How to Wash Your Face with a Beard (An Amazing Way!)

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Many of the bearded guys like you and me don’t know how to wash their faces correctly or just don’t wash them! Remember, each one of the men owns a unique type of beard. 

Even though there is no exact type of beard care technique to claim to be the best, typical beard washing includes brushing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and skincare products. Let’s dive deep into the process of face and beard wash and see what mystery unfolds. 

How to Wash Your Face With A Beard?

There are two steps of washing face for every bearded man.

  1. Washing the skin above the beard line.
  2. Washing the skin underneath the beard line along with the beard.

Washing Skin Above the Beard

Washing the skin above the beard line is a daily routine for all. Before starting your day, you need to wash your face to present yourself neat with style. For cleaning your skin, you can use a cleanser, face wash or mild soap. Apply the product to your skin and rub thoroughly in a circular way. It is recommended that you use a few drops of warm water to help the product work better. 

After a few minutes of massage, rinse the soap with warm water. Then wipe your face with a soft towel. If you want to keep your beard out of any touch of water, you can wipe the foam of the soap with a towel instead of rinsing. You can wash your face twice a day. Once while getting ready for work, another before sleep.

Washing Skin Underneath The Beard Line Along With The Beard

Did you know that daily wash might make your beard brittle and lose the moisture it needs? How often you need to wash your beard depends on your skin and the properties of the beard. If you have oily skin and a thick beard, you might need to wash twice or thrice a week. 

If your beard is long, maybe once a week. But the number is not fixed in any condition. 

You need to find out how many times you need to wash your beard to get a healthy, beautiful look. You can also apply the shampoo as you apply to your hair and wash it after a few minutes. Make sure the shampoo reaches everywhere and washes your underskin. 

After washing the beard, you need to wipe it with a towel and dry it; otherwise, there will be itchiness and discomfort, and no one wants that!


Brushing helps your beard keep clean and grow properly. It allows the sebum, oil produced from our skin, to flow through the hair follicles and let it shine. Brushing helps your beard’s hair to keep in shape, lose any tangled part and remove stuck dust. 

It enables the extra oil and dead skin to get loose and remove from the beard. You need to brush your hair daily. Especially before washing, brushing helps the beard be clean and strong.


Exfoliating helps the dry skin to fall off and regrow a new layer of healthy skin. For a healthy beard, exfoliating regularly is necessary. Not daily, though. Too frequent exfoliation might harm your skin. 

For exfoliating, it is better to run your fingers through the beard and scrub thoroughly. Using any sharp equipment to exfoliate is not suggested. Any sharp object can seriously damage the skin.


Keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated is very important for skin and beard care. We suggest that you use a moisturizing cream on your skin after every wash. 

Keeping your skin exposed to dust and dirt without applying any moisturizer can damage your skin and give you a worn-out look. You need a dab of moisturizer and apply it thoroughly on your exposed skin.

Applying a few drops of oil after drying your beard and massaging through the beard can keep the moisturizer locked in the beard and prevent the hair follicle from breaking down.

Skincare Products

Other than a face wash, you can also use mild soap, depending on your skin type. But you shouldn’t use any hard soap on your skin if you want to keep your skin harmless. For washing your beard, it is better to use beard shampoo and conditioner. These products are beard-friendly. 

Final Words

We all know that a properly groomed beard is the best ornament for a man. It can put you in a unique vibe like no other! Only when you have discovered your own style, you will choose the best treatment. This will eventually boost your confidence. 

So end all your stress and worries; with little effort and time, you will come up with the sexiest beard in no time!

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