so don’t do it.

Step 6: Cut the top hair short

Now it’s time to use those scissors that you bought. Prune the haircuts that are more than a few inches above. Divide the hair into parts and cut each in a straight line. Compare each of your prunes to the former to confirm that the hair is the same length.

Well done! Have a break to examine your hair. Do you see any problem? Is it uneven somewhere or not well proportioned? Don’t panic! Your hair pruning scissors is going to cover up any mistakes that you might have made while cutting your hair.

Step 7: Clean up your hairline

You are almost done. It is time to clean up your hairline and stubble if you have any. Use your clippers and hold it upside down, just like a pencil. Now precisely go around the hairline and tidy it up. Avoid moving too far up around your ears. You can style your neck in multiple ways according to your choice. 

Step 8: Style your hair

After you have finished cutting your hair, wash it and then dry it out. It’s now time for the fun part. Time for some styling! Apply some hair gel or spray on your hair. Style it the way you want it to be or just comb it up in any direction.


Final Words

Well done! You have successfully learned a very beneficial skill. You have finally joined the crew of those talented ones who cut their hair at home for various reasons. Whatever your personal goal might be, one thing is sure. You are going to save much money from now on! Hurray!

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