Top 4 TW Steel Watches Review

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So, you are looking for a new watch to ramp up your style? If a strong statement is what you want, you might as well step into the realm of oversized clocks. And TW Steel is the king of this realm.

In this TW Steel watches review, we will take a look at the top-rated watches that you should take a look at if you like big and bold timepieces. TW Steel watches started its journey with only four different models, but now it has over 200 different designs in its collection.

TW Steel Watches Review

Top 4 TW Steel Watches

Here, we will feature our picks for four of their top designs that deserve your consideration if you want to add a watch of this brand to your collection.

1. TW Steel Men’s CEO Canteen Quartz Watch

TW Steel Men's CEO Canteen Quartz Watch

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Do you want your attitude to get reflected through your watch and rule as a standout person? Well, nothing beats the Canteen Quartz Watch by TW Steel. Its unique outlook and traits will ascend confidence inside you to prove yourself smarter than others.

Everyone highly demands the quartz ones. This type is battery oriented. If you wear it for once, you will try your best not to lose it as you will be mesmerized by its reliability. The oscillation of the quartz crystal determined by its frequency is impressively accurate, resulting in the perfect time.

For the ones, who are always busy running, watches of stainless steel are hugely recommendable. This feature makes it corrosion resistant, ensuring its durability.

You will not face skin irritation due to the buildup of moisture as you wear it for an extended period. Furthermore, this quality makes it lightweight compared to others. You will not feel like you are wearing something.

Additionally, it is water-resistant. If it ever gets drenched in water, you do not have to panic. It will not lose its accuracy; therefore, you can use it several times even after having it dipped in liquid. If you ever forget to take it off before snorkeling or swimming, you do not have to worry about its functionality.

The mineral crystal of the dial-cover makes it scratch-free. It results in a clear view of time. You will feel comfortable wearing it due to its leather band. Moreover, the brown color is adored by all. It raises the standard of a person.


  • Its stainless steel makes it durable
  • The quartz movement ensures time precision
  • Water will not affect its functionality
  • Its unique design makes it attractive


  • The quality of the leather might not be satisfying

2. TW Steel Men’s Rubber Strap Watch

TW Steel Men's Rubber Strap Watch

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A unique watch raises pride within a person. It gives you a classy look and lets you be exceptional from others. Your choice reflects your fashion sense. If you want to be notable by style and look, have a look at this rubber strap watch from TW Steel.

Its outstanding feature is it having quartz crystal to allow you to enjoy the precision of time. You will be stunned to know that its vibration is incredibly steady as it loses little energy during this process. Its fantastic accuracy means that it does not lose even a minute throughout a year.

For those who tend to drop things, the dial-cover of the mineral crystal is vital. This type keeps the glass protected from scratches. Though you should be careful, you would be at ease knowing that you have bought a sturdy watch. Moreover, after wiping off the water, you will not find any trace of watermark on the glass.

If you want a tough watch, then you must keep in mind about stainless steel. Due to this feature, you do not have to repair the product immediately; its durability is praiseworthy.

You can wear it in any harsh environment as it is corrosion-resistant. Some face itching problem as sweat gathers in the area covered by some watches. This product will not let you face that irritation.

Additionally, it is water-resistant to 330 feet. You do not always have to remember to keep it safe from water. Once water gets in contact with the battery, it will not work anymore. With this watch, you can swim or wash your hands without hesitation.


  • The quartz movement gives you a precise time
  • As it is water-resistant, you can wear it under any condition
  • Its stainless steel ensures its durability
  • Due to the mineral crystal, you can have a scratch-free glass


  • It has fewer straps

3. TW Steel Men’s CS32 Stainless Steel Watch

TW Steel Men's CS32 Stainless Steel Watch

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Watches are the center of attractions. If you want a black watch with exceptional features to reveal your personality, then you should buy this CS32 Stainless Steel Watch. Additionally, its unique and simple design is enough to steal all the attention.

If you want a pleasing touch of the band, then leather is the best option. It gives you a comfortable wear and fits any function giving you the desired look, which might be classy, casual, gorgeous, or sporty. The dial displays date, which is a great advantage to many. No matter where you go, you will be aware of the time.

The company provides the product in an eye-catching case. Its stainless-steel material and unique print differentiate from others. You will love to gift the package or receive it as a gift.

However, its dial-cover is made of the mineral crystal. Its main motive is to protect the glass from scratch as a single one is enough to destroy its beauty and blur the view of time.

