Clear-Cut Tiege Hanley Review for Men’s Skincare

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Have you noticed how difficult it is to find products for men that actually work (without being a second-hand copy of women’s products only in manlier packaging)? This Tiege Hanley review is to see if they are just another of the trash-worthy lot a system that you can use as a go-to for your overall facial care. And boys, we know how little you care about the ingredients but we’ll take a look at that too. We’ll look at the claims against our findings to judge how good or bad the formula is. (Although the packaging already has our attention.)

Let’s get started with what this has in store!

Tiege Hanley Teview

Super-Quick Overview 

Busy readers who don’t have time, we know you may scroll up and down just to find the keyword to get what you came to get. Not too worry, we’ve been there too. We decided to put out for you guys a quick version of what’s later.

For this product, you need to get yourself into a monthly subscription to their website and the desired system; here Level 1. But thank Amazon you’ll get it there. It is reasonably priced for all things that come and have some delicious and potential ingredients that should work. Now if you must know what and how, you’ll have to read on, dear reader.

About Tiege Hanley Men’s Skincare System

It could be your first time hearing the name or you could be an avid reader of men’s skincare magazines to know about Tiege Hanley. Their motto is to make something that will be easy enough on your face to try out the first time (without and lovable enough for you to keep using them every day. Pretty sweet. At least they don’t promise to be the number one that tens of other brands promise. (Notice that we didn’t say hundreds or thousands of brands that promote being number one; because guess what, men don’t even have hundreds haha.) That’s what we like about the brand, first of all.

And another reason they’re doing so well is due to their branding of  “uncomplicated skincare”. They developed a formula for the men along with the experts, which is loved even by The Chemist.

Their affordability is another stand-out from the competitors. Providing so much for so little isn’t what you’d expect when people are loving your stuff, especially not in the skincare industry. They don’t pay their execs sky-high salaries, neither have middlemen to meddle. Their products are directly sold to us commoners. Maybe that’s why they price things so less. Also, what’s the point of designing things people can’t buy for the insane price? 

Tiege Hanley ReviewTiege Hanley Review

Here is what you get and what comes:

What is Included

Tiege Hanley’s Level 1 care is for men who don’t want to spend separately and purchase separately all the products but want one single solution, one single package that contains all that is needed. No extras, no BS. This is why they added a wash for basic cleansing, a scrub for deep cleansing and 2 moisturizers, one for day and one for the night. Note that your skin has different needs when it is out in the sun and sleeping to regenerate and turn. Read the details of each product below:

Tiege Hanley Wash

This is a 75 ml face wash for the men to use daily. They call it their “cornerstone” of the system. You can use both in the morning and at night to do what every wash does: clean dirt and excess oil. Did you know your skin needs oil on the surface just so it doesn’t dry out like orange peel? We need to retain just enough oil for that. The excess you should wash off. But reading up to this, don’t think it is designed for those with oily skin. Because it also helps to reduce inflammation and over-dryness. So those with dry skin can reduce it too. It is made fragrance-free so those with sensitive skin can use it too. 

It contains:

  • Extracts of cucumber that hydrates the skin and soothes it with all the freshness.
  • Extracts from the bark of Salix Alba that reduces inflammation and irritation
  • Lavender oil that fights acne and works to hydrate
  • Eucalyptus oil that stimulates and acts as an antiseptic.

Tiege Hanley Scrub

You can cleanse your face and be fine with that. But what about the dead skin cells that accumulate one on top of another and make your skin dull, even and tired? The gunk buildup leads to future acne and scarring, along with hyperpigmentation. The Scrub tries to make your skin feel fresh, repaired and soothed from all that.

It contains:

  • The good old Cucumber extract that we just spoke good words about
  • Methyl Lactate for that soothing, rejuvenated feel
  • Vitamin B3 for a revitalized glow.

Tiege Hanley AM Moisturizer

What you put on your face in the daytime will be obviously different than the night, since it needs to address the sun. So, the AM moisturizer contains SPF 20. This won’t make your skin feel greasy and oiled-up like sunscreens notoriously do but will ensure anti-aging and sun protection. It has some active ingredients namely, Octinoxate, Avobenzone, and Octocrylene.

It also contains:

  • Calming Calendula extract for irritated skin
  • Plantain extract for healing scars and soothing
  • Lavender oil to fight redness, acne, and acne-bacteria
  • Rosemary oil for antiseptic properties.

Tiege Hanley PM Moisturizer

After a good day’s work, come back home to have your skin regenerated and hydrated as you sleep with the PM cream. It fights what the environment and stress did to your skin the whole day.

It contains:

  • Hydrolyzed elastin to hydrate and plump the skin
  • Collagen for skin regeneration
  • Niacinamide to make the skin more elastic and to fight dark spots
  • Green tea and aloe for ultimate healing


This is their main point of selling. They have tried to come up with something that is easy to use and hard to mess up with; containing ingredients that you know and understand. Everything is served fresh on the website and in such a detailed manner, you’ll have no questions left, hopefully.


Start with the wash. But before that, put warm water on your bare face. Use a nickel-sized squeeze to being with, lather and keep rubbing on your face in circular motions for under 10 seconds. Scrub only twice a week and use the same amount and procedure for that. Use a pea-sized amount of the AM on your skin and rub gently till absorbs. At night, dispense the same amount and dab it on your face.

Our Verdict

  • Priced reasonably

  • Comes with all the essentials, starting from a gentle wash to nighttime moisturizers that meets skin’s needs

  • Is great for all skin types and tones, starting from sensitive to oily

  • Is an excellent choice for day-long caring

  • Easy to use formula

  • Comes with an instruction manual to have you set about using the products rightly

  • A compulsory subscription if you purchase off the website

  • The product may not last you a full month if you’re not using it as they advised

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Is it good for men who have acne?

Let’s face it. Acne needs special care. But we don’t see the reasons why you couldn’t use it if you have acne. You may need to buy a spot treatment or acne-subjective serums to use (for the record, Tiege Hanley has a separate Acne System) other than this system. But if you’re thinking what’s the point if I need to buy something separately? Well, for that matter, you could buy a wash, scrub, an SPF cream and night cream all separately, but that would cost you a lot. So, you can regularly cleanse and moisturize to keep acne at bay, and get a special treatment separately or purchase from the Acne system. Your call.

How well does this work with pores and blackheads?

Regular exfoliation can reduce the formation of blackheads on your skin. But if you are over-exfoliating, you can make the pores mistakenly bigger and raw, giving dirt the chance to accumulate. This will regret you, creating more blackheads and whiteheads. So you can reduce the appearances, yes. But you can’t expect a full blowout as this isn’t targeted for that.

If I have bearded skin, do I need to make any changes?

Apply it on your exposed skin only, unless yours is a stubble.

Fit this in my shaving routine, please?

Wash, scrub, shave, moisturize. Easy.


We hope you liked our Tiege Hanley review! If you did, please get yourself one as men have raved about it after giving it a month. You could try it out too if you’ve already tried countless others without giving you expected results. There’s no harm in trying, so hurry up!


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