How To Get Rid Of Beard Dandruff

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Beard is the pride of a man. Your maturity and masculinity reflect through your well-groomed beard. But this beard can turn out to be the recipe of disaster for your personality if you fall victim to the sneak attack of beard dandruff, aka beardruff. It’s unfortunate to admit that 50% of our bearded brothers have faced this sneaky monster. 

But do you know how to get rid of beard dandruff? Let’s find what our enemy is up to and fight them with all we have.

Why Does Beardruff Occur?

Though there is no fixed or specific reason, there are various reasons for beardruff to occur. Also, reasons vary from person to person. The main reasons for occurring beardruff are:

Allergy Can be a Contributing Factor 

If your skin is sensitive to a specific type of beard product, using those products will cause itchiness and red rashes. It might cause your skin to weather soon and create beardruff. Also, if you have allergies to a specific environment or food, that can cause beardruff too.

Having A Dry Skin 

The most common reason for beardruff from appearing is having dry skin. If the skin doesn’t have enough moisture content, the small dry flakes will start to appear. There are mainly two types of skin flakes. One is small and white; this type of beardruff doesn’t contain sebum or beard oil. Another kind of beardruff is comparatively larger in shape, a bit yellowish, attracting a lot of oil—the number of dry skin increases in dry and cold weather.

Attack of the Titan Microorganism!

Sometimes, a fungus attack on the skin creates inflammation and itchiness. A microorganism called Malassezia can make the skin flaky and end up being the cause of beardruff.

How to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff?

How To Get Rid Of Beard DandruffIt is uncomfortable if you have flakes of dead skin cells all over your beard and shoulder, and everyone else except you can see that. The situation can be even drier if you attend a formal meeting and can’t check on your outlook frequently. So, get rid of your beardruff once and for all. 

Try Beard Wash and Conditioning

Washing your beard regularly is a must to fight beardruff. As the beard is more sensitive than the hair, it is better to use a good beard shampoo. Beard shampoo will clean the residue oil and sebum stuck in beard hair. If you have any skin complexity or sensitivity, you might opt for a medicated shampoo suitable for your skin. The best result will get to you if you apply the shampoo with slightly warm water. However, it would help if you were cautious about the temperature. If the water is too warm, it will make your skin lose moisture and break the hair follicles.

After washing your beard, you need to lock the smoothness in your beard hair. Deep conditioning can help you with that. Get a good quality beard conditioner that will not damage your beard hair and apply it thoroughly on the beard. Rinse the conditioner after ten to fifteen minutes. This way, the beard hair will not get tangled and messy easily. 

Use Optimum Quality Moisturizer to Replenish the Skin

Moisturizing is a must-do for dry and fuzzy skin. You can’t use body lotion or cream for moisturizing your beard or scalp. It’s better to use beard products like beard balm, beard butter, or oil. Body lotion or cream will leave a lot of residues stuck in your beard, resulting in an increase in dandruff. All beard oil won’t suit you if you have sensitive skin. In that case, you can make your beard oil. If your skin is acne-prone, you might need some non-comedogenic oil like argan oil to relax and soothe your skin.

Patch Test

Some of you might have sensitivity towards some specific beard care product. For choosing the right product, doing a patch test is the best choice. For that, select an area that is not visible from outside. Apply a little bit of product and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. If you don’t feel any inflammation or discomfort, you can go for that product.

Brush, Brush, Brush!

Brushing your beard daily will help you to keep your beard and scalp clean. You can use soft bristles to brush thoroughly so that they won’t irritate your skin or show redness and rashes. Also, you’ll be able to clean the residue easily. 

Regular brushing can help stimulate the skin underneath the beard. Which can also help to build a healthier beard pattern reducing beardruff! 

Exfoliation Can Also Help 

Exfoliation helps you to get rid of loose dust and oils stuck in your beard and helps the dead skins fall off easily. It is better to exfoliate thoroughly once a week to allow the sebum to flow throughout the beard. The frequency can vary depending on beard type, though.

Are you stopping your beard from Reappearing?

Though getting rid of beardruff is not too difficult, stopping them from reappearing can be tricky. None of us would like to take care of the same trouble again and again. As every individual has different reasons for having beardruff, the solution isn’t fixed either. Most of the time, beardruff stops reappearing with routine beard care and grooming. But, in some cases, the situation is not quite the same. For those situations, an expert opinion can help.

See A Dermatologist Immediately 

Well, this is the final action! If all the above-mentioned steps are not providing you with the desired result, then you have to consider this to be a medical condition that requires expert interference. If you have performed the actions regularly for some time and still not bearing any results, while the beardruff and irritation are increasing like before, then it’s time to see a dermatologist right now. Explain in detail your problems and ask for a more permanent solution. 

Final Words

Though beardruff is a common enemy for all bearded brothers, we can beat it with our combined effort. All we need is to understand our beard, choose the right product for our lovely beard and take care of it. Sometimes the process is not as easy as it seems. 

But patience and persistence can overcome all the obstacles. Let’s keep our beard moisturized and maintain both the look and the health. Since you know how to get rid of beard dandruff, all that is left to do is choosing the right beard care product. And then your journey to a beard without dandruff is free and smooth. Happy grooming!

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