Stainless steel is used to make it rust, fire, and heat resistant. Moreover, it is more robust than others. This type of material reduces the expense and makes the gadget affordable.

The quartz movement highly maintains time precision as the vibration of the crystal is constant. It is difficult to expect such accuracy throughout a long time from others.

Furthermore, it is water-resistant. This expected feature saves money as you do not have to repair it every time you forget to take it off before getting in contact with water. You can even swim wearing it.


  • Its unique design makes it exceptional
  • The stainless-steel case is perfect for a gift
  • You can read the date on it
  • For scratch-free glass, mineral crystal is the best choice


  • The leather needs special care

4. TW Steel Mens Pilot Watch

TW Steel Men's Pilot Watch

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If you want to try on something unique and be confident about your outlook presentation, then turn your concentration towards TW Steel Mens Pilot Watch. Its eye-soothing blue color has the next position to black. You will love all the traits of this artifact.

An essential feature of a durable watch is to have a tough surface to ensure its permanency. Therefore, this brand has chosen stainless-steel as the prime material for the bezel.

It is impossible to keep your tool safe from heat or chemicals, so the element has reduced your burden by making it sturdy and corrosion resistant. Moreover, as it is moisture-proof, you will not suffer from skin irritation.

As it is water-resistant, you can take it with you anywhere and use it in any circumstances. Another specialty is its blue color dial. Those who want to wear a matching dress and watch, this will be a great choice.

For having a scratch-free dial-cover, the contribution of the mineral crystal is tremendous. It ensures that your accessory remains as new as before and gives you the most transparent view of time. Furthermore, you can view the date from the dial. It ensures that you are at the right time on the right day.

It is a regular story to reach a place late due to the wrong time displayed. But this product will never dissatisfy you. You will be amazed by its precision as the frequency of the oscillator inside the quartz crystal is very steady. Even after a year, it does not lose a single second.


  • Its alluring color-combination is the main attraction
  • The accurate timing is a crucial necessity
  • For a clear view, mineral crystal is needed
  • You will get to know about the present date from the watch


  • It is a bit heavy

Things to Consider Before Buying a TW Steel Watch

Picking out a watch from an extensive collection can get quite daunting on the customer. Often, you get so confused because of over the top features that you end up with the wrong watch.

That is why research is important before whipping out your wallet and getting the most eye-catching watch. Or else you might end up with regret over your shiny new watch.

  • Choosing the Right Watch Type

The first thing that you have to ask yourself is what type of watch do you need? Is it a dress watch to go well with your suits? Or maybe you are more of a casual person who needs a regular everyday watch? Do you need a chronograph?

Answering these questions will give you a starting point from where you can start browsing for your perfect watch.

From a design perspective, there are many models available from TW Steel. All of them are well-made and designed to satisfy the user. But if you are unsure of which one you want; you will not be happy with your watch no matter the quality.

  • Quality & Design

Also, spend some time on the quality and design of the strap. You need to be sure whether you are a leather person or prefer the steel bracelet. There are also nylon or rubber bands available these days that deserve mention.

However, this might not be a deal-breaker, as most watches come with replaceable bands. So, if you do not like the leather band that comes with your new watch, you can always replace it with a steel bracelet of your choosing as long as the size matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

From where did TW Steel watches originate?

TW steel watch company was established in 2005 by the father/son duo of Ton and Jordy Cobelens in the Netherlands. It is a relatively new company that started out with four models but has over 200 models as of today.

Is it part of the Swatch watch group?

Yes, TW steel is a part of the Swatch group of watches.

Is TW Steel considered a Luxury brand?

TW Steel watches are considered by many as a high-end, affordable luxury brand. They certainly have the quality to match the likes of luxury brands and are also quite expensive.

What does the TW stand for in TW Steel?

It stands for The Watch. TW Steel is distinguished because of its high-quality steel construction. So, the full name of the company stands for “The Watch in Steel.”

Are TW Steel watches durable?

Yes, because of the superior materials used in its construction, TW Steel watches are as durable as you can expect a watch to be.

Final Thoughts

Oversized watches are starting to take the world by storm, and it is an excellent time to get in on all the action. Granted, it does take some time to get used to, but once you give it a chance, it has the potential to be your most used accessory.

We hope you found this TW Steel watches review to be both informative and useful in finding the perfect one for you.

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