Just for Men Shampoo Review for Your Grey Worries

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A quick storytime before the actual Just for Men Shampoo review that brought you here.

Back in college, we had a friend, let’s say he went by the name of ABI. So, he always wore his baseball cap no matter what. We were used to it so much, that it became a part of his head and we used to consider it a replacement for his hair. 

Although we actually didn’t know if ABI had hair. No matter what the weather, no matter what the occasion, he was always seen wearing a baseball cap. He even wore those in one of our friend’s sister’s weddings! 

You get the point, right?


So, one fine day, one extremely hot, not so fine day, he entered the class. It was just two/three of us there, gossiping. ABI took off his cap, and we saw the visuals of a lifetime. Or what we thought it was, to us. He had lots of grey hair and little black ones here and there. ABI’s is a fond memory before we begin the review.

Of the different products from Just for Men, we selected today the one that supports and works for greying hair and does a pretty decent job at it. How so, you’ll shortly know.Just for Men Shampoo Review

The Grey Woe

Did you ever wonder, what causes grey hair? 

Like the countless ABI’s out there, people suffer from greying hair just like they go through wrinkling. It is as true as that, come on guys! There’s nothing wrong with greying hair, and there is nothing wrong in knowing how.

As you reach half the century, half of your hair turns grey. With the stoppage of melanin production, your hair loses color, turns white or greyish and the results are your stress and woe, which aids in the process. Genes play a good role in when and how you grey, too.

Thankfully, there are ingredients that can reverse the signs of greying, by putting colors into your hair that can change the game.

Just For Men Control GX 2 in 1 Grey Reducing Shampoo

Just for Men Shampoo review

The Promise

Just for Men have made this shampoo they call the Control GX, 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. This plans on reducing the appearance of greys on your scalp with every wash. That is to say, as you continue to wash your hair with their shampoo, your grey hair would stop showing. Sounds magical, right?

And they also claim that their “coloring” would be so natural, that they intentionally will not cover all your greys, to give you that subtle I-just-started-greying-but-will-never-grey look. While this does sound promising, it also sounds like something you’d say if your plan doesn’t work out totally. “I knew that part would go wrong because it was meant to be wrong”. We’ll see.

Besides the main purpose, they also will nourish your hair and increase the thickness and volume of it.

Last but least, they claim that their shampoo has “a brain”, in the sense that it can understand and deliver to your hair needs.

The Ingredients of Just for Men Shampoo Review

There are a lot of different ingredients that go into this shampoo. The first five, which will explain the quality, including Water, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Decyl Glucoside, Cetearyl Alcohol, and Glycol Stearate. We don’t see the super harmful SLS or SLES or salt in the first few; neither as the list elaborates. So we are happy here.

The Price of Control GX 2 in 1 Shampoo

At the cost of fewer than ten dollars, we think it does a great deal and makes one too. And since you get both the conditioner with the shampoo, you’re buying more for less.

The Application

Control GX has to be applied in a certain manner to get your desired results. After starting off with it, you’ll start noticing darker shades on your greys, giving off the sign that it is working.

Within 2 weeks or four, you will know how much it has worked. Then you will switch from daily to every other day or every two days according to need.

Another note of caution is that it does work wonders with darker hair colors than light. But it is supposed to work on each color. But on hair that has been tampered with bleach and dye, it will show poor results.

Side Effects

As it goes with every product you put on your skin, Just for Men shampoo has to be patch tested for two days before application. If you show signs of inconvenience or disturbance, drop it. Control GX is not for certain categories of people.

If you have ever applied black henna on the scalp or skin, and you were allergic to it, no GX for you. Bleached hair, dyes or highlights; complete no. If you have damaged scalp or forehead then also you should use this product.

Final Verdict

  • Stands up to the claim of blackening greys naturally.

  • Has a great quality for the price.

  • Easy of use.

  • Better than messy dyes that make sure you look like you colored hair.

  • Has no SLES in the list of ingredients.

  • Doesn’t work too well on very short hair.

  • Poor results with colored hair.

  • Some people had chemical burns even after allergy-testing.


Does it have the presence of lead in it?

No, there is no lead in the product. In fact, it doesn’t have any metals.

Will it stain my skin?

You can apply oily products around your hairline before application so that the stain doesn’t sit. But the stain generally doesn’t stay after washing with soap.

How natural does it look?

Very. It doesn’t cover all the greys to maintain the look.

Will it damage my hair?

Very few reviews on damaged hair so far. So it should be a no. It has added conditioner.

Is the shampoo and conditioner formula better than the original shampoo formula?

If you’re getting two for one, why not try it?


There’s no point in reading a Just for Men shampoo review if you ain’t going to test it out. The proof lies in trying it out.

However, don’t forget the safety precautions before trying it out on your hair. We hope it covers the greys for you!

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