What Is The Difference Between Beard Oil, Balm, & Butter?

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Beard oils are lightweight liquid, runny, and work as an excellent moisturizer. When you start styling your beard, beard oil is your best friend. Beard balm gives you a firm hold over your beard. Beard butter gives you a medium to light hold of your beard.

On the one hand, the right product can make your beard healthy and beautiful. On the other hand, wrong products can destroy your long-grown lovely beards. Among all styling products, beard oil, beard butter, and beard balm are popular and mostly used. Before deciding which product you should choose, let’s take a look into the differences between beard oils, balms, and butter has.

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Remember, beards are not a fashion statement; it is a symbol of brotherhood. Beard styling products play a vital role in styling and taking care of your beard.

What Is The Difference Between Beard Oil, Balm, & Butter?

Let us learn more about beard oil, balm, and butter. Shall we begin?

Beard Oil

Even though there are different types of beard oils, the base ingredient for all of them is the carrier oil. Carrier oils are made from plants. It is mainly used to dilute essential oils and “carry” them to your skin.

As said before, Beard oils are lightweight liquid, runny, and work as an excellent moisturizer. You can apply the oil quickly all over the scalp and hair follicles. It gives a healthy and shiny look to your beard. For a new member of the beard society, you might feel itchiness and discomfort in your beard scalp. A slight, deep massage of beard oil can ease your discomfort.

Beard Balm

Beard balm is a waxy beard styling product. As said before, it gives you a firm hold over your beard. You might need your beard butter while attending any program or party for keeping your stray beard in shape and style, especially if you have a long beard. People go crazy with their beard styling using beard balm.

Beard Butter

Beard butter is thicker than beard oil. The shea butter of beard butter helps you to have light to medium hold on your beard. If you’re new in beard growing or your beard is very small, you might not need beard butter often. But for a medium to long beard, Beard butter is one of the regular needs. So Kudos to you if you have a medium to the long beard! 

Beard butter is popular for its moisturizing power and holds on the beard. It can give you control over your unruly beard hair while keeping them hydrated.

Ingredients of Them

The main ingredient of beard oil is carrier oil. Mainly, jojoba oil, castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil is used as the carrier oil. These oils make the beard oil liquid and readily absorbable. There are also essential oils, vitamin E, and other vitamins to make it more nutritious. 

For beard butter, the base ingredient is shea butter. The butter’s heavy, oily appearance gives a solid look and works as a good moisturizer for your beard. It also has some carrier oil and essential oil for making the butter more absorbable.

The presence of beeswax as the base component gives beard balm, aka beard wax, the hard solid look. The waxy substance also helps to keep your beard in the perfect shape. A little bit of carrier oil and fragrance is used to mix the balm and add a beautiful scent.


A good styling of your beard is a good reflection of who you are! Beard oil is not of much use, while it is about styling. Its light and liquid form can’t keep your beard and will not keep it in a particular shape, but the oil will make it better. It will smooth and nourish your beard from the root. It makes your beard more controllable and in shape. 

If you are looking for a little control over your beard hair, beard butter is the best choice. The butter gives a fuller look to your beard while nourishing them as well. You can comb your beard and keep it gentle using beard butter.

If your beard is too unruly or has so many stray hairs, it would be better to go with beard balm. The firm holding capability of balm makes the beard giving any shape possible. It is super useful if your beard is long. You can go crazy with your beard styling by applying the balm. You can have a pointed beard, dwarf-like beard, ducktail beard, and whatnot.

When to use?

People usually get confused about when to use beard butter and when to balm. Though beard balm gives you total control over your beard hair, this hardness can be harmful if you use it always. 

When you want complete control over your beard, any stray hair might impact your presentation or personality; beard balm for styling is suggested. Like official parties, meetups, meetings. But if you are in a more friendly environment, like a social gathering or movie night with family, beard butter will be more relaxing and healthy. 

Also, You need to wash away the residue wax as early as possible after using beard balm. This wax must not stay for too long because the edges and stray hair might freeze or become brittle. Also, you might end up with unwanted hair fall. 

After a long day, some nourishment and moisturizing are refreshing and healthy for your beard. So, after washing your beard hair, you need to massage your beard hair and scalp thoroughly with some beard oil or beard butter.

As the beard oil is moister and flowy, it is better to use oil instead. In a word, for better control over your beard, beard balm is the best choice. But for having a healthy and fresh beard, beard oil is the foremost priority. As beard butter stands between both of them, So use it as you see fit.

Final Thoughts

The pride of a man is reflected in his beard, and therefore growing your beard with care is a priority. Beard represents maturity, dominance, and power. To remember that maturity over your face, you need to have a healthy and well-maintained beard. And a healthy beard doesn’t grow overnight. It requires time and care. You need to choose the correct product for your beard care if you want them to be healthy. 

Look out for products that will provide quality nutrition to your beards! 

There are a lot of products on the market. You need to have patience in selecting the perfect product for your beard and pick it. Also, you can make your care product too. An incredible journey in growing your beard stays ahead of you. Bon Voyage!

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