How to remove pubic hair permanently at home

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Having frequent pubic hair is bothersome to all of us. It makes you conduct your hair removal procedures every week, sometimes within 2 or 3 days. It’s annoying, isn’t it?

What would it like if you get rid of your pubic hair for a long time? Doesn’t it seem good? Of course, it is especially when you regain the pubic hair very fast.

Now, how to remove pubic hair permanently at home? This article includes different ways of removing pubic hair permanently. Follow us to know the procedures.

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How to remove pubic hair permanently at home

Gaining pubic hair is a common thing for us. Every year we spend lots of money, energy, and time by going to the parlor to eradicate pubic hair. Therefore, it is compulsory to know how to remove pubic permanently at home to save your high cost. 

There are numerous ways of removing pubic without going to a parlor. Here we have discussed some of them.


Do you want to remove your pubic hair without any pain? Then, you should shave your pubic hair. You only need to purchase some cream, gel, and razor, to shave your hair which doesn’t cost too much. 

So, it is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to remove your frequently recurring hair.

Instructions for removing pubic hair by shaving

  • Take a chemical-free shaving soap or cream, razor, and moisturizer.
  • Apply the cream directly on your hair removal area. Keep it for sometimes.
  • Remove the hair by pulling the razor on the specific area of the body.  
  • Wash your specific body part with the clean water.
  • After washing, wipe it with a cloth of cotton. Then apply the moisturizer to make your skin smooth and avoid unwanted irritation.


Waxing is another hair removal procedure that prevents hair from returning for a long time. That’s because the waxing picks up the pubic hair from its root. You might have to endure a little or heavy pain when removing your hair through waxing. 

There are different priced waxing kits in the market based on quality and quantity. But most of them come between $8-$25 that includes enough waxing strips.

Instructions for removing pubic hair by waxing

  • Take the waxing kit and start to heat it.
  • Read the instruction carefully on its packet and follow the instructions while heating.
  • Test the temperature of the wax by applying it to your sensitive place.
  • Now, apply the wax on your pubic here and wait until it dries.
  • Make sure the length of your pubic hair is less than one centimeter. If the hairs are more than one centimeter in length, trim them before applying wax.
  • After drying the wax, pull the wax strip at a time. Before pulling the strip, hold your skin tightly and firmly to get less pain.
  • Afterward, use the moisturizer to make your skin smooth and soft.

Precautions: Don’t apply this process if you have sensitive skin.

Hair removing cream and depilatories 

Are you looking for how to remove pubic hair at home without pain? If your answer is positive, then chemical made products are one of the best options for you. 

Indeed, they are hugely used for removing pubic hair without any pain. You might have heard some of their names. The Veet, Nair, Philips, Yoffee, etc. are the best hair removal cream brand in the market.

The result of hair removal depilatories lasts as equal to the shaving. But as there is no possibility of cutting your skin like the razor, many people choose this method. Let’s know the procedure of removing your pubic by using hair removing cream and depilatories.

Instructions for removing pubic hair by using hair removing depilatories

  • The hair removing cream and depilatories are made of different types of chemicals. Therefore, select the hair removal cream that your skin can endure. 

Especially when you have sensitive skin, you have to be very conscious of hair removal cream.

  • Apply the cream or depilatories on your pubic hair.
  • Keep it for some time. It will make the root of the pubic hair so that you can easily pull them. Follow the instructions over the packet of the product about how long you have to keep it.
  • Wipe the product and your hair with a razor included with the product. Also, you can use a rough wet towel to wipe your hair in case there is nothing given with your product. 

Precautions when removing pubic hair

  • Use a mirror while eradicating pubic hair from your body to lessen the chance of an unwanted accident.
  • Don’t apply the waxing kit or shaving when your hair’s length is more than one inch. Instead, trim them before applying any method for ensuring the safety of your skin.
  • Wet the hairs you are going to remove and soften them before cutting. Also, apply the shaving cream or soap before shaving the hair.
  • Don’t use too much strength while pulling the wax strip. It might cause heavy pain. 
  • Mandatorily, apply the moisturizer after applying any process of hair removal. If you have no available moisturizer, you can use the baby oil or lotion made of Aloe vera. 

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The sum up!

Removing pubic hair at home is safer than going to the parlor. You mightn’t get your desired environment, and service in the parlor to get your service. Moreover, removing pubic hair at parlors is too expensive. Many of us cannot afford it regularly.

Therefore, it is better to remove your pubic hair at home instead of going to the parlor. Learn how to remove pubic hair permanently at home and remove your pubic hair without any help.

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