The Best Ways to Remove Pubic Hair for Men in 2021

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Hey folks, do you know the majority of women want their partners to work on their pubic hair? Sounds bizarre, but true

For some people, pubic hair is just a fact of life. Others find it a matter of concern. At one time, men used to think that pubic hair removal is the feminine thing. Not anymore. 

In fact, pubic hair removal has become more common now among men. They are keen to know the methods of how to remove pubic hair for men. Expert says, more and more men are choosing different ways to shape it or to get rid of it.

Though pubic hair doesn’t harm you sexually or otherwise, removing it is just a personal preference. And, people like to do it in their own way. Removing hair efficiently from the genital area requires some specific technique. 

Luckily, you don’t have to look for here and there. Follow our how to remove pubic hair for men guide below to know it better.

How to Remove Pubic Hair for men?

There are plenty of methods of removing pubic hair or groomed them below the belt. Some of them can get you smooth- although temporarily. Others are considered as permanent. 

In any way, we’ll guide you with safety advice for removing hair from the genital area. These effective hair removal methods will certainly make you comfortable as with anything. 

Home Pubic Hair Removal Remedies


Trimming is one of the easiest and quickest ways to shape those pubes up. It is also the most affordable way to maintain your pubic hair. You can either use scissors or an electric trimmer. If you do it with scissors, you need to be very careful. Or else, if you use an electric trimmer for balls, follow this instruction. 

How to do it?

  • Disinfect your electric trimmer before using it. 
  • Place the trimmer in the lowest guard setting. 
  • Start trimming from the base and gently work your way up to near your stomach. 
  • Make sure your pubic hair is dry from before. Once you are done, store your trimmer separately in a dry and clean place.


When it comes to removing unwanted hair, shaving comes first in our minds. Though you shave your face regularly, the genital area is a much more delicate zone. Most people face annoying side effects of shaving like bumps, itchiness, and razor burn. 

If you use a dedicate a razor for your pubic hair removal, there should not be any problem. Also, follow these steps.

How to do it?

  • At the outset, take a warm shower or soak your genital area in a warm tub for 5 minutes. It will soften your hair and skin. 
  • Take a clean razor and shaving cream or gel. 
  • Message shaving gel over the pubic hair, do it with your hand. 
  • Hold your skin tightly and gently shave it in the direction where your hair grows. 
  • When you are done, rinse the area and razor with clean water.
  • You can use gentle aftershave lotion to disinfect the area.

Tweezing or Plucking

Plucking in the genital area is relatively painful and time-consuming. But then, once it’s gone, it comes back too late. You can tweeze your pubic hair with less pain if you do it gently. Otherwise, it might injure your skin or hair follicle. Follow this instruction for gentle tweezing.

How to do it?

  • Disinfect the tweezer that you used for pubic hair only.
  • Use conditioner as it will soften the base of your hair.
  • Now hold your skin tightly and grab one hair with tweezer prongs. 
  • Gently grab it out in the direction where your hair grows. Initially, grab one or two hair at a time but gradually increase it. 


Waxing can also be painful, but it can remove lots of hair at a time. It is an effective and long-lasting hair removal solution, as well. Waxing can remove your pubic hair from the roots, which reduces itching. 

You will get home waxing kits in the market. Go, get it to wax by yourself. Or, if you want to use liquid wax, it is better to take help from someone. You can also go to a salon that offers waxing services. Here is the best way to wax by yourself;

How to do it?

  • Before you start, wash and disinfect the pubic area.
  • Dry it and apply warm wax and the waxing strip over your pubic hair. Check the temperature of the wax before applying it to the skin.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the wax to get hard. 
  • When it becomes hard, gently rip the wax strip away from the skin.

Papaya and Turmeric Blend

If you want to remove your pubic hair naturally, look no further; use papaya and turmeric solution. Raw papaya contains a papaya enzyme that can stunt the growth of hair. 

You can also use papaya paste only after each waxing and shaving session. Using it for a long time can get you the best result. Follow the instruction to use this blend.

How to do it?

  • Chop the papaya into small pieces and make a fine, thick pulp. 
  • Add raw turmeric mixture into the papaya pulp.
  • Apply this mixture over your genital area regularly to remove hair permanently.

Sesame Oil and Papaya Blend

Sesame oil treatment is less painful yet effective for permanent hair removing. It is safe and keeps your genital area hydrated. Regular use of sesame oil ensures a long-lasting and better result.

How to do it?

  • At first, wash your pubic area thoroughly and then dry it completely. 
  • Grind the raw papaya into a pulp and add sesame oil with it.
  • Rub the paste over the pubic area as gently as possible.
  • Let it sit for close to half an hour and then wash it off. 

Hair Removal Cream 

Using depilatories or hair removal cream is trouble-free. But not all the cream hair removal is safe to use. It contains a chemical called “Keratin,” which weakens hair from the root. If the ingredient used in the depilatories irritates, stop using. 

How to do it?

  • Make sure to read the product label to know whether it is safe for you.
  • Apply the cream over the pubic hair as per the directions on the package.
  • Wait for a few minutes and wipe the hair and cream away.

Medical Hair Removal Remedies

Medical hair treatments are considered as a long-lasting or permanent solution for pubic hair removal. If you can afford it, there is no better way than this. The followings are some of the most effective methods.

Laser Treatment

This method uses a laser device on the bare skin to send pulsed light to the hair follicles. The laser beam provides heat, and pulsed light destroys hair follicles. Thus, pubic hair falls out. Depending on your skin and hair type, you may need five or more sessions. 

After each laser treatment, some people experience temporary redness and swelling. So it is better to consult a professional or doctor before taking this treatment. This method works best for light skin with dark hair. 


If you don’t want to see your pubic hair over again, electrolysis can be your option. It is the only method that is approved by the FDA as a permanent solution. Electrolysis uses a device called an epilator. This device sends radio frequencies or vibration into the skin that damages hair follicles. 

In short, it kills the cells from where your pubic hair grows. It treats each hair follicle individually, which ensures the best result. When your pubic hair is gone, it’s gone forever. This treatment requires multiple sessions for a better result. That’s why it’s a bit pricey, but the result is worthy. 

Additional Tips and Precautions (Should Be Taken!) 

Follow these safety tips and guidelines for an efficient result. 

  • To shave easily and within less time, you should trim your pubic hair first. 
  • Avoid using dull or disposable razors to prevent irritation. 
  • For some people, waxing can cause skin infections. So, it is better to use antibacterial skin lotion after waxing.
  • Depilatories may contain harmful ingredients, so research properly before you buy them.
  • If you cannot take a warm shower or soak in a warm water tub, spray with warm water over the pubic hair. 
  • Make sure to apply fragrance-free lotion or apply baby lotion with aloe Vera after shaving.

Which One Is The Best?

It depends on your skin type. For sensitive skin, waxing, depilatories, tweezing, laser treatment, and electrolysis can cause long-term damage. Trimming and shaving can be the best option for sensitive skin. 

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To Sum Up!

Pubic hair removal should be a part of men’s health care routine. Now you know how to remove pubic hair for men. So, there should be any fear of taking over any methods. 

In whichever way you do it, take your time. We meant to say if you apply home remedies, then go through all the steps gently. Or, if you seek professional help, do proper research before putting yourself in anyone’s hand. 

Best of luck for your next pubic hair removal session!

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