How to Get Nice Waves (Simple and Easy Ways to do)

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HOW TO GET NICE WAVESThe interest in ‘waves’ is increasing rapidly day by day. Let us introduce you to it. You must have seen many Afro-American people and celebrities with this hairstyle. But maybe you didn’t expect it would become popular among all. Still don’t recognize it? It’s a pretty simple hairstyle in which hair curls are brushed and flattened out to create a ripple-like pattern, just like the ripples you see in lakes, ponds, sea beaches or shores.

It had gained immense popularity since the early 20th century when many Afro-American men opted to style their hair with texture changing products. ‘Cold soap’ waves became really popular then. Initially, it was popular among the Afro-American males, but later on, it started to gain popularity among the white people as well. Nowadays, even females are also seen flaunting their beautiful waves.

We guess you are also interested in getting waves. Aren’t you? Look no further. We will tell you the exact things you need to do to get beautiful waves in your hair that will make every other girl around you jealous of your hair.

Things you will need:

You will need a few things before you start your journey to getting gentle waves. Let us have a quick look at the things that will be needed during this process-

  • Du-rag or a wave cap. It is also known as a stocking cap.
  • A soft, medium, hard, or all brushes.
  • Hot towel
  • Wave Pomade (Recommended)
  • Spray bottle to dampen head from time to time

Now that you have collected all the things you need, let us delve deep and learn the technique that will create some beautiful gentle waves on your hair.

Apply wave pomade and brush

You can also try with regular ointment. But we advise you to use wave pomade because it is specially produced to help in the wave building process. To use it, first, take a damp towel and heat it with your iron to make it warm. Now moisten your hair with that warm towel so that your hair becomes soft. Take a dollar sized amount of wave pomade in your palm and then brush your hair till you notice a few waves appear. Now use that hot or warm towel again to melt the grease by putting it on your head. Grease has now softened as it has melted, your hair is now ready to brush. After you have diminished the grease, it is time to spread it all throughout the hair. Simply clean your hair to do that. Make sure that you brush evenly so that the whole of your hair can generate waves.

Wear a Du-Rag

After you have completed brushing your hair, the next thing to do is to wear a wave Du-Rag or wave cap. We recommend you to use a good quality silk du-rag for this purpose. Put a du-rag on your hair during your hair training session. This is just after you have brushed your hair. Do this to keep your waves stable and in place. Always put your du-rag on before you go to sleep.

Repeat the regimen

Generating waves is no quick job. It needs time and patience. You will need to re-do the whole procedure, again and again, every single day to see results. 3 times a day is the minimum limit for you to do this. While you are re-doing the regimen, please wash the old pomade off the towel and clean it up. It is recommended to wash your hair every 3-4 days while you are maintaining the regimen. Do not wash your hair more than that as constant washing will result in loss of your wave pattern. You should moisten your du-rag with water or moisturizers before you put it on. You can use a spray bottle to do this, as you see in barbershops.

Things to remember

  • Brushing is a crucial part of the regimen. Creating waves surely takes time but brushing every now and then can speed up the wave building process. So if you want to see some results real fast, brush your hair whenever you can.
  • You can brush your hair even while enjoying your TV shows. Do that in between the commercials. Brush your hair when you are doing nothing.
  • We recommend you to use a soft wave brush so that your waves can be connected. Use a hard brush if you want to make your hair straight. A soft brush combined with a good quality 360 style wave control pomade will be best for your wave building regimen.
  • If you do not want your waves to be permanent or you prefer some wavy curls instead of snug ones, then use a curling wand and lightly wrap your hair around the stick.
  • You can use mousse to squeeze the hair into waves.
  • At initial stages, use pomade every day or every two to three days, but when you start to notice a few ripple effects, stop using it daily. Instead use it once or twice a month.

Things you should not do

  • Do not ever brush your hair backward. This will mess everything up and hinder your wave building progress.
  • Do not ever go to bed without a du-rag. Because wearing a du-rag ensures that your waves stay safe during the twist and turns during your sleep.
  • Do not keep your hair close to sparks.
  • Do not ever alter your wave pattern. Always brush in the same motion and direction to maintain the pattern during your daily brushing regimen.
  • Do not use soap to create waves. You can try braiding your wet hair and letting it dry before combing the braids out.

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Congrats! We thank you for reading this article with so much patience. Now save some of that patience, will you? Because you will need it while creating your waves. It’s high time you got going with what you learned from this writing. Let us assure you yet again. If you stay patient and follow the steps that we have mentioned here in this article, you will surely get those beautiful waves you have always desired. That is guaranteed! Now go ahead and make the women around you jealous of your sweet and smooth waves.

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