Suavecito Pomade Review and Buyer’s guide

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The Suavecito is a top-brand that comes with high-rated hair pomades. The pomades grab hair like wax and keep them in the exact place without any negative impact.

Especially when you have acne-prone skin, the pomades are harmless for you. Most probably, that’s why it has gained popularity within a short time.

To know details about Suavecito, scroll down, and read our Suavecito pomade review.

Suavecito pomade review top four picks

There are numerous products available for the Suavecito brand, which is worth buying. Here we have decorated the article with four top-rated Suavecito pomades. Let’s get started!

Suavecito Original review

Suavecito Pomade Original Hold - 4 oz
  • Original Hold, Medium Strength. Suavecito Original Hold Pomade dries with a medium hardness without a crunchy finish.

The texture of the Suavecito pomade is like the thick honey gel. But it is not actually thick as much as it looks. It will spread when you take a bit of the pomade and rub it between your two hands. Similarly, it spreads into the hair without crunching.  

The original hold Suavecito pomade is strong enough to hold the relatively thick and wavy hair. Whereas most hair pomade inapplicable over the thick and wavy hair.

However, it is a water-based pomade. Most probably, that’s why the hair shines for a prolonged time after using it.

The original hold Suavecito pomade provides medium and natural hold of hair. So, you can restyle your hair anytime within 24 hours.


  •       Gives medium and natural hair grip
  •       Holds the thick and wavy hair
  •       Easily mix with the hair
  •       Excellent hold
  •       Re-styling is possible


  •       Inappropriate for curly and unruly hair
  •       Cannot give a stronger hold

Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold review

Suavecito Pomade Firme (Strong) Hold 4 oz, 1 Pack - Strong Hold Hair Pomade For Men - Medium Shine Water Based Wax Like Flake Free Hair Gel - Easy To Wash Out - All Day Hold For All Hair Styles
  • MODERATE SHINE. This moderate shine pomade has a creamy consistency and provides a healthy vibrant shine to your hair. Apply to damp hair for more shine and apply to dry hair for less shine.

The Firme hold Suavecito pomade provides original and Firme hold of hair. That means the pomade can give both the medium-strength and stronghold.

With the heavy application, the pomade lasts more than one full day in hair. Even after sleeping, the hair texture remains precisely the same.

Unlike many other pomades, Suavecito pomade Firme hold is washable without any special shampoos. It doesn’t leave grease or stickiness after washing the pomade from hair.

Hairstyling is flexible with a comb when you apply the Firme hold Suavecito. You can set any hairstyle within just a few minutes and completely change your look.

However, the texture of the pomade is very smooth and creamy. It doesn’t consume too much time to set in your hair. Moreover, it doesn’t pull the hair while applying. Consequently, you will find the pomade very comfortable to use.


  •       Gives medium-strength and stronghold
  •       Easily washable
  •       Doesn’t makes hair greasy
  •       Smooth and creamy
  •       Quickly sets in the hair


  •       Inconvenient to restyling the hair

Suavecito Pomade Firme (Strong) Hold review

Suavecito Pomade Firme (Strong) Hold 4 oz, 1 Pack - Strong Hold Hair Pomade For Men - Medium Shine Water Based Wax Like Flake Free Hair Gel - Easy To Wash Out - All Day Hold For All Hair Styles
  • MODERATE SHINE. This moderate shine pomade has a creamy consistency and provides a healthy vibrant shine to your hair. Apply to damp hair for more shine and apply to dry hair for less shine.

The stronghold Suavecito pomade is a creamy substance that includes maximum flexibility of hairstyling. It provides extreme hardness and moderate shininess of hair after using it. 

However, the pomade gives a great hold of almost any type of hair. Even in the thick, curly, and suborn hair, the pomade provides a firmer grip.

The hair pomade gives medium shininess in the hair after applying. Besides, the pomade is inappropriate for restyling the styled hair within 24 hours. That’s because the pomade makes the hair hard in first use, which is durable.

So, you mightn’t set another style on your hair before washing the first layer of pomade.

All in all, the stronghold pomade adjusts with the hair excellently. But it goes away by one or two washings with normal water. Moreover, you needn’t any chemicals to use while removing the pomade from hair.

Anyway, the pomade includes light and fresh scent that is amiable to both males and females.


