How to Get Dreads Fast and Easy- without any Professional Help

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If you are getting bored with your hairstyle and searching for one that outlives ages, then dreadlocks can be your next inspirational upgrade. This particular hairstyle never goes out of trend. Know why?

Dreadlock is a specific hairstyle which is often related to fear and hostility in mainstream society for a long time. Dreadlocks have been considered an unhealthy haircut for decades. But In 1970, something miraculous happened. A Jamaican music artist Bob Marley with his international success on his back, shows that dreadlocks can be the face of a nobleman. From then it’s history.

In 2021, stars and artists from various places will show their dreadlocks as a form of real persona. American rapper Wiz Khalifa, Actor Jason Momoa known as Aqua man, Colombian singer Shakira, Spider-man actress Zendaya all are former and present possessors of dreadlocks.

Dreadlock is a beautiful hairstyle, you know, and if you decided to go with it, I would show you how to get dreads in a DIY style.

Dreadlocks Variation

Dreadlocks types are so versatile, which is hard to explain. I can write a book on this matter, but for your sake, let’s make it short and precise. This certain hairstyles diversity goes from extra long to super quick. 

Dreadlocks Ponytail

It’s a professional look. It will reflect the creative mind, too, through a stylish ponytail. This is perfect for you if your workplace is cautious and a little conventional.

Dreadlocks with Curls

Those who have curls, this is a beautiful hairstyle to get. This will add a specific stylish feature on your curl. It can also be based upon medium curls.

Dreadlocks with Twist and Shout

Particular dreadlocks like twist and shout need a careful hand and perfect execution. Only after crucial grooming, this style can show its pure glamour. This can work as a multipurpose style both for a party and a corporate environment.

Short Ombré Locks

Young black men go crazy over this hairstyle because of the jinx of color with the twist of dreadlocks. There is no doubt that short Ombre is going to last a little bit longer than usual.

Hippie Dreadlocks

This is the most classic dreadlocks style of all time. You can make your ancestors proud by inheriting this style. Keep it extra long or tie it like a long pony, it will outshine you. You just need some useful tools to create your locks, and that’s all, no new foundation or expensive goods.

Essential Tools to Get a Dread

Dreadlocks are natural to create but require reliable tools and products to attain the aspiration. These tools are not pricy and easy to find. You can get it from your local super shop. These are 3 essential tools or a trio that will create wonders for you, and they are-

An Interlocking Tool

The best economical choice is the Crochet hook. However, this tool required an effective technique to make good use of it. If you search for an easy-to-use and apply on hair of all sizes, it definitely can go for the Nappylocs tool by Nappy N Happy. It is precisely designed for locking the curls and kinky. Although, Nappylocs need added times to create threads because it works on single strands. These tiny hooks you can get for 7$-15$.

Dreadlocks Comb

Heavy-duty plastic combs are suitable for holding locks for dreads. They are just right to get dreads, but metal combs are great. A metal comb with a wooden handle is ideal for creating tight dreadlocks. A beautiful metal comb you can easily buy for 8$-10$.

Rubber Bands

This tiny elastic loop does wonders then many expensive products for dreadlocks. They will help gather the base of your dreads from the beginning of its growth and will aid you till the day you get beautiful dreads. It will only cost you 2$-5$ a pack. Buying these tools will take a step closer towards getting dreads, so collect them immediately.

How to Get Dreadlocks

You have all the necessary tools. Now, it’s time to get into the process of how to get dreads.

Let the Hair Grow

Long hair is necessary for getting dreads. It makes it easier to make dreadlocks. Because the more you dread, the more it shreds. Let them grow at least 2-3 inches then the average length. If you want thicker dreads to let, they stretch more.

Cleanse the Hair

Use a gentle natural shampoo to clean the hair. Shiny and dry hair helps create outstanding dreadlocks and will take less time to form. Put all the rumors about dreads and dirty hair into the garbage, because dreads almost worked in the opposite way. Oil and dust will only delay the dreading process.

