How to Get Curly Hair for Black Men?

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Ever felt by watching your friend’s curly hair, “Oops! I wish I could get hair like him”? If so, let us inform you that it is possible to get a curl in your disobedient hair.

Curly hair has become a modern trend, especially for the black man. To get an attractive look with curly hair, almost all black men struggle a lot.

Unfortunately, without proper knowledge of hairstyling, almost all of them fail in their mission. Therefore, it becomes a common query, how to get curly hair for black men?

With different methods, we’ll assist in getting curls in your hair naturally. But let’s first know what types of hair you’re having at present.

Indeed, hair types keep an important impact on getting curls. For instance, the wavy hair takes less time to become curly than straight hair.

Do you have straight hair? Don’t worry! You can still get a curl in your hair. You just give some more effort for your straight hair than the wavy hair.

Below, let’s check different methods of making your hair curly and decide which method suits you most! Let’s start!

How to get curly hair for black men? (Top 2 methods for getting curly hair)

Only a curly hair man knows how much effort needs to make hair curly unless he has a natural curl. That’s why we’ve come with an easy and flexible method that’ll curl your hair at a minimum time. Here are those two methods.

Experiment 1: Using the hair setting products

Hair setting products like gel, wax, pomade, etc. are the popular product for giving any shape to the hair. Needless to say, they are a highly efficient product for setting curls in the hair. How? Go through the steps of setting the curl in your hair very fast.

What you need to buy

  • High-quality moisturizing shampoo
  • Moisturizing conditioner
  • Spray bottle
  • A clean and dry towel
  • Branded hair Gel (According to the hair texture you want)
  • Hooded hairdryer
  • Wide-tooth comb

What to do

Step 1: Wash your hair

First of all, prepare your hair for setting the curl. For preparing your hair, firstly wash the uncleaned hair with the moisturizing shampoo as you usually do. Then, apply the moisturizing conditioner on hair and, after a few minutes, rinse your hair.

Step 2: Wipe out the water from the hair.

Wipe your hair with a dry and clean towel. Make sure your hair remains soaked after taking the excessive water from it.

Step 3: Release the hair knots.

Comb your hair with the wide-tooth comb and release the knots of your hair. To keep your hair unbreakable and damage-free, you must do the task before making curls.

Step 4: Apply the hair gel.

Now, separate some of your hair with the comb and apply a little amount of gel on the hair. Similarly, split all of your hair into different sections and apply your hair gel over all the sections.

Whether you like crunchy or soft curls, choose the hair gel according to your choice. Anyway, start the process of applying hair gel from your forehead.

Step 5: Comb your gel mixed hair

Comb your gel mixed hair

Comb each section of your gel mixed hair with the wide-tooth comb and make hair locks. In order to get a better result, start the process from back to the front side. Pull the divided hair while combing to get long curls in your hair.

If your hair gets dry, spray some water on your hair to soak it in the middle of the process.

However, if you don’t get the expected curl in your hair, apply more gel in your hair and repeat the whole process.

Step 6: Dry your hair

black men hair hooded dryer

Finally, you need to dry your hair to set the curl in your hair permanently. Use the hooded hair dryer after combing to make your hair dry and keep the curl intact.

Don’t worry if you cannot arrange the hooded hairdryer. You can use your regular dryer to dry your hair knots and keep the curl intact. Comb each curl while drying the hair locks with the hairdryer.

Experiment 2: Using the straws

curl hair with straws for black men

Do you have uncontrollable frizzy hair? In that case, this experiment will be most appropriate and useful for you. This process will bring your unruly frizzy hair under control without trouble.

What to do when using the straws for making hair curly? Let’s know!

What you need to buy

  • High-quality moisturizing shampoo
  • Moisturizing conditioner
  • Plastic straws (1 Pack)
  • A sprayer
  • Hair oil (Coconut oil/ Olive oil)
  • Bobby pin (A lot of)
  • Hair setting lotion
  • Hooded hairdryer

What to do

Step 1: Clean your hair

With the moisturizing shampoo, at first clean your hair. Then, apply a good conditioner for moisturizing and preparing your hair for setting curls. You can also apply the coconut or olive oil on your hair as a moisturizer.

