How To Grow Facial Hair From Nothing (5 Great Tips From Experts)

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It is a dream of all teenage boys to have a beard like their heroes. Whether it’s David Beckham or Idris Elba, they want it all! But not everyone is lucky enough! Some of them struggled to have the beard of their dreams. Believe me. I have been there.

So how did I do it? Here I will unveil my secrets step by step. But first, you should know how to grow facial hair from nothing! 

Why can’t you grow a beard?

You’d find plenty of reasons behind not growing at all. Here we’ll discuss some of them, so you get a clue. 

The Genetic Issues!

Genetics determined the thickness of your beard. As usual, you will grow a thick beard if your ancestors have a thick beard. Here, the enzyme 5-alpha converts the hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which stimulates your facial hair growth when it binds with your hair follicles’ receptor. However, the overall DHT effect is also determined by genetics and the sensitivity of the hair follicles to DHT.

Blood Circulation

Low blood circulation means less beard growth and vice-versa. The reason is you need to drive down your hormones and nutrients into the hair follicles to make them sprout. So, without adequate circulation, don’t expect to have a heavy beard.

Belonging to a Particular Ethnic Group 

You can’t ignore your ethnicity while considering facial hair growth. Study shows Caucasian men grow thicker beard than other regions. As a thicker beard tends to a fuller-looking beard, now you know why ethnicity matters. On the other hand, men of Mongolian ethnic background, especially men from the East Asian region, don’t grow a beard in general. But, right now, there are different medical solutions to this issue. 

Testosterone Level

The hormone-testosterone largely controls beard growth. Low testosterone level negatively affects facial hair growth. With the doctor’s supervision, taking supplements can improve the condition of low testosterone. But if the level is average, do not worry. You better not take supplements as they will not most likely help.

How to grow facial hair from nothing?

How To Grow Facial Hair From NothingYou are most likely to find a reason from the above list. Since you know why, let us lookout for the answer to “how.” Here I share with you my secrets on how to grow facial hair from nothing.

Apply Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil (PEO) has an incredible potential feature for growing new facial hair. It increases the growth hormone IGF-1 in the hair follicles. Researchers found out among Jojoba oil, Saline, Minoxidil 3% and 3% solution of PEO. The PEO worked most impressively as it grows new hair.

Micro-needling on the Facial Hair Area

Derma Roller is another dramatic secret for facial hair growth. The concept is easy-breezy. It consists of hundreds of “micro” needles which roll around and puncture small holes into your skin to prompt the body to repair the damage by ramping up the circulation and collagen production.

Don’t forget if you apply minoxidil alongside the Derma Roller, wait for at-test 24-hours after the micro-needle session ends to prevent yourself from side effects.

Add in Supplements 

Adding in supplements can be a unique way to improve beard growth or generate new growth. But it has to be approved by your doctor first. 

One of the key supplementary items is biotin. Taking biotin offers the required carbs and amino acid. A deficiency in these two particular nutrients can seriously impact hair growth. So add in a new Biotin supplementary diet for a growth-inducing beard-growing session. 

Get the Required Nutrition 

Remember, the right nutrients mean an excellent chance to sprout your hair. Your body needs an adequate supply of nutrition to sustain the new beard enhancement. 

So, here is the example list to guarantee better beard growth.

Eat enough to absorb more calories to level up your testosterone level. Don’t eat like a fitness bunny if you want more beard.

Take quality vitamins to prevent deficiencies. I won’t recommend fancy beard growth vitamins. Just take the vitamins to avoid common body weakness.

Don’t follow the trends like omitting carbs, fat, protein. Eat them all; you need them all for the overall development of your body & beard hair.

Try foods like sorghum or alfalfa sprouts in your diet, which increases the enzyme that produces DHT.

Get Plenty of Sleep and Exercise

You already know testosterone plays a crucial role in improving in growing a beard. To keep it high, make sure to sleep at least eight hours every night. Weight loss, exercise regularly also increase testosterone level. Holding down the stress is also a key factor to keep up the testosterone as stress constricts blood vessels causing hairs to receive fewer nutrients.

Final Thoughts

The myth of “you only need to shave more often to grow a beard of your dreams” is extinct. But with patience, perseverance, and the right guidance, anyone can do it. I am proof of it. Remember that it will be challenging, but Rome was not built in a day and won’t be your beard. Since you know how to grow facial hair from nothing, you have everything in your hand. So why wait? Go, pursue the beard that you have always dreamt of.

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