Why Is Pubic Hair Different From The Hair On Your Head?

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A lot of questions arise in our minds when we talk about hair. What are the reasons for hair fall? Why do people have different natural hair colors? And so on.

Among all these questions, probably the most common question that is cycling in everyone’s mind is why is pubic hair different from the hair on your head and what are the reasons behind it.

To unlock the mystery, let us start our journey unfolding unknown secrets regarding pubic hair. Well, we all love to know the unknown, don’t we? Therefore, without any delay, let’s get on to the main topic.

What makes pubic hair so different?

Pubic hair is much different than your scalp hair based on the elements that it consists of. But there are also some other reasons why your pubes are so different:

  • Coarseness makes it more unique. This is one of the main and unique characteristics of pubic hair, which makes it more special than your scalp hair. Even if you have the strongest, most rigid hair, it doesn’t stand a chance in front of your pubes. This high rate of coarseness is what makes your pubic more unlike in character.

But fascinatingly, there is one kind of hair in your body that is close relative to your pubic hair. Let us think which hair is as rough as pubes. Yes, you guessed it right. It is the hair of your beard which resembles pubic hair. Is there any reason for this similar trait? We will find it later on.

  • Which one is curlier? Just as coarseness, curliness is also found in pubic hair, and this amount of curliness is not present in scalp hair. Coarseness and curliness make the hair denser, resulting in almost impossible to comb the hair. 

Well, if you want to take care of your hair, you need to comb or trim it more frequently. If you want to soften the rigidness of your hair, you might want to apply oil or some kind of moisturizer. This will result in an easier way for better combing and trimming.  

  • Do both hairs have different colors too? Hair color depends on two chemicals: eumelanin and pheomelanin; if more melanin is present, then hair becomes darker in color. Generally, the level of melanin varies from person to person. 

Some guys have the same hair color but different colors under their shorts. But it doesn’t matter as long as you cover it with clothes. But it is a whole different story when you want to dye your pubic hair.

What is the use of pubic hair?

Well, we have discussed the elements that make pubes so different. Now let’s get bump into the main question. What is the main use of pubic hair? 

There are many advantages that we get from pubic hair. The public helps you in many ways which you don’t have any idea about:

  • Reduction of friction. Pubic hair protects genital skin from friction during intercourse as the genital region is so soft.
  • Protection from foreign bodies. Pubic hair has the same servings as eyelashes or nose hair. It protects you from different harmful microorganisms such as yeast infections, cellulitis, urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Reproductive ability. This pubic hair signals one’s ability to reproduce and signals the physical sign of sexual maturity.
  • Passing of Pheromones: Scientists have found that pubic hairs have dense scent-carrying secretion chemicals which cause sexual arousals and affect mood and behavior. Apocrine sweat glands secrete these kinds of pheromones, and the pubic region has a lot of these glands compared to other glands.

Are pubes unhygienic?

In a national survey where almost 60% of women and 61% of men stated that they groomed pubic hair because of hygienic purposes.

But it is one of the common misunderstandings. Pubic hair helps you to keep your body safe from bacteria, sweat, and oil. That is why pubes are very important for your genital section.

Final thoughts:

Well, the burning question is why is pubic hair different from the hair on your head might be clear from now on. But both of them serve a similar function which is to protect your body from bacteria and keep your body hygiene. But it’s totally up to you whether you let your pubes grow or shave it.

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