  •       Flexibility in styling hair
  •       Provides durable hold
  •       Amicable, light and fresh scent
  •       Adjusts with the hair excellently


  •       Provides medium shininess

Suavecito Matte Pomade review

Suavecito Pomade Matte (Shine-Free) Formula 4 oz, 1 Pack - Medium Hold Hair Pomade For Men - Low Shine Matte Hair Paste For Natural Texture Hairstyles
  • SHINE FREE MATTE POMADE. Suavecito Matte Pomade is exactly what you've been waiting for. It's the perfect addition to any grooming kit. It works perfectly on classic, modern, retro, and old school styles for a look that lasts all day.

If you don’t want to shine in your hair, then Suavecito matte is the pomade that you must be looking for. Whether setting modern, classic, or retro hairstyles, the hair pomade works on hair effectively.

The Matte Suavecito pomade gives a renowned sweet smell like the traditional cologne. The smell keeps the user refreshed until he washes the hair.

The Suavecito matte pomade looks like the white cream, which is easy to use. Whether it is professional barber or hair stylists, everyone finds styling hair with the pomade is effortless.

However, the pomade is durable as the other Suavecito pomades. The hairstyle you set with the pomade lasts on your hair almost a full day.

If you are a heavy biker or traveler, then there is good news for you. The matte pomade holds the hairstyle firmly, even in the rough weather or extreme air.


  •       Holds the hair firmly in rough weather
  •       Possible to have any types of hairstyle
  •       Refreshing smell
  •       Ensures re-Stylability of hair
  •       Don’t harden the hair


  •       Not shines the hair
  •       Might be a bit sticky

About Suavecito brand

Suavecito is one of the famous brands for making amazing water-soluble pomades. The brand produces pomade for all-income people. That’s what the founder of Suavecito is supposed to want!

In 2009, the Suavecito was first evaluated in the market only with a few samples. After the evaluation, the brand didn’t take the time to reach the top position. In 2020, it is now a renowned first forwarding pomade’s brand.

However, the brand produces quality and water-soluble products, which are inexpensive. That is the reason for which it has become a first forwarding brand within a short time.

Needless to say, Suavecito makes hair products for almost all types of hair. So, if you have curly and unruly hair, you can choose the appropriate pomade from the Suavecito.

Why select Suavecito pomades?

Suavecito pomades are combined with outstanding quality and firm hold. Whereas, the price of the pomades is comparatively low then the trendy competitors.

Let’s know why you will select the Suavecito pomades for styling your hair.


The appearance of almost all Suavecito pomades is like the thick and dark honey gel. It doesn’t get sticky or greasy in your hair. Instead, the texture of the pomades is smooth and creamy. That’s why the pomade vanishes into your hair without sticking.


The scent of Suavecito pomade is like traditional cologne. The smell is so sweet that you won’t like to remove it from your hair.

Durability and grip

The Suavecito produces firm, strong, original hold pomades. So, you may have all types of hold depending on your selected pomade. If you need a stronghold, you can choose the firm or stronghold pomades.

Conversely, you can purchase the original hold pomade when you want a medium-strength grip in hair.


The Suavecito pomades are well-known as a water-soluble product. That’s because it is washed with the water quickly without using any chemicals or shampoos.

Our recommendation

All of the hair pomades come with consistency for a whole day. So, you can choose any pomade for your hair.

If you like restyling hair, you should choose Suavecito’s original hold or Suavecito matte pomade. Conversely, when having thick or suborn hair, you should purchase the Suavecito Firme hold pomade. 

However, some men don’t like extreme shininess or stronghold of their hair. For them, the Suavecito matte pomade is the best option.

How to use Suavecito pomade?

Here we have enlisted the steps of using Suavecito pomade correctly.

  •       Firstly, wash your hair with shampoo properly.
  •       Wipe the hair with a dry towel and make the hair semi-wet.
  •       Pick up a small amount of pomade and apply it to your hair. Then, brush your hair frequently to give the expected shape.
  •       If you think that the hairstyle hasn’t set correctly, then apply a little more pomade on your hair shape.

Is Suavecito pomade bad for your hair?

The chemical used in the Suavecito pomade is mainly water-based. That’s why the Suavecito pomades don’t cause hair fall or acne on your scalp. Overall, the Suavecito pomade is not bad for your hair or skin.


By controlling the unruly hair, the hair pomades bring out the hidden beauty of a person. But using any random pomades may cause your skin problem, hair fall, hair damage, and so on.

That’s why we have come with the Suavecito pomade review. It is one of the renowned hair pomades brands in the hair product industry.

However, the pomades of the Suavecito won’t create an adverse impact on your unruly hair. So, we insist you try the Suavecito pomade at least for once.

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