How to Grow a Beard When You Can’t? (An Ultimate Guide to Grow Artificially!)

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From a young age, we all have been told that there is nothing to do when growing a beard. If your dad has an impressive beard, you will have it one day and vice versa. Is it truly realistic? Does science know nothing of how to grow a beard when you can’t? 

Several factors indeed determine how your Beard will turn up. We can not control all of them but taking a few measures surely helps to overcome those obstacles. This article will look into reasons (or factors) that will tell us why a beard doesn’t grow and how you can overcome these factors. By the end of it, you can answer how to grow a beard when you can’t.

Why Don’t Beard Grow?

It is evident that not all people have a beard, but it is also crucial to know that not everyone can grow a beard. There are several reasons for that. They are mainly genetics, hormonal and poor blood circulation. Let us understand them first.


Genes play a huge part in dictating how your Beard is going to be. It is like your height or your skin color, or any family conditions. So, it is expected that your facial hair would be similar to your dad’s. You may think that it is naturally unfair for someone to have patchy hair after waiting for months, whereas others are building an impressive Beard by that time. It is what it is! We can not do anything about the gene, but there are many things you can try. We will talk about that later.


Hormones regulate and stimulate many things in our bodies. The hormones responsible in this case are testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone(DHT). They are Androgens. Here is the relationship in a nutshell:

  • Higher testosterone and DHT means thicker, faster, and better beard growth.
  • Lower testosterone and DHT means thinner, slower, and not better beard growth.

 Poor Blood Circulation

Your hair needs hormones and nutrients. Now how will these get to that? The answer is blood. So, better circulation is the other side of the coin for a better supply.

How to Grow a Beard When You Can’t?

Say you have any or more than one issue mentioned above. Does that mean the end of the beards for you? Of course not! So buckle up; we are going to give you hopes. Here are 5 ways to answer the question of how to grow your Beard when you can’t.

Wait a Month

It is the foremost and the most crucial you can not ignore if you want to grow a beard! Growing a beard includes not only time but also tolerating itchiness and irritation. Most men give up on that. Within a month, these things are gone, and you find your Beard at its full potential. Do not surrender!

Take Care of your Skin

So now you have completed the most challenging step, and your Beard is now in full potential. Now it is time to take care of your skin to exfoliate dead cells. In doing so, your face will be moisturized, and ingrown hair will be hidden.


Exercise is a great testosterone booster. Lifting weight is the best type of activity for this purpose, according to various studies. Not only for hormonal reasons, but exercise also increases blood circulation. Blood circulation is vital for supplying nutrients and hormones. So there is the double benefit!

Stress and Sleep

Both factors are very significant to observe. When we stress, our body produces cortisol. It has a direct relation with cortisol. When cortisol level goes up, testosterone falls and vice versa. If you plan to have a big beard, avoid stressful situations. When you have a healthy sleep all around, testosterone on your body is ideal. Even though the amount of sleep needed varies from person to person, try to get 7-10 hours of sleep every day.

Regular Trimming and Shaping

If you are not confident about it, do not ruin it. A wrong turn by your trimmer can destroy everything you have built so far. Visit your barber once a month for shaping if necessary. If you do it by yourself, remember to do it not after taking a shower. You may end up cutting more than needed.

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Final Words

You indeed had no say on what your gene is going to be. It is not a smart move to accept that without trying. Many people would suggest the use of supplements. On a personal note, I do not endorse that. Most of them have unwelcomed side effects, which can cause problems to the liver or even permanent balding. Tell me, is it worth the risk? 

If you are not still convinced, consult a professional first. Suggestions from them might be worth a try! But why do you need one when you already know how to grow a beard when you can’t?

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