Step 2: Keep your hair soaked.

After washing, take out the water from the hair. But make sure that the hair remains soaked without drying completely.

Step 3: Split your hair in a different section

Split all the hair of your head, maintaining one inch each section. Keep quarter inch each section if you want to get a thicker curl. Apply the hair setting lotion in each section of the hair. It will assist you in getting a curl in your hair quickly.

Step 4: Roll up your hair with the straw

Rolling up the hair is the main task of making hair curly. Here you need the plastic drinking straw to roll up your hair. Before rolling up, tie all the sections of hair with the bobby pin, excluding one section only.

Take the opened section of your divided hair and roll it up with a plastic straw. Repeat the process for the other section of your tied hair.

Step 5: Keep your hair under the hooded hairdryer

black men hair hooded dryer

It’s time to dry your rolled hair. Keep your head under the hooded hair dryer for at least 15 to 20 minutes to completely dry your hair. After 20 minutes, check either your hair has completely dried or not.

If not, then keep it under the dryer for some more time. Otherwise, move to the next step.

Step 6: Pull up the straws from hair

Here comes the final step of getting curly hair. Pull up the straws from hair one by one flexibly. Eventually, you’ve got your desired curl in your hair.

Remember, you mustn’t become too harsh while removing the straws from hair. That’s because harshness while removing the straws will give you nothing but pain.

Step 7: Lock the curl of your hair.

Pour the sprayer bottle with olive oil or coconut oil. Then apply to spray the oil on your curled hair to lock the curl of your hair in place.

Some necessary tips to follow

  • Give an appropriate haircut before making your hair curly. The short and medium length hair is most suitable for setting the curl perfectly.
  • The leftover shampoo on hair can create complications when the curl is setting on hair. So, rinse your hair properly after shampooing your hair.

Nonetheless, don’t wash your hair frequently after setting the curl on your hair.

  • Make sure the product you’re using for setting curls is alcohol-free.
  • Control the heat of the hairdryer while giving heat to your delicate curl. Remember, excessive heat of the hair dryer will damage your hair within a short time.
  • Make the curl of your hair stronger by spraying oil on it. To get a better result, spray the oil immediately after setting curl on your hair.
  • To prevent the hair damage and get a smooth curl, open your hair knots before starting the processes.

How to restore the curl of your hair?

With some simple steps, you can restore the curl of your hair for a long time. You must follow these steps as the curly hairs are highly prone to breakage. Don’t worry! The steps are not too hard to perform.

Comb your hair from bottom to up

Take a wide-tooth comb, utilize it by gently applying on your hair. To hold the curl, your hair regularly and make sure to start the combing from bottom to upwards.

Trim your hair to avoid split

Damaged hair reduces the main attraction of the curly hair. So, trim your hair no sooner you notice hair split at the end of your curly hair. Trimming within six to eight weeks is the ideal time to prevent the split and hold the fresh curly hair.

Avoid shampooing regularly

Regularly shampooing will eliminate the natural oil from your hair. It consequently loosens the curl from your hair. Therefore, reduce shampooing your hair regularly.

Instead, apply a good branded cleanser to clean your hair and make the curl long-lasting. Plus, apply moisturizing conditioner or moisturizer (Ex: Coconut oil/ Olive oil) even though you don’t need shampoo.

Avoid the use of chemicals.

You must know that the use of excessive chemicals like hair color, bleaching makes hair fragile. To hold your hair structure and prevent breakage, you better avoid or lessen the use of chemicals.

Nothing is effortless in this world! Indeed, having curls in hair is somehow difficult. But restoring the curl is more complicated than setting curls on hair. Apply our given tips to hold the curl of your hair and see the magic!

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The sum up

If you’re deadly like the curly hair, then you must be thinking of going to a barber to curl your hair. Hold on a second! With the necessary ingredients and little effort, you can certainly set the curl in your hair at home.

So, why spend thousands of dollars by going to the barber? Prepare yourself to curl your hair at home.

How to get curly hair for black men? After reading the article, you’ll get two easy and most efficient methods to curl your hair. You don’t need to waste thousands of dollars to make your hair curly. Instead, you’ll need only the regular hair styling ingredients, which costs not so much.

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