How to Keep Beard Hair From Sticking Out? (6 Unique Ways)

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If you are someone who prefers to grow his beard or style his beard as he wishes, then sticking out beard hair is a very disturbing situation. Heavy or thin, long or short, none like beard hair sticking out like cactus thorn or broken snowflakes from the desired shape. Either you are enthusiastic about growing your beard or want a quick style for any function, stuck out beard hair can ruin your day. So we ask, “How to keep beard hair from sticking out?”.

Save some patience, Bro! Before knowing how to keep unruly beard hair in check, we need to understand why they are sticking out.

Why do Beard Hairs Stick Out?

There are numerous reasons which can make your beard out of shape. For instance, you might have a naturally unruly beard or a dry beard, uneven trimming, and so on. Here are some common reasons that can make your beard hair stick out. Let’s see if any of these are your problems:

Curly hair- About the texture and shape of beards, genetics play a significant role. If your beard hair is naturally curly, they tend to get tangled easily. The hair follicles might grow in different directions, making it even more challenging to keep your beard in shape. 

Dry beard hair- If your beard hair is dry, it might break down easily and result in rough edges that stick out of shape. Too dry hair can also hamper the growth of your hair.

Short beard hair- While growing hair for the first time or if your hair growth is not quick, waiting for your beard to grow up to a particular length is somewhat frustrating. But a short beard results in more and more stuck out edges.

Uneven trimming- If the trimming is irregular or not correctly done, it does more bad than good. It leads to fuzzy hair edges. A poorly done trim can also leave quite an impact on your image.

Unbalanced diet- It says health is the key to beauty. And it is also applicable to the beauty of facial hair. If your diet is not nutritious, it might cause rough skin, blockage of blood flow, and fuzzy hair. So, a nutritious diet is vital for your healthy, obedient beard too.

Discontinuous maintenance- When it comes to beauty, maintenance is a must. And speaking of maintenance, it needs regular follow-up. Everyone should take care of a beard regularly; otherwise, it might end up in bad shape.

How to Keep Beard Hair From Sticking Out?

So this is the big question. It might be a bit difficult to make your beard stay flat when they want to rebel. Sometimes it might be out of hand. Here, we show you 6 ways we can achieve this goal.

Know Your Beard

Like every individual has a different type of skin, our beard type varies too. One might have curly hair; others might have a straight one. Also, skin type affects our beard structure (hair follicles and pores support your beard hair). Before styling or applying any product, know your beard.

For instance, many men have oily skin. For them, they need to use less oily products, else the extra oil might block your follicles, and the healthy glow of your hair might deteriorate. Some might have a more unruly beard than others. Sometimes if the beard hairs are not heavy enough, they might be a lot trickier to control. That’s genes, Bro! You can’t be helped. That’s why we need to know our beards because nobody else can understand them better.

Grow Your Beard

You shouldn’t be impatient with styling. For styling and getting the required result, we need to let our beard grow. We need to be patient with the growth and choose the styles that seem suitable with our beard’s length. To flourish the charm of your beard, they need time. 

Beard needs to grow enough to fall with its weight to reduce hair from sticking out. If you keep your beard too short, your style might not make much difference or might not show the result you want. So, grow your beard until you feel satisfied. 

Don’t worry; you can always trim them if it’s longer. But shorter? No way!.


Trimming is very crucial for your beard. One rotten trim can ruin your long-grown beard. So, it is always wiser at first to be extra careful while trimming. Here are some tips you can keep in mind while trimming:

  • Don’t trim too short. If you cut the edges too short, it might result in even more sticking out edges.
  • Don’t trim too often or too little. If you trim too often, your beard won’t get enough time to grow. Also, if you don’t trim for a long time, your beard edges can get fuzzy, dry, and rough. So, trimming with a regular interval is a good practice for a beautiful beard.
  • Trim it dry. If your hair so oily or wet while trimming, you won’t get the right picture of the extended edges. A dry beard shows you properly how much you need to cut to get rid of sticking out hair.
  • Retrim the next morning. Your beard gets enough time to show you how much your trim has changed your look within the night’s time. If you need any retouch, it will be best to do it then.
  • Brush your beard while trimming. If your beard is tangled somewhere or has curly edges, brushing can bring them forth. Therefore, it helps the trimming.


If You’re new to growing a beard, you might feel like washing or shampooing too frequently to prevent being stinky or rashes. But don’t worry too much about it. Beards don’t get extra dirty. You can wash them as you like. But try to use quality products to prevent them from being rough. Also, washing your beard too often can make it a bit out of shape. Use a conditioner and slightly warm water to wash your beard.


Exfoliation helps increase blood circulation, release the tangled edges and remove dead skin under your beard. So, go through your beard and scrub thoroughly whenever you feel like it.

Beard Styling Products

There are various products and instruments to style your beard and keep them in shape. Before buying any, keep in mind that they need to match your beard. Also, remember:

  • Don’t buy cheap products. Cheap beard oil or balm might ruin your lovely style or damage your hair.
  • Spend some money to buy a good trimmer and beard straightener (if you need one).
  • Don’t use a straightener too often; it might damage the hair.

Final Words

Beard can add a different dimension to your image. Your image might be masculine, powerful, even sexy! Likewise, a poorly maintained beard could damage your appearance as well. Remember this; your beard is not only a symbol of attractiveness; it is a pivotal component to represent your personality too. So, keep your beard in shape to maintain your cool image. Now, you can do that because you know how to keep beard hair sticking out.

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