Learn How To Make Black Hair Grow Faster (5 Excellent Ways!)

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The everyday struggle of an African American male to get beautiful shiny hair is hard to ignore. The moment it goes wrong, after giving all the effort to get a faster-growing hair, real frustration occurs. 

At some point, things get worse by the extensive use of color, dye, heat, and chemicals. Extreme measures to make it grow longer and faster, often take its toll. Hair starts falling increasingly, becoming rough and dry eventually.

Men’s hair prone to other problems like dandruff and roughness because they are more open to dust and pollution. Callous behavior towards hair is often found in males than females. And modern food diets with an unregulated lifestyle escalated the problems further.

However, let’s get one thing straight about hair growth; it’s not an overnight thing. On average, it takes 1 year to grow 6 inches of hair, though the curls and bends received more to build that same amount.

The study shows planned venture work better than disordered chaos. That’s’ why we well-curetted a plan that shows how to make black male hair grow faster without damaging them.

5 Ways to Make Black Men’s Hair Grow Faster

So yes, lot’s to work on if you want faster hair growth. It starts from special diets and sleeps patterns and ends at consumer products. 

I think you already get an idea of what I am going to talk about. Get through these tips for the next couple of minutes, and I promise this will help you grow hair faster in no time.

Natural Oil for Hair Growth

Natural Oil is an excellent substance for hair follicles. Using it daily can improve your hair growth astonishingly. Hairs will become more smooth and shiny during the use of it, and the drastic changes will appear. 

Among the changes experiencing a great metabolism improvement during the usage is major. And another great thing about oil is they are cheap and available. Here are some best natural hair oils you can use for healthy hair growth-

Coconut Oil

This oil is a coconut extract, and the most diverse oil ever existed on earth because they are not only good for hair follicles also good for your skin and scalp. 

A large amount of fatty acid is its main content that penetrates the deep roots of your hair and heals them from inside.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is extracted from Moroccan Argan Nut. It has Vitamin E, fatty acid, and antioxidants that nourish the hair to the core while provoking a vibrant glow. 

Argan oil is an organic gold with no harmful elements and ideal for brittle hair damaged by excessive heat treatments.

Olive Oil

The olive oil produced from virgin olives. This oil traces back to many ancient civilizations that used the oil for cooking, skin nourishment, and hair care. The antioxidants in it are healthier than other organic oils, and because of that, it works as an excellent moisturizer. 

It protects the hair keratin coating and makes it shiny and healthy. Olive oil heals the hair property and solves problems like split ends and hair fall. For better results, you should mix the oil with lemon juice and apply them on the scalp.

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Almond Oil

The kernel of the almond nut is the protagonist of Almond oil. Almond nuts are delightful, and the extracted oil is useful as well. A surprising fact about almond oil is, they are edible cooking oil, which is full of vitamin E and fatty acid. 

Aged or young people, who lack body minerals can take great advantage of it. And The best part, they are excellent natural hair-damage repairs. Almond oil also contains magnesium, which works great on hair fall problems and boosts hair growth.

Jojoba Oil

This natural oil is also extracted from a plant named Jojoba Plant. Using jojoba oil for hair care is perfectly healthy and active. It is ideal for hair because Jojoba oil has sebum and other antibacterial elements, which are excellent for anti-dandruff purposes. 

The sebum is the natural oil that our scalp produces, which is also suitable for damage repairing and hair growth. All these natural hair oils do stuff that manages to grow hair faster and healthier with harms away.

Use Hair Moisturizers

Without a moisturizer, you can’t save your hair, let alone grow it faster. Keep them moisturized at any means. Split end and breakage are among many reasons that affect the growth of black men’s hair. Moreover, it makes them soft and glittery. 

You can moisturize them with natural ways like drinking lots of water, which is often left discarded. Oil is an excellent moisturizer, yet use moisturizers dedicated to your hair such as Smooth Viking Hydrating Fiber Cream, or r+co Turntable Curl Defining Cream.

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Vitamins Additives Can Boost the Growth

Adding synthesized Vitamins to your body is useful if the hair growth ratio is lower than the falling rate. Otherwise, the natural vitamin source is positive for getting extra supplies into the shape for faster hair growth. Moreover, it builds hair healthy both from inside and outside.

Artificial hair products can nourish your hair from outside, but vitamin intake provides minerals from the core of the body. Increase consuming foods that are full of vitamins A, C, D, E, and Biotin. Foods containing Iron and Zinc are also high for faster hair growth. Here are some synthesized vitamins additives for you-

  • His hair gummy (for Biotin)
  • Nature’s Bounty Vitamin C + Zinc supplement (Name says it all)
  • 365 Everyday Value folic acid supplement
  • Nutrafol hair loss supplement (all in one/multivitamin for hair)

Outer Intake of Omega-3

An omega-3 fatty acid is an effective supplement for faster hair growth. Naturally, you can find this element highly boasted in seafood. Otherwise, you have to collect capsules containing omega-3 from the medical store. 

As we know, the fatty acid is very fruitful to hair growth because they simply nourish dry, dull hair. These are the best omega-3 fish oil products money can buy-

  • Nature Made Fish Oil 1,200 mg
  • Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega
  • Life Extension Super Omega-3 EPA/DHA Fish Oil
  • Barlean’s Ideal Omega3 Softgels
  • Thorne Omega-3 w/CoQ10

Eat Healthy Food

You can go wrong for choosing a healthy diet over junk food and food that would slow your hair growth. Eat good food to get your hair more reliable than ever. Have multivitamins, if you lack proper nutrition value from the diet. 

Multivitamins maximize vitamins and minerals cultivation in your body, making it healthier to the core. Good stomachs decrease the stress level in your blood and improve core strength. There is a list of food you can add to your daily diet for positive nutrition impact.

  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Berries
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Avocados
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Fish
  • Shrimp
  • Beans
  • Soya Beans

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What you use and what you use both have a significant impact on your life, whether you believe it or not. And that exactly you have to correct by choosing right over wrong if you want to grow your hair faster as a black man. 

So everything we laid for you is the right choice by facts, follow them and get faster results.

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