How to Get 180 Waves (3 Simple Steps)

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Imagine untying your durag in the morning, and get a glimpse of that curly mess. It’s shocking, right?

To solve that issue you can try several hairstyles, but nothing is better than getting shiny waves with that good-looking face. Maybe you tried that too, yet failed to get a craving wave. You get disappointed results because your wave gurus, uncles, friends, and barbers gave you instructions and improper techniques!

Now you might ask, what are the proper techniques then? And the answer is- it depends on what kind of waves you like to have. Right now, African-American youths are choosing multiple styles, from the range of 180 waves, 360 waves, 540 waves, and 720 waves.180 and 360 waves are more popular among them. But the most trending one is the 180 waves, which is a combination of an army cut with waves on the top.

We gathered a team of expertise and craft a thorough guide on how to get 180 waves in the possible short days and almost free. You don’t have to spend on expensive hair cream, high-quality brushes, or shampoo. After a few weeks, when you see the waves appearing, it will bond you into a new tie with your hair. So let’s dig into it.

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How to Get 180 Waves

To be honest with you, not all the hair textures are the same, some are coarser than usual, and developing a wave pattern might take longer than usual. Some hairs are dry and need moisturizer. But on average, the routine to get the waves are the same. 

You have to focus on some daily maneuvers, and eventually, the hairs will respond. Our experts divided the routine into several phases. These stages are not that hard to follow or steep- that’s why easy to stick with. Let’s start with the basics-


Phase 1: Prepare the Hair and Get the Tools

Take care of Scalp & Hair Follicles

Start with taking care of your scalp health and hair follicles. You need to prepare healthy hair and a dandruff-free scalp. Use any good anti-dandruff shampoo and a quality conditioner to wash the hair. Do it once a week, twice would be better. Washing with hot water will help to soften the hair and smoothen it a little bit. A good massage on the scalp would be a cherry on the top every time before washing the hair.

Get a Haircut

If you want a waving in your hair, a brushing angle is a must, and that means it’s time to go to your favorite barber. Give your barber clear instructions that you need to comb your hair daily to a certain brushing angle, so that they can trim your hair in a measured way. Another thing is you need to pick a hairstyle because you are doing a 180 wave. Choose to fade both sides with regular length, and trim the whole head properly

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Any waving brush is suitable for waving although we suggest you use these particular brushes that are given below-

  1. A double-sided boar-bristle brush,
  2. A medium-hard crown or
  3. A long steel brush.
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Shampoo & Conditioner

Buy any waving shampoo or conditioner that will make your hair softer and clean. You can find it online-just order a pair.

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Hair Moisturizer

Too much brushing always takes tolls on your hair, so the most loving care you can show to your hair follicles is giving them a little touch of a moisturizer or hair lotion. There is a conception among old wavers of sticking with pomades only. But pomade has a dangerous element called petroleum, which can be bad for hair growth.

Find a moisturizer that is natural and free from toxic elements.

A Durag

A durag is a necessary headcover that will help your hair to be in position overnight. Silky smooth satin durag is comfortable and sustains more moisture. Also, repel less breakage. Velvet durag is a trend now; you can try it too.

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Phase 2: Start the Brushing Process

Prepare yourself to numb the hands with a brush. It is the time where you spend lots of time brushing your hair. This is the phase where you try flattening your hair, and those who have coarse hair are going to endure more stinging. So get yourself ready to put some effort into brushing your hair daily!

Know the Brushing Angles

You need to follow certain brushing angles to get the wave. Always brush from back to the front. To get a healthy and re-formed wave, strictly follow the angles. Tell your barber, not to trim the hair against these lines ever.

Brushing Routine

As you are now mentally prepared to sacrifice a good chunk of time brushing, let’s start the brushing routine as soon as possible. The brushing will go as described below-

  1. At first brush 20-30 minutes on a simple day, and gradually increase the time to 40-60 minutes twice a day. It will be better if you do it watching a Netflix show or TV.
  2. Make sure that you are focusing on the brushing angles.
  3. You can make sure of the angles by standing in front of a mirror for the first few days.
  4. Listening to podcasts and brushing is a good idea. That way, you can track your time.
  5. It is easy to get 180 waves than 360 waves because people usually brush on the top, and to get a 180 wave, you only have to brush the top.

If you follow this routine regularly for 3 to 4 weeks, eventually, it will start showing the results.

Phase 2: Use of Durag and Be Hydrated

Use the Durag

We told you earlier what Dorag is; now it’s time to put it on for every day and every week 24/7. Durag will make your hair feel silky rather than hard. To keep your hair flat! The durag/wave cap helps to keep your hair flat and will make it feel silky instead of hard. The only rule on how to wear durag is; use it when you are not brushing, simple! If you can’t use it everywhere for work or something, at least wear it before going to sleep.


Keep your body and hair both hydrated during this period. Use moisturizer or hair lotion whenever it feels dry hair. Drink ample water during a day of hard work, at least 2 liters of water a day.


Phase 3: Hair Trimming 

Trimming Routine

Rule number 1; don’t go to the barber too soon. In waving time, your hair needs time to grow and train to be flattened. The recommended time to see your barber is after 4 weeks. The waving process will be disrupted if you visit the barber too often, and all your hard work will be in vain. Make sure your barber doesn’t cut your hair too low if he makes progress is a lost cause. This will result in losing your momentum as well. Just do the regular fade. 10 Best Clippers for Black Men

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Final Words

If you try these tips and routines of how to get 180 waves properly, a twinkly wave will be your new hairstyle. Just make sure that you are carefully following the steps. In no time, everyone will start asking you how you get the wave so fast, what are the recipes?

 Just show them this routine, and that’s all; they will owe you forever. Best of luck on your new 180 waves, and feel free to get more inquiries. We will provide you any aid possible.

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