Why Is Beard Hair Different From Head Hair?

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Well, we all men have it—the one above our head and the one on our face. From the outside, they are all the same, but from the inside? Not so much. Why is beard hair different from head hair?

If you are looking for a short answer, here it is. Hair, in general, is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis. And head hair? Head hair is hair that apparently grows out from your head whereas, beard hair is the collection of hair that grows on the face. In humans, usually, only males who have passed their puberty or in puberty can grow beards. Other than this, they are different in color and texture. If you want to know more, hop on, here we will explore more about beard hair and head hair and their differences.

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Why is beard hair different from head hair?

Well, this is the question I will be answering. Merely saying, beard hair has some of the properties which head hair lacks. Beard hair is Androgenic, coarse, biometric, and quite sensitive. Let’s learn more about them.

Beard is Coarser than Scalp Hair 

Facial hair is coarser than scalp hair. Thickness is a reason to enhance coarseness in the beard. Study shows dermal papilla, which is the root of any hair is more prominent in size in case of hair on the face. That extended size causes thicker hair on the face, which increases coarseness when you touch your face. 

Another explanation for coarseness is the density of the hair follicles. While head hair has dense hair follicles, facial hair has a lot less. It affects when we touch your face, you can feel more precisely each hair, unlike you feel when you touch your head. These two different feelings intend you to accept the beard as coarser than head hair.  

From the above discussion, we can come to a conclusion that during puberty or after puberty, the hair that grows in different parts of the body is Androgenic Hair. The hair on your head is not androgenic as it was there since your birth. At the same time, the beard is androgenic. 

As the beard is androgenic, its growth and sprout level is utterly dependent on the hormone-like testosterone or DHT. Even like head hair, facial hair follows three stages. Anagen – active growth time, catagen – growth stop, and telogen – hair fall down. But head hair needs years to complete these stages. On the contrary, the beard needs weeks only. 

Your beard type is Androgenic Hair.

Androgenic hair is the primary factor to separate beard (or facial hair, whatever you say) to head hair. You may ask questions like.

What is Androgen?

Androgen is a type of natural or synthetic steroid hormone. It develops both in the male and female bodies but mostly in men’s bodies. You always notice during puberty; many changes happen in humans, androgen is the reason behind it. Testosterone, DHT, is the type of androgenic hormone in the male body.

Your beard Won’t Fall Out Like the Scalp Hair Fall 

The most interesting districts out there. We’ve seen many going bald because of the continuous loss of scalp hair. But have you ever seen someone who has lost all his beard? Well, that doesn’t happen in general. There’s a reason behind it. 

Scalp hair follicles age and after that fall out after a certain time, but aging is much slower in the case of facial hair. As a result, even if you see slight thinning, you won’t lose all the beard completely, where any man can go bald after a certain period. 

Beard hair is Biometric.

We are encouraged to add this section because of technological development, not because of age-old genetics. The topics are Biometric; you know the process for which you might have to stand in a long line, just to give your facial and fingers identity. 

Beard has a significant effect on biometrics than any other type of hair in your body. Keep aloof the hair on your head. 

As facial hair changes the appearance of a man, it significantly affects facial recognition. Besides, facial hair identifies gender, even differentiates kids from an adult. But as technology is developing, soon, the difference will be omitted, and beard hair will not be a problem for facial recognition. 

Beard hair is Sensitive.

Facial hair (androgenic hair) gives the tactile sensory input by hair movement via the shaft of sensory nerves while head hair does not. Not only that, Its follicular nerves detect the absence and vibration of the hair while head hair does not.

Final Words

As a beard enthusiast, you should know your beard better than other people, like “why is beard hair different from head hair?”. We bearded brothers take care of our beards routinely and patiently. We need to understand what we are working on and how else we can make it better. Who knows when this will come to use but indeed, there is no loss in knowing. Don’t you agree?

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