What Age Does Your Beard Stop Filling In? (Shocking Answer You’ll Find)

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Who hasn’t heard of the relationship between beard and manhood, right? But will all of us be enjoying its glory and benefit when we are young and old? Men ask, “what age does your beard stop filling in?“.If you are in a hurry, the answer is “30”. 

Usually, by the age of 30, a beard stops filling in. For those of you who would like to learn more, join me, and we will explore why your beard stops thickening and how long it takes to grow a full beard? Hop-On!

So, Our Beard Stops Thickening. But When?

Grossly simplifying, whether in your face or in your head, there are three hair growth stages. These stages are known as Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen phases. 

Anagen Phase 

Everything has a beginning and an end. This is the beginning. In this phase, the rapid growth of hair happens. Your hair will grow approximately at a rate of 1cm per month for 2 to 7 years.

Catagen Phase

This is the intermediate stage. This is the stable stage of the beard as it does not grow but stays where it is. This stage lasts for two or three weeks before starting to die out.

Telogen Phase

This phase is the winter. Here the old one falls off or dies for the new one to fill in. It lasted around 3 months tops. After the Telogen phase, new hair comes in, and the cycle repeats.

There are factors like age, race, genetics, etc., that determine the rate of beard growth. Keep in mind the following:

  • There are direct relations between beard growth and testosterone level.
  • Naturally, you will lose the thickness of your facial hair by the age of 30.
  • Even though all of them are experimentally proven, every individual is different, and they may have different outcomes.

The last one is very true. You will find examples where men have developed thick beards after 30. If you are still young, don’t lose hope. Give it your time and efforts.

What Age Does Your Beard Stop Filling In?

What Age Does Your Beard Stop Filling InIt does not have an easy or straightforward answer. The truth is there are many factors on which this answer depends. Let us learn more about them.

Does your Ethnicity matter?

The appearance of people from one region of Earth varies from one another. Whether it’s skin color, physical appearance, or even beard when it comes to beards, know this, people from the Mediterranean region are most blessed with a thicker beard than any other part. We can go into a deep discussion on this topic, but you are not here for that, are you?

Lack of Proper Care 

Another reason behind not having the thick, dense, stylish beard is the absence of proper beard maintenance. If you’re not fulfilling the required maintenance, it’s supposed to have a damaging result. 

That’s why you should start washing, oiling, and maintaining your beard the right way from today. Brush them regularly and consult with a medical expert if necessary. If you’re always vigilant, then the beard will sustain despite the age. 

Alopecia Areata

Sometimes, it is neither gene nor Ethnicity; sometimes, it’s a disease or medical condition. Alopecia Areata is one such thing. Under this condition, the immune system mistakenly counts hair follicles as something foreign and starts shedding them. This may result in a patchy beard and would undoubtedly take longer for the beard to fill in.

Blame the Genes!

So, what about it? Kinda everything. From your eye colors to your skin tone, your height even your hair is dependent on genes. Gene determines your beard growth also. Take a look around your family. 

How about the beard and rate beard growth of your father or older brother? 

If it’s great, you can take the good news. So stop worrying. Normally, hair grows about 0.5 inches a month. If your beard growth is less than that, seek help!

Final Words

We indeed all love our beard and want it to be healthy at all costs. That is why we ask questions like “what age does your beard stop filling in?” or “how long does it take to grow a full beard?”. 

To fulfil the goal of your goal of a healthy beard, wisdom is priceless. I have answered one of the most asked questions men asked about their beards. Hope that will help them with their beard grooming. Until next time, Adiós caldo!

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