How to Get Waves with Straight Hair for Beginners

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If you have naturally straight hair, it’s highly likely that you thought about getting waves on your hair. But how do you do that? Is that even possible to get waves with straight hair? The answer isn’t so simple. It depends on your hair type, whether you can get waves or not. And as for how to do it, that’s what I am going to talk about today. 

It won’t be easy to get waves if your hair is too thick and straight. How long will you need to get waves also depends on your hair thickness. I will get into details about these areas later. First, let’s see how to get waves with straight hair for beginners.

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How to Get Waves with Straight Hair for Beginners 

The process is quite straightforward to follow. You will need a wave brush, wave cream, and a durag to create 360 waves. Even if you have no clue about what to do, you can get started right away. But I do recommend that you identify your hair type and make sure that your straight hair can get waves. 

I’ve constructed a clear-cut step-by-step process for you to get started with waving your straight hair.  

Get a Haircut If Needed

If you want to get a haircut, don’t wait till you get the waves. Trim your hair before you start the process. Make sure that your hair is at least 1 and a ½ inches long.

It will be tough to get waves on hair shorter than the mentioned size. 

Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair with a dynamic shampoo and applying conditioner will make your hair clean and more comfortable to get waves. That’s given. But there is another reason why you should consider washing your hair before you start waving your hair. 

Once you start the process, you will go longer periods between washes to keep the wave from getting ruined. So, it’s better to clean your hair beforehand. Also, clean hair provides a perfect base for waved hair. 

You can wash your hair once a week during the process. Brush your wet hair while washing to make the wave more permanent. 

Go for a Wave Cream

You will find wave creams for making the waving process easier. Apply the cream using your palms all over your head. Make sure you don’t miss any hair. 

Time to Use Your Wave Brush  

After you have applied your product, it’s time to brush your hair using a wave brush. Start at your crown area and brush the hair away. Keep brushing your hair for two straight minutes. This is where you have to show some patience. 

Brushing your hair for two minutes sounds like an easy job. But when it comes to following patterns while you brush, two minutes can feel like a long time. 

Make sure you get a good-quality brush. Look for brushes made of boar bristles. If it irritates your skin, switch to a softer brush.

Wear a Durag

Durag, also known as wave caps, protects your waves while you sleep. Wearing it will make sure your brushed hair stays the same way you want regardless of how much you move during sleep.

Choose silk durag for better results. Keep your durag clean by washing it regularly. If you can’t seem to keep the durag in place while sleeping, you can use a loose headband to secure it.   


Depending on your hair thickness, waving can take from one day up to 3 weeks. Keep repeating the same process regularly, and you will eventually see waves on your hair. Try avoiding washing your hair during this process if you can go that long.

Waving your hair is a test of your patience because you need to repeat the same process daily if you want effective results. After one week, if you notice no change in your hair even after following all instructions correctly, your hair might not be suitable for waves.    

Use Moisturizer 

Using a moisturizer can increase your hair quality and make the waves settle. Don’t use the moisturizer too often, or you will end up greasing your hair. You shouldn’t use it more than 1 or 2 times per week. 

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In Short (Summary of This Guide)

When going for a different hairstyle, you always need extra care to get the best result out. The process I explained above has some things you need to buy. Not all of them are compulsory, but using them eases the process and makes the result more effective. 

While you get waves with straight hair-

  • Get a haircut if you want
  • Wash your hair using a good-quality shampoo
  • Condition your hair
  • Use wave cream on your hair
  • Brush your hair using a wave brush
  • Wear a durag while you sleep and remove it in the morning 
  • Avoid washing your hair during the process
  • Avoid running your hands through your hair
  • Don’t comb your hair using a regular straight hairbrush

If you feel uncomfortable not washing your hair for so long, you can always moisten your hair with hot water. Besides, if you brush your hair after moistening, the wave will appear with less effort. 

Bottom Line

So, that was all about how to get waves with straight hair for beginners. The amount of time you need for waving your hair can vary depending on your hair. Be patient while you wave your hair, and you can get the result you desire. 

Following the instructions, I provided should be enough for getting an effective result. Don’t leave the process halfway through. If you can follow the guidelines by maintaining regularity, you will be surprised to see what you can do with your hair regardless of your natural hair type.

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