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Brick Laying Process

Consistency is the main catch in this phase. Part your sections and keep consistent. Bring your combing power onto the game. Divided the row into patterns and lay them like bricks, but not in a traditional way. Lay them on top of another. You will get more dexterity after finishing the essential locks, and when it has done, you can overlay more styling.

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Method Styling Based on Hair Texture

In this phase, you have to be cautious, because based on your origin, you have to apply methods of dreadlocking.


Try the classic dreadlock method. Since it is the method created for curly or kinky hair texture. Diversity is just open for you. Sister locks symbolized your right ethnicity, yet you can try other styles like braids, crochet, and double-strand twists.


Because of the straightness in hair texture, the only method you can use is backcombing. Use the metal dread comb and keep brushing. Eventually, it will tangle, also start to knot. While replicating the process, keep twisting the hair thread from the base to its top. After reaching this point, use a rubber band to tie the thread’s start and end line.


Without any doubt, the crochet method is the only option for you. Your hair is straight as it can be, hard to lock, yet doable. With cheerful attempts and lots of exploitation, it will give results. Don’t lose your hope.

Palm-rolling session

Firmly start doing the palm rolling; as a result, you will see the dreads taking places. It will reduce the hair fall and turn your shreds into a compact shape; however, this will not speed up the process. Keep doing it on every rubber banded hair root.

Time to be Patient

Patience is the key now. You have done everything possible to bring the new hairstyle. Remember, your hair is delicate; they need care. If you notice, some of the locks are coming off already. 

Take your time, and then redo the process for those loosen hair locks. You might have to repeat this way for quite a long time until they form into dreads and get matted.

Dreadlocks Growth Inspection

These are the guidelines to check whether your dreads are forming or not. If it came out as described, congratulations! So here are the stages-

First Stage

You will see knots still losing their composer, but the good news is they are beginning to form locks. The dreadlocks are not fully matted yet, but they will show swells, and progress.

Second Stage

This is the stage where your locks will start to tangle with one another. They will get thicker day by day.

Finishing Stage

All the suffering and trauma of losing ends will end in this phase. All over the locks, you will see healthy matted dreads. There will be no sign fizz or unraveling. Your dreadlocks are fit and ready enough to showcase.

Tips for Maintaining the Dreads

Lots of discussion on how to get dreads, now let’s talk about how to maintain it. Because it is always hard to maintain what you love most. 

  • Some wait a week to wash their hair, don’t do that. Wash your hair daily, just remember to wash them with care. Use deep cleansing shampoo once or twice a week.
  • When you wash them, dry them thoroughly. After a wash squeeze to dipped out the water, then blow with a blower. Dump dreads are wounding for your hair and scalp.
  • Use Natural oil or moisturizer if your hair is dry. Avocado oil and olive oil are great for dreads.
  • You can wear a hair cover before going to sleep. It will remove unwanted stress and turn on the hair.
  • Try to roll the dreads every single day so that they don’t fuse.
  • Don’t use hairstyles that are too tight for the hair roots. Eventually, they will break off if not strong enough.

Can Dreadlocks Be Undone?

Yeah, you can try new styles after having dreads for a while, but it will take lots of work to undo the process without cutting the hair off. I am happy to say, in most cases, you don’t have to cut your whole hair and become bald. You can find heavy-duty shampoo and conditioner to soften the hair, but you have loose the knots and tangles by yourself.

It’s easy nowadays to have dreadlocks and maintain it. There are hair salons in many countries like the U.S.A, Canada, Japan, and the U.K, primarily known for dreading. You can also make dreadlocks there by the professionals. 

Don’t worry about the provocative society; once beetles were ridiculed for their haircut, and afros were offensive. Above all the tips and tricks, I must admit that patience is the key of all. If you are patient enough to hold all the grudges and disappointments, eventually you can enjoy flourishing dreadlocks.

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