How to Grow Black Beard Naturally? (A Possible Way You Find Here)

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The stylish and fashionable beard has never been out of trend. Beard represents the maturity and seriousness of a man’s personality. But unwanted gray and white hair is a real pain for young and mid-aged gentlemen. It can lead them to sheer embarrassment and even bigger trouble. Greybeard represents older people, their sophisticated and weak image sometimes, making a beautiful black beard so precious. 

Now, know how to grow black beard naturally? Is it even possible to turn damaged or grey beard hair black again? 

Yes, it is indeed possible. But before turning our beard black again, we need to know why our hair turns grey.

Why does Beard Hair Turn Grey?

There are many reasons for our beard turning grey or white, including lack of nutrients or melanin, stress, smoking or drinking habits, etc. These reasons not only make our beard gray but also rough and lifeless. 

  •  Lack of melanin- Melanin is the pigment in our skin and hair that controls our body’s color. If we have a more significant amount of melanin in our body, the darker our skin will be. When the amount of melanin decreases in our hair follicles, they turn grey. Melanin can be reduced for various reasons such as environmental pollution, too much UV ray absorption, deficiency of iron and copper ion in our body, smoking or drinking habits, etc. 
  • Deficiency of nutrients- If you’re malnourished, it hampers not only your health but also your beauty. If the diet is not nutritious, it might fail to give needed nutrition to our beard. As a result, the beard will lose strength and softness. 
  • Genetics- Your genetic behavior comes from your ancestors. If your genes bear gray hair characteristics early, it is very difficult to change that. Genetic codes can’t be rewritten that easily. 
  • Smoking or drinking- If anyone consumes alcohol or cigarettes too much, they are most likely to have a grey beard at a young age. 
  • Stress- If You’re stressed out, miss sleep often, frequently encounter headaches, these might lead to having unwanted gray hair in your face too.

Apart from these, if you use chemical-based beard grooming products from a young age, don’t wash and moisturize your beard regularly; you might get a lot of gray beard hair. 

How to Grow a Black Beard Naturally?

There are several ways to fix your unwanted gray beard hair naturally or turn them black again. Turning gray beard black can both be permanent or temporary. We can dye the gray beard, use ayurvedic methods or apply home remedies. Here we give you 7 examples:

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment is very effective for naturally turning grey beard hair black again. We can use various nourishing materials and apply them regularly to our beard. Ayurveda can turn beard hair permanently black and shiny.

Try Mixing these oils:

  • Mustard oil and castor oil– Mustard oil is rich in zinc, iron, calcium, and magnesium. It helps to gain a soft and shiny beard. The protein of castor oil helps to have a healthy beard.
  • Sesame oil and carrot seed oil– Sesame oil has many characteristics that darken beard hair in no time. Carrot seed oil gives a shiny and healthy beard. We can mix a little bit of carrot seed oil with sesame oil and apply them for at least 50 minutes to get an excellent healthy beard.
  • Black seed oil and olive oil– Black seed oil fulfill various purposes. It gives you healthy and shiny beard hair. Olive oil helps to nourish beard hair properly and provides good conditioning. Mixing both these oils in a proportion of 1:1 and applying them regularly can give our beard a heavy dark look.

Henna is also very useful to give a permanent black look to our beard. We can use henna powder or henna paste with or without oil. We can also boil the henna leaves in coconut oil and store them for use later.

Home Remedies

Home remedies are the methods that we can use anytime using ingredients at home, such as potatoes, onion, yogurt, etc. They are effective and easy to get. Among many, some are:

Potato Peel

Potato peels are rich in starch. The starch of potato peel can strengthen the beard hair and restore its natural color. You can use Potato peels from five to six potatoes and boil them to use on the hair and the hair’s roots. Applying it every day for at least ten minutes and wash with cold water can give the best results.


Alum can give hair a shiny black look. We can use a solution of grinded alum and rose water. It leaves a pleasant smell for a long period of time.


Onion juice strengthens the root of the hair. We can use onion juice with mint leaves and apply them to the root of the beard hair. 

We can also use aloe vera for a shiny and soft beard: yogurt, tomato paste, lemon, and eucalyptus oil mixture for smooth black color. Papaya, aloe vera, and turmeric powder paste can restore black color in gray hair.


As natural hair dye, the most common are:

Black tea: 

Black tea gives a deep black shade and a soft, shiny look. To create the dye, we need to boil 10 tablespoons of black tea into one liter of water. After letting it cool, we can apply it on our grey hair and put them for like 30 minutes or more. Then we can rinse them with water. 

Similarly, we can make hair dye from coffee too. These dyes are beard-friendly and give your beard a shiny, soft look. 

  • Apart from using these methods, we need to take care of our beard to have a thick, strong, soft, shiny black beard. For that, we need to:
  • Brush our beard regularly. Brushing can help to untangle the hair follicles and remove dry skin.
  • Wash and moisturize them. If we leave the dry skin or oil on our skin under the beard, they might clog the pores and create blood circulation barriers. That will result in an unhealthy beard.

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Final Words

Having a healthy and shiny black beard can give any young man a bold presence. So, keeping a healthy beard is very crucial. Hope for grey hair reduction from the beard, everyone. 

It isn’t unnatural to feel sad when you do not have a beard you wanted, especially if it is as simple as a black beard. There is nothing to be sad about as you know how to grow a black beard naturally?

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