How to Get Deep 360 Waves for Hair in 2021

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Curly hair is not a problem; it’s an attitude! Period! Oh, yes, curly or coarse hair can be the reason of frustration in some cases. As like, when you undo you do-rag in the morning and all you get is messy hair.

Perhaps this is the reason people dreamt of 360o waves — notably, the African-American people and celebrities. Simultaneously, a common question arises that how to get deep 360 waves with coarse hair?

Getting deep 360 waves indeed requires lots of effort and patience. But, this is nothing difficult to obtain. No matter what your hair’s natural texture is, you can make perfect 360 waves. The only thing you need to learn is how to get deep 360 waves with curly hair.

Luckily, you don’t have to look in several places for tips and tricks. We’ll cover everything about how to get 360 waves overnight. All you have to do is to follow the routine and remember the suggestions. So, let’s get started!

Quickest way to get your 360 waves (Video)

Keep In Mind That…

Before you start to develop 360 waves, keep in mind a few things. First of all, you need to practice more; as you know, the practice can make anything perfect. Be prepared to train your hair, but it requires both time and effort. You may not get quick result initially, don’t be sad. Indeed, the outcome will be worth your effort. So, with no further ado, let’s continue.

Get the Supplies In Hand

Indeed, you are here to know how to get deep 360 waves with nappy hair but don’t rush. Start gradually. First, make the right choice for the right tools. You don’t need too many accessories for getting perfect 360 waves. Let’s make it simpler for you. Here is a list of the necessary supplies;


It seems too basic, but not all the brushes are made for the same purpose. You first have to decide what type of brush you need for your hair. For your wavy or curly hair, you’ll need a wave brush. You need to choose a hand brush without the handle.

The bristle on brush depends on the type of your hair. Like for coarse hair, you should choose a brush with hard bristle. Instead, brush with natural bristle are perfect for boosting waves. Make sure the brush is countered in shape for ensuring an ideal fit.


Du-rag or wave cap is a crucial thing that you’ll need in the entire process. It’s a special kind of scarf. You will have to wear Du-rag on your head during the treatment.

So, make sure to get the best du-rag from the best brand. We’ll suggest you go with nylon or Spandex do-rag. Also, make sure to get the perfect fit. Or else, you can pin your hair down for the right fit.


Pomade works as a wave grease. It is a waxy and greasy substance that secured your hair in its place. Also, pomade softens and conditions your hair. 

Hair Lotion or Moisture

You may need hair lotion to add moisture to your hair. So, your hair can be manageable. You can also use organic hair moisturizer to form waves.

Shampoo and Conditioner

These two things are required to maintain the waves. You should choose the organic and herbal shampoo and conditioner for waves. 

So, you are ready with all the necessary supplies. Let’s begin with the fun part.

How To Get Deep 360 Waves With Coarse Hair? 

Do you have natural curls or coarse hair? Follow these guidelines;

Get Your Hair Prepared

Before you start, check whether your hair and scalp are in good condition. Do you have any scalp problems like dandruff? If so, then get the suitable scalp shampoo to get rid of dandruff.

Besides, the nature of your hair does matter while making waves. If your hair is prone to curling, then it will be easier to create waves. Ensure that your hair is healthy enough so that it will grow nice and long.

Get a Haircut

To get the perfect waves, you will need to start from the base. In a word, begin with the short hair. But, random short hair is not good enough, you’ll need a traditional Caesar cut. This might be difficult for you to get such a form of low cut hair.

So, better you visit a barber to get the desired cut. Ask your barber to cut your hair with a 1/3 inch guard with a grain. Then tell him to cut in razor style, which is a horizontal line at the bangs. Then finally, have a traditional Caesar cut.

Wave Training with Coarse Hair

Since you want to know how to get deep 360 waves with short hair, you’ll have to maintain the following routine.

Wash Your Hair with Wave Shampoo

You’ll need specialized wave shampoo in this process. There are lots of shampoos available in the market that are made for wave styles. Wash your hair with these wave shampoo. In case you don’t get wave shampoo, you can use regular shampoo, as well.

Moreover, if your shampoo is sulfate-free, then you can wash your hair daily. Don’t delay for more than three days. To get a better result while shampooing, follow these easy-to-do routines;

  • Use warm water and brush while shampooing.
  • Then rinse hair with cold water.
  • Lastly, dry your hair.

Brush Your Hair with a Hand Brush

Once your hair is dried completely, then apply lotion or moisturizer and pomade. Your hair is now well manageable, so start brushing.

Brush in a Circular Direction

Start from the crown of your head and then brush your hair down and out. Brush your hair top forward to your eyes and then brush downward and forward toward your chin.

Then brush toward the back in the neck direction. In a word, you have to brush around the small circle in the crown of the head. Brush until an excellent waveform around your head.

You may have to use a blow dryer while brushing. The heat from the blow dryer helps to ensure wave patterns quickly. Set the blow dryer in each direction you are brushing. However, brush your hair like this way for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Brush Uniformly

Follow the above direction and make sure to brush uniformly. You need to brush evenly to ensure the wave in 360o direction. Most people claim that they get waves in a specific direction. It means they didn’t brush their hair evenly.

Always brush your hair in front of the mirror to check whether you are brushing evenly. Make sure that you are brushing all the way you want to do. Remember, you have to pay attention to the back of your head. The curls on this side are most robust, which needs more care.

Put On a Du-Rag

When you brush your hair, it means the waves are indeed locked. Now you have to keep these waves in place. This is when you need to wear the do-rag. Make sure the do-rag is not too tight or not too loose. After wearing, leave it for about half an hour.

Apply Pomade and Brush Again

After 30 minutes, remove your do-rag and apply pomade into your hair. Then brush your hair again toward the same circular hairline. You have to make a brushing routine. Depending on your hair texture, you may need to follow the entire process daily.

Another Method…

Don’t you have natural curls? No worries, you can still get 360 waves. Well, you will have to follow a different process, which will take more time and effort. Check the following steps;

  • Visit a barber to get a short haircut. Tell him to leave a little bit of hair, for example, 16mm to 20mm.
  • Then you’ll need to cut the waves, which also requires an expert’s help. Look for a hairstylist who is experienced in a 360s look. Tell your hairstylist to cut the waves all around the head in a circular pattern.
  • Make sure the stylist starts the cut from the crown toward the front of your head. Tell him to go slow and leave about 1 to 2 cm space between each wave.
  • The barber is done with his side of the job. Now, it’s your turn to keep your short hair laid down. At this point, you’ll need a handle-less brush with a soft bristle. Then start brushing, as we mentioned before.
  • You may have to brush your hair daily for a long time. It will help your hair to lay down on its own. However, the outcome may not be the same as people with curly hair. But, surely, you will get some wavy texture on your hair.

How to Maintain Your 360 Waves?

With lots of hard work, you can get 360 waves, but it requires more practice to maintain the wave. Remember, your hair doesn’t come with a wavy pattern, so you need to train it regularly. If you stop maintaining the waves, then be ready to say goodbye to your waves. So, find out how to keep your 360 waves in excellent shape.

Develop a Brushing Routine

The first must-do rules for maintaining 360 waves is brushing hair regularly. Also, you must stick to the specific method of brushing. Only then you can get good looking waves. Make a particular routine for brushing, and don’t forget to brush with a wave brush.

Get the Hair Cut Regularly

You need a haircut at least every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain waves. Don’t make it too short; keep it long enough so that curls can develop. Share your wave routine with the barber and tell him to not cut against the grain. That means don’t let him cut against the direction you have been combing.

Brush Properly

Don’t brush when your hair is too dry. Instead, brush your hair when it is damp and moist. Apply moisturizer or lotion or pomade before each brushing session. It will keep your hair in place according to the waves.

Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Since you are here to know how to get 360 waves with curly hair, let us tell you a secret. The secret for keeping good-looking waves is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water so that you can stay hydrated.

Never Forget Wearing Du-Rag

You should wear a du-rag after each brushing session. Du-rag will make sure to keep your hair in place. It will also help to protect your hair from rubbing against the pillow. So, make sure to wear du-rag at night as well. Or else, you can wrap a warm towel around your hair for a few minutes.

Keep Your Tool Clean

Though it looks bizarre, sanitized tools also do matter. Check the bristle of your wave brush regularly, pull the hair, if any. Like your hair, you also need to use shampoo to wash the bristle of your hand brush.

Because the residue from the hair product may damage your brush. If it happens, then we have a solution for you. Take four tablespoons of vinegar and hot water; mix it well. Then soak the brush in the solution for about 10 minutes. Lastly, rinse it with clean water and allow it to dry.

Take Vitamins

Another essential factor in creating a wave pattern is to keep your hair healthy. However, you should take vitamins to keep your hair healthy. Biotin and multivitamins are preferable for keeping hair thicker and more youthful.

What to Avoid?

Apart from the rules to follow, there are some factors that you should avoid. Here is what to avoid;

Don’t Brush Too Often

Brushing is good, but too much brushing is terrible for hair. Excess brushing is not necessary, as well. In fact, it can make the hair volume thinner. The wave pattern form only in thick and healthy hair. So, avoid brushing too often.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Much

Washing hair frequently may disrupt the wave pattern. Make a routine suitable for your hair type. Also, you must use commercial wave shampoo whenever you wash your hair. Before shampooing, use warm water and then cold water for rinsing.

Avoid Using Chemical Perms

You can only win your battle for waving when your hair is healthy and shiny. This is not possible to keep it healthy when you use chemical perms or curl kits. Let it be natural. You’ll get the desired wave in a specific time, so be patient.

Avoid Using Excessive Hair Product

In the process of making 360 waves, all you need is a good shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and pomade. So, you don’t even need other hair products.

How to Prevent Possible Acne Caused By Brushing?

Well, this is a particular case. You may or may not have gone through the acne problem caused by brushing. Acne problem happens due to brushing waves and using excessive hair products. It can form anywhere on the forehead or upper neck or back of the neck.

If you notice any similar problem, you can use acne astringent or isopropyl alcohol. Take 100% cotton ball and soak it with alcohol. Then wipe throughout the forehead, neck, and upper back.


Let us tell you about a secret tip that really works. After you start your 360 wave journey, your hair may become harder to manage in about 3-4 weeks. It is quite annoying, isn’t it?

Well, you can manage such hair with a simple trick. Take a Ziploc bag and put your hand inside the bag. Then rub your hair in a direction where the wave formed. It sounds silly, but you can certainly understand the benefit after doing it sometimes.

You may want to do this in between the brushing session and putting on the du-rag. Try this for at least six weeks to get a better result. Besides, continue the whole process of forming waves.

To Conclude!

Finally, you know how to get deep 360 waves with coarse hair and all other tips. Now, it’s time to live like a king in your waves. Put off your du-rage and show the world your perfect 360 waves. Though the process seems tedious and time-consuming, you’ll enjoy it when you are used to it.

The more you train, the better and deeper waves you’ll get. So, don’t give up; you are going to get a worthy result in the long run. Thank you so much for stopping by! Stay Connected!

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