How to prevent hair loss in black men (6 easy Steps)

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You are a chill African American in your late twenties enjoying your best life, and your unsuspecting head may hardly realize what’s coming. Before it is too late, you find yourself searching far and wide about how to prevent hair loss in black men. Not to scare you, but you need to check for signs early in the days before succumbing into baldness unless you are someone who can rock the bald look!

Quite a lot of men have given into baldness not to take ready measures in time, such as checking their hair fall after a shower, the thinning hairlines, etc. These can be easily solved by paying attention to your diet, regulating intoxication, and reducing stress. We plan to cover most of it here.

Detecting the changes

As we said, it starts with finding if you are suffering scary hair losses or if it’s just another of those 100 hairs you are allowed to lose each day. Here are 3 ways to identify the changes:

Post Shower Hair Fall

Most of us love to comb our hair after a shower and brush off all the tangles. If you see hair fall on the brush or comb, no need to panic yet. Six to seven hairs on the comb are pretty decent, and most of us see it regularly. But if you start noticing excessive hair fall when you are shampooing, on your body, on your clothes as you wash them, on your pillows as you lie down or on the floor after styling your hair, maybe it is time to reconsider.

Again, you don’t need to stress if you are seeing this for 2 or 3 days a week. Sometimes, hair fall can be temporary, and it may go away the next week, happening for reasons such as stress or illness. But if you see continued excessive hair fall for a long duration, you need to check out the measures.

Thinning Hair

If you noticeably realize your hair has thinned near the crown or in certain areas, your hair may be subject to diffuse thinning. To understand if it actually is so, compare photos of your past to your present hair.

Since it is possible that you do not take pictures of your hair from the back, try by starting to click them using your bathroom mirror.

Changing Hairline

Hairlines let out the secret of balding faster than the rest of the ways. It begins in the temples and proceeds to the crowns. Here again, you can compare photos for a better understanding. However, be sure to check out the lighting when clicking pictures, as in bright lights, hair appears thinner than it actually is. 

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Here are 5 ways to tackle hair fall:

Diet and Hydration

Many of us are guilty of trying to look young. We try different styles, use makeup, cosmetics, and gels to look fancy on the outside, while on the inside, we remain malnourished. The lack of nourishment, and proper nourishment, for that matter, can take a toll on your hair’s health. It may come off as dry, brittle, and fall faster than it grows. So, you have to start eating a well-balanced diet. And, plenty of water to keep yourself and your body hydrated.

When your body is hydrated, the rest of the water will take charge of hair growth if it is dehydrated, fat chance that your hair will get water! A deficiency of vitamins may be a reason for your hair loss. So consume fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, C, B, D, and E. Iron deficiency may also cause hair loss. To build upon iron, protein, and omega 3 acids.


Eating healthily takes a lot of patience and practice, and a lot of time passes before you see results. If you want faster, you can try natural supplements. These are for those who screw their faces when they hear of fruits and vegetables: we know you. Here are some you can take:

  1. Vitamin H or biotin is an excellent natural supplement as a protein for your hair. It helps not only the hair but also your nails. Get Biotin from Amazon Here
  2. Black men may have issues producing enough sebum to keep their hair healthy. Vitamin A and C supplements provide them with that.
  3. Flaxseed oil containing omega fatty acids that help your scalp and roots to hold water for hair growth. Get Flaxseed Oil from Amazon Here
  4. Zinc supplements help your scalp, which in turn helps your hair. It repairs damage and helps the production of new cells. Get Zinc from Amazon Here
  5. The folic acid supplement also allows regrowth. It also increases blood circulation in the scalp that helps hair to grow healthily. Get Folic Acid from Amazon Here

Always speak to your doctor before taking new supplements.

Stress Factor

Stress is already responsible for so many things in black blokes: pimples, wrinkles, weight loss, and appetite. Did you know this culprit is also responsible for hair loss? You may have guessed. Stressing can cause hair to push out of your scalp, can cause you to pull your hair when you are angry or frustrated and can cause diffuse thinning, as we discussed previously.

You can either take medications to control or reduce your stress or you can try meditation or yoga to calm your nerves. Exercising your way into a healthy body and healthy hair is also possible. Also, pay attention to your daily sleep schedule.


For some people, this isn’t an issue. But if you still haven’t figured out what is causing your hair fall, you may consider cutting down on smoking and drinking alcohol. If you eat well, remain hydrated, don’t stress at all, but you drink and smoke regularly, you may still have hair fall issues. We know it isn’t easy to give them up entirely, but you can start small. If you were a regular drinker, cut down on the days. And slowly reduce and stop your intake. Y

our cigarette or beer can’t be definitely worth more than luscious locks on your head that you used to have. If you would like to keep the hair on your head, these sacrifices will seem petty.


We mention this last because we want you to try out all-natural solutions before taking medicines to solve the problem. As approved by the FDA, there are 2 medicines that doctors prescribe for hair loss. They include Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Minoxidil may sound like a name you haven’t heard when it comes to treating hair loss. But if we put it under Rogaine’s brand name, you will instantly recognize what it is all about. This is a very common medicine available in the market for those who want to treat hair loss. You can smoothly get it without any prescription. 

It is a foam-like medication that you need to apply to your scalp once or twice a day. You will need to give it as much as 4 months for noticeable results. This is better suited if you have a lot of hair loss in your head’s crown area. If you have a receding hairline, this won’t be much of a help. Minoxidil enlarges the hair follicles and encourages growth. You can try it with the next medicine, Finasteride, without any issues and for faster results.

Finasteride is good for male pattern balding. It also comes under the brand name Propecia. When it comes to hair loss, it has great success stories. So if you can’t think of a long wait, you can try this medication before you go for Rogaine. It comes in the form of a pill that you take once daily.

It not only reduces hair loss but also allows them to regrow. You will get the generic medicine without a prescription. But for Propecia, you will need an order before you buy the pill.

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How you style your hair also affects hair loss. If you are constantly pulling and styling it in tight buns or similar styles, even cornrows, for that matter, you are hurting your hair in the long run, not letting it keep its natural state. For healthy follicles, keep it natural or do lighter styles with your hair. Not tight braids or cornrows. 


Act Quick! Most of the solutions that you are looking for in how to prevent hair loss in black men are already near at hand. All the solutions at once or any one of them is very possible to pick up and start with. Once you advance step by step, you will find yourself slowing down in your route to Bald City. With proper maintenance and care, you may stop the loss altogether. But realize that we are allowed to lose a couple of strands, and you can always rock